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Gran Turismo 5 – The Complete Track List

Gran Turismo 5 – The Complete Track List

Following the release of the car list earlier today, Sony has released the full list of tracks that will be included in Gran Turismo 5.

Alongside several fictional & city tracks, the title includes 11 real-world race tracks, coming in various layouts. That includes world-famous venues such as the Nürburgring Nordschleife, Le Mans’ Circuit de la Sarthe, Daytona & Indianapolis as well as Grand Prix tracks such as Monza and the Nürburgring Grand Prix track.

You can find the full list of tracks below, you might have to click “Read More” to see it.

Gran Turismo 5 will be bringing 1000 cars and over 60 tracks to the Playstation 3, including new features such as damage, weather and day/night effects. GT5 will be one of the first six Playstation 3 games to be available in 3D. Gran Turismo 5 will be available in Europe and the US starting November 24

World Circuits

Fuji Speedway
Fuji Speedway F
Fuji Speedway GT

Suzuka Circuit
Suzuka Circuit (Weather)
Suzuka Circuit East Course

Daytona International Speedway
Superspeedway – Daytona
Road Course – Daytona

Tsukuba Circuit
Tsukuba Circuit

Circuit de la Sarthe
Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 (Time / Weather)
Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 No Chicane
Circuit de la Sarthe 2005
Circuit de la Sarthe 2005 No Chicane

Nürburgring Nordschleife (Time)
Nürburgring GP/F
Nürburgring 24h (Time / Weather)
Nürburgring GP/D
Nürburgring typeV

Indianapolis Motorspeedway
Superspeedway – Indy
Road Course – Indy

Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Autodromo Nazionale Monza (Weather)
Autodromo Nazionale Monza No Chicane

The Top Gear Test Track
The Top Gear Test Track

Laguna Seca Raceway
Laguna Seca Raceway


High Speed Ring
High Speed Ring (Weather)
High Speed Ring Reverse

Cape Ring
Cape Ring
Cape Ring Inside
Cape Ring North
Cape Ring Outside
Cape Ring South

Autumn Ring
Autumn Ring
Autumn Ring / Reverse
Autumn Ring Mini
Autumn Ring Mini / Reverse

Deep Forest Raceway
Deep Forest Raceway
Deep Forest Raceway / Reverse

Grand Valley Speedway
Grand Valley Speedway
Grand Valley Speedway / Reverse
Grand Valley East Section
Grand Valley East Section / Reverse

Eiger Nordwand Track
Eiger Nordwand Track Short Track (Weather)
Eiger Nordwand Track Short Track / Reverse

Trial Mountain Circuit
Trial Mountain Circuit
Trial Mountain Circuit / Reverse


London / Reverse

Rome / Reverse

Circuito de Madrid
Circuito de Madrid
Circuito de Madrid / Reverse
Circuito de Madrid Mini
Circuito de Madrid Mini/ Reverse

Tokyo R246
Tokyo R246
Tokyo R246 / Reverse

Côte d’Azur
Côte d’Azur

Special Stage Route 5
Special Stage Route 5 / Night
Special Stage Route 5 / Reverse / Night
Clubman Stage Route 5 / Night
Clubman Stage Route 5 / Reverse/ Night

Special Stage Route 7
Special Stage Route 7 / Night (Weather)

Dirt and Snow

Eiger Nordwand Track
Eiger Nordwand Track K Trail
Eiger Nordwand Track K Trail / Reverse
Eiger Nordwand Track G Trail
Eiger Nordwand Track G Trail / Reverse
Eiger Nordwand Track W Trail
Eiger Nordwand Track W Trail / Reverse

Toscana (Time)
Toscana / Reverse (Time)

Chamonix Main (Weather)
Chamonix East (Weather)
Chamonix West (Weather)
Chamonix Mini (Weather)

  • lans

    this list is not complete

    where is cape ring periphery?
    plus im sure they’re hidden tracks, just like in gt4 there were a few gems hidden

  • Firestarter

    27 locations and no dynamic weather.

  • lans

    the dynamic weather is for the endurance races only please stop spreading misinformation kaz mentioned this a while back.

  • gt5 stinks

    please stop telling people they should stop spreading misinformation, as it does not matter concerning gt5, because it’s a bad game either way.. so just stop pretending it will be good and let people say what they want to say, fanboy!

  • toast

    lost el capitan, seoul, new york…

  • Charles Stanley

    No Isle of Man?

  • 9223372036854775807

    12 real tracks 🙁

  • Carbonfibre

    Gives a good outlook to what will be happening with GT6. Considering the PS4 doesn’t encourage Kaz to go nuts with new hardware, all he needs to do is finish getting dynamic time and weather on all tracks and getting as many premium cars built as possible, so standard won’t have to exist anymore.

    I might wait for DLC before getting a PS3 atm since cars is what GT5 is all about and I seem to be missing a couple I want that just aren’t going to be available for rF2 any time, or forever. Namely, every car that’s been on Topgear. *DONT_KNOW*  

  • Frikadelli Racing


  • Jos

    why is everything written double?

  • Firestarter

    Scripted weather lans, talk about being naive.

  • Eddy3dc

    That’s all? Damn!

  • Rooster

    No Special Stage Route 11?

    F. U. SS7!

  • lans

    @firestarter dont you listen in ENDURANCE RACES THERE WILL BE DYNAMIC WEATHER!!!


  • lans

    im naive yet you don’t bother to do any research at all, i can’t wait to see how foolish you look when Le mans has dynamic weather in a special endurance event, it was confirmed some time ago.

  • lans

    then why are you trolling here?
    i don’t understand usually when a game is shit nobody even cares about it, or knows it even exists, only big high profile games get attention, this game will represent the raing genre whether you like it or not

    Forza 3 has less than 100 people on a night , nobody talks about that game, insidesim racing even later claimed forza is not a sim.

    Nitpick all you want this game is gonna sell millions and get 90+ metacritic whether you like it or not

  • lans

    i am sick and tired of all you Poor PC-nerds who don’t wash and think they’re cool and consoles suck
    Nobody comes to nitpick on iracings, horrible jagged graphics, poor animations and lack of content, instead we leave you guys alone and praise the positive aspects of sim racing.

    I dont understand why you guys feel so threatened by a console game, its in its own section yet you pc fanboys feel compelled to login and bash a great game.

    Jealousy is what i see, get over it,

  • lans

    @Firestarter i am Naive!!!

    Polyphony Digital has released more details about the Dynamic Weather System and day/night changes. Polyphony has stated that “factors like temperature, pressure and humidity are all calculated to help simulate weather conditions that change dynamically.”
    According to Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi, forecasts will be displayed before a race but the weather will still remain unpredictable even when you pick the weather in the custom track mode. Not all tracks will include the weather system and day/night cycle as well.

    i have more official links at gtplanet and sony blogs


  • 07wtcc

    unbelievable, no Circuit de Catalunya, Twin Ring Motegi , Silverstone (Great Britain), Road America (USA), Road Atlanta (USA), Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello. this can’t be complete GT5 tracks list 🙁


    I’m not complaining often but you asked for it: GT serie is NOT a true simulation.. you’d have to be quite retarded to make yourself believe that the car behavior is realistic and you don’t even need a driving license to do so! So YES, it happens once in a while that someone will joke around about grand turismo or any console oriented product as their goal is to Sell, not being Realistic.
    I don’t have any idea about your rig but I don’t have any “horrible jagged simulation” on pc. Even my install of LFS got much better track textures than your half-baked pseudo sim for kids that’s not even out as i’m writting these lines ! You know why? because the PS3 use 256 of video RAM most of the time and we got more than four times than this on avegare for the PC.
    On simulation blogs, expect to meet simulation fans. This means that the gameplay always overcome the candy graphics. This is why sims are not using filters to make the picture look like “kid in wonderland”, but instead focus on more technical aspect that REALLY matters at the end.

    This is why peoples are still playing NKP,LFS and this is why they will still be playing iracing for quite a while.

  • lans

    i agree!
    i saw you tube vids for hockenheim and spa, do you think they cut the tracks at the last minute for gt6?

  • LOL

    Over 1000 cars with over 100 of those being Skylines and over 60 tracks when these is just about 20 different ones.

  • lans

    yep all 100 of you will keep playing iracing!

    GT series sold 56 million and counting, well known and loved by hardcore racing drivers, from nascar to rally. Nobody cars about your better textures

    And despite all your pc advantages like awesome textures the all pc games look like poo, you guys have the best graphics cards and ram and yet there is not a single pc racing game that looks as good as gt5 how pathetic

    256MB of RAM> than your i7 ATI 5870 1GB graphics card with 8GB of ram.

    GT Academy is living proof that GT is Realistic on professional settings!
    why would Nissan,Citroen and redbull trust Polyphony enough to actually help them build cars?

    Do you know what a Data Logger is? if you knew GT has that and it works! if it was not realistic the data logger would show the inconsistences of GT5

  • 07wtcc

    i hope these “lost” tracks will be DLC for GT5 at least. can’t wait 6-7 years more

  • lans

    @LSFAN have you played GT ACADEMY 2010
    HAVE YOU PLAYED GT5 on Pro physics with G27?

    seriously untill to do that i suggest you shut up about claiming gt is not a true simulation

    I can’t wait till insidesimracing does a review of gt5 physics, your gonna eat your heart out!

  • lans

    @LOL and your point is?

  • lans

    @LSFAN so in 10 years there has been no pc game with good graphics and good physics?



  • stabiz


  • Filg Popov

    lol, you didn’t see youtube videos from hockenheim and spa from gt5. because there never were such videos.

  • lans

    i saw it on the gt academy 2010 finals in australia
    nice try filg

  • MartyParty

    I would love Mario Kart with iRacing physics. Sorry, couldn’t afford capital letters; have to pay my iRacing sub and GT5 game…

  • MartyParty

    I guess periphery is a fancy word for outside. Like majuscules is a fancy word for BIG LETTERS.

  • Filg Popov

    could you show me a link? because i’ve never seen hockenheim or spa in-game in gt5. if you mean that screenshot from a computer with a list… lol. that was no proof that those tracks would be in gt5.

  • Wesley

    that these big ammounts arent actually that big…

  • stabiz

    Step back, I think lans is about to blow.

  • Ding Dong

    lol ISR are a bunch of consolefags anyways=physics noobs

  • Wesley

    lans is genius. I believe realism is more created by how an csr handles and its sound, oops am I now naming up 2 things this ‘realistic driving simulator’ doesnt do well? My bad, but you actually create an more realistic games by good physics than an good colour of the sky.

    Ohh and, cockpit view also helps with the realism, oops now im calling up something again that GT never had and now only is included on these ‘special’ cars.

  • Wesley

    24 minutes of racing is not endurance stupid

  • djfishypr



    GT5 = Phony


    GT5 = Big phony!!

  • Chad Smith

    What a douche. lol

  • Fuzzi0n

    Cool story bro.

    If I want realism I’ll stick with the best physics and the most realistic and natural looking game around. If I want to have some arcade fun on a console I’ll go for GT5.

  • FasterThanFTL

    But can you mod GT5 to have 10000+ cars and 1000+ tracks like we can with our PC Driving Sims and not have to wait 6 years to be dissapointed.

  • 9223372036854775807
  • Carbonfibre

    Yeah, but rF2 going to feature all of the above and so is GTR3 most likely. Kaz has done wonders with archaic hardware and has thought ahead to include what will be standard features for all sims during the next few years. Very commendable, but entirely necessary considering how long it’s going to be before GT6.

  • Big Ron

    always funny, that the live content of some people is just to diss favorite games. hey, try to get a real life and search for friends you can spend your time with.

    if you never played this game, you have no reason to bash it.

  • magicalgin

    I agree, but 24 hours of racing is.. And that’s included

  • Mike Oppenheimer

    These are the kind of children that were invited on here when the site started covering Console games…what a pity.

  • Mike Oppenheimer

    “Nobody comes to nitpick on iracings, horrible jagged graphics, poor animations and lack of content, instead we leave you guys alone and praise the positive aspects of sim racing.  ”

    Nitpick is all you kiddies do.



  • lans

    pity those cars and tracks will look like rubbish with not even a decent cockpit view, driver animations, and pretty poor looking tracks

  • lans

    yep its a shame like no one really knows or cars about your ancient GTR3, if it was worth its salt im sure it would of made a name for itself, instead of being supported by OCD PC nerds

  • lans

    you must be an idiot to think that those amounts aren’t big show me a game with more cars?

    every racing game has multiple cars, even forza, you acting like this is a bad thing, its a japanese game that caters mostly to japan & europe, no one really cares about you americans anyways, NASCAR is more your guys speed, im too intelligent to understand american racing, the left turn concept is a bit of a schleep

  • lans

    when did i mention 24 minutes wesley?
    are you on crack?
    you can create custom events up to 24 hours

    I suggest you shut your mouth about issues you know next to nothing about, go play your GTR3 and IRAcing and pay your subscription like a good pc fanboy

  • carbonfiref1raceraresuckups

    I dont have much advertising thats why i need donations, did you need some more beers that night?. yeah wont let these comments slide will you.

  • lans

    well if i was BLIND I CAN NOT RACE!
    if i can not HEAR I can RACE!
    in RACING

    Hey atleast the 220 cockpits in gt5 look better than anything you poor pc nerds get and its on a console, how embarrasing. Whats the point of getting big powerful pcs if the games look like ass

    until you play gt academy for 3 hours or gt5 for three hours and give me proof

    Wesley all you do is front, i bet you have never even played gt5 properly on professional physics

  • Fudge factor

    30 tracks.   

    Wish GT was on PC not just on phones.    🙁

  • lans


    GT5 56 million
    iracing less than a million


  • fanboy-watchforce

    Hope there are more tracks coming.

    By the way… the carlist is a joke. They count every livery as “car”. So my GTR2 install would have 4000+ cars in this list. (Even more Skylines than GT5)…


  • stabiz

    Mein gott, this place is heading for the toilet.

  • mike

    Interesting theory. So this could be the reason why very intelligent humans have so many children… and live in special trailer parks.

  • 6e66o
  • anon

    It’s amazing how defensive some individuals are about a franchise solely designed to part them from their cash – to adapt a quote from Yahtzee, PD “only care about you for as long as you have control over your parents disposable income”.

  • lans

    Sorry guys. I apologise inappropriate behaviour. I have been a stupid fanboy, I know that.


    They changed my medication, the doctor told my mom to put away my Playstation and in playschool everybody is picking on me.


    If I come back to this place and start to be bash people and act like an idiot again… IGNORE ME!

    They still have to find the right adjustment for my medication.

  • Pablo

    @Lans…are you working for PD? If not, then WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD you defending a fu***g game like it’s you’re most precious treasure? Don’t like hardcore sims? GTFO then dude 

  • lans

    for every action there is a reaction stop actng like you guys are doing nothing , you trolling bitches

  • lans

    im in the console section you GTFO!

  • 9223372036854775807
  • Pablo

    Yes you are in console section, but…you’re insulting people, bashing sim games and accept only one point of view. Once it’s out go and enjoy GT5, but for now stop bashing every different opinion. It’s just a game dude…

  • jayblue

    Oh dear – seems like there are quite a few tracks missing from that list…

    Grand Valley, Infineon, Motegi, Autumn Ring. Either this isn’t the full list or we are going to be getting lots of DLCs soon.

    Lets hope the track editor is well implemented and actually makes interesting and original circuits rather than just being a tacky addon.

  • Gérard Martin

    Very disappointed about number of tracks!! only 11 real tracks…. *DONT_KNOW* Where is Silverstone, Barcelona, Imola, any French tracks….. ???

  • RKipker

    What a bunch of $HIT… so they count a track when they add weather to it… meaning Dry is one track and weather/rain equals a second track… WTF!

    Suzuka Circuit
    Suzuka Circuit (Weather)

    Wow, what a bunch of Crap!

  • RKipker

    Because they count each one as two when they add Rain to it!  Even counting it as two when it’s reversed is a little sketchy IMO… !

  • RKipker


  • Johnsc

    I can race the “World circuits” without using my eyes, such a bunch of hiper well-know tracks for 99% sim racers. Hope City and Dirt tracks worth it…

  • Carbonfibre

    I know you’re full of rage but I’m still obliged to correct any mistakes were it’s due.
    So firstly, GTR3 cannot be ancient because it is not released yet. That’s just the way time works, sorry.
    Secondly, for your information, my original post above approached GT5 from a completely impartial viewpoint. But it seems in your fury you pre-emptively decided to tailor your response in a troll-like and aggressive manner.
    I therefore suggest you take a day off to cool your head or avoid GT5 topics on Virtualr in the future, if it causes you distress.

  • Carbonfibre

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Please don’t mess up physics laws like that again.

  • Fudge factor

    Darwin’s theory?   Not quite.  It’s ‘fitness’ for the environment, not ‘fitness’ as in athletics or some race of ubermenschen.

    And you know GT5 isn’t actually alive?  It is *not* a species. 

    Perhaps a better analogy for GT5’s millions of sales might be cancer?  Replication run amok.


    I’m just jealous because I don’t have a PS3.    So……GT5 must therefore be rubbish.  Works for me.

  • Fudge factor

    Gran Turismo 5 will [NOT] be bringing 1000 cars and over 60 tracks to the Playstation 3

    More accurate would be “over 100 cars and 30 tracks”.

    I have to say that I find PS3 only status to be a restriction of trade.   It’s there to corral people into SONY-land.  It also acts as an effective subsidy for Polyphony.  Ah well.

  • anonymous

    same difference!

  • lans


  • lans

    yep stfu pc fanboys, it will be 100 years till any pc game looks this good! 😎

  • lans


  • Pablo

    @lans – Let me get this straight…
    Primo – I never bashed GT5 here
    Secundo – I’m pretty sure I’ll buy it right after release
    Tertio – You’re one dumb f**k

    Since we got that sorted out I’m gonna leave you alone so you can continue to spread all that love and peace ;]

  • lans



  • 9223372036854775807

    They should rename it to something more meaningful:

    GTtoo little, too late edition

  • dadada1

    What the???

    Is it April already?

  • spliff

    hehe, good joke.

  • lans

    GT5 announced they would have 20 tracks with 70 variations about 2 yrs ago and have stated it time and time again!

    We knew tracklist all along!

    This game will sell millions and know one will care about any of the games you like.

    I hope you enjoy your monthly subscription, iracing must be really worth it im so jealous not!

    im sorry but outside of this website evr1 thinks gt5 is king and laugh at your so called true sims!

    iracing gtr3 and whatever is hardly known or cared about, stop bashing gt5 i stop bashing your games

    all is fair in luv and war

  • lans

    no its not troll

  • lans

    Explain this PC fanboys

    i thought so, the new generation of racing games not your so called PC sims with horrendous graphics and the most boring track details, no reflective lighting nothing

    This vid will blow anything the pc industry produces until the next gt6





  • lans

    ur a joke, is that all you came to do, this a console section, please try to act civilised instead of being disrespectful

  • MartyParty

    …and Toyota Corolla is the best car in the world since 35 million bought it. Ferraris and Porsches are slower, worse handling and plain ugly in comparison, since so few people buy and drive them…

    Shouldn’t feed the trolls, but I don’t think we’ll be able to starve this one any time soon…

  • Carbonfibre

    How much longer must we put up with this abomination Montoya?

  • Chad Smith

    This guy is an idiot. Why doesn’t someone monitor these comments and ban accounts? 

  • 9223372036854775807

    you must be jeaslous, otherwise why would you mention how many people would buy it. 

    With that logic, toilet paper is far better and more exciting than gt5, people buy it all the time, and they don’t even care about gt5 😀

    only people who happen to own a ps3 would buy gt5, and most of them haven’t heard about physics yet 😀

  • lans

    what have i done wrong, you guys do worse things, plus you insult me and i did nothing wron you should be banned chad smith, for calling me an idiot,

  • lans

    im not jealous thats why im in the gt5 section idiot, i have no interest on your “PC SIM RACERS”
    that look so awesome and have so much life and character “sarcasm”

  • lans

    well prove me wrong give a link on a pc racing game that looks better, i DARE U , do it

    Thought so

  • Gruf

    All you haters should look on the bright side you could have ended up with a Lotus 49 or a Fangio Maserati but you got a Daihatsu with a detachable top and a Daihatsu with a non detachable top instead…stop moaning and enjoy.

  • Ross Siggers

    Two comments;

    1. Lans is a complete and utter moron, and in the grand scheme of things, not a particularly good troll either.

    2. No Citta di Aria  🙁  I love that circuit 

  • lans

    One comments;
    1. Ross Siggers is a complete and utter moron, and in the grand scheme of things, not a particularly good troll either.  

  • Carbonfibre

    No, YOU!

    For your education by the way; comments is plural, meaning more than one. If you have a singular value you don’t need to add the s, you illiterate buffoon.

  • lans

    No You!
    who the f cares about spelling on a blog you grammar nazi~

  • lans

    Grammar Nazi’s are a fail!

  • lans

    if you really think spelling nicely on some lame blog makes you smart, then im afraid theres no hope for you!
    lol average people annoy me

    Your own boring, average person who conforms to life only to be kicked to the curb!
    You think you good at grammar go to england, people will think your an absolute retard!
    Evr1 knows Americans are not the smartest people around.

  • lans

    Grammar Nazi’s are a fail

  • lans

    @Carbonfire i don’t want to speak dumb american english!

    Your grammar is meaningless, i hate people who pretend to be smart, just because you proclaim that you are smart and i am dumb does not make it true. 

  • Carbonfibre

    I’m glad I annoy you, as you annoy everybody else by posting on this “lame blog”. So I’ll continue with whatever it takes to make you rage harder. You are good interactive entertainment on my lunch break. Here’s to your kicked curb, from jolly old England.

  • Carbonfibre

    @lans What language would you prefer? I can’t think of anything more primitive.

    Do you communicate more often with your fists?

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