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Gran Turismo 5 – Red Bull X1 Revealed + News Tidbits

Gran Turismo 5 – Red Bull X1 Revealed + News Tidbits

Sony has released new previews of the Red Bull X1, a fictional no-holds-barred race car designed by none other than Red Bull’s Adrian Newey. We get to check out the car from various angles, also included is a video showing Sebastien Vettel behind the wheel of the X1 on the NΓΌrburgring.

Powered by a 1483hp gas turbine engine, the X1 weighs 545 kilograms and reaches speeds of over 400 kilometers per hour. Thanks to that insane power and extensive aerodynamics such as enclosed wheels, the car laps Suzuka in 1:11, almost twenty seconds quicker than current Formula One cars.

In related news, some magazine articles have revealed some tidbit facts on Gran Turismo 5 features, mentioned features include mechanical damage for gearboxes, brakes & engines, imprecise weather forecasts, the ability of all cars to get dirty, time-of-day synchronization between virtual & real circuits and official NASCAR rules and regulations for oval races.

While all this sounds pretty impressive, the big question remaining is “When?”. There might be some indication to that as Sony Australia has set a new deadline for a contest that originally was planned to end on November 4th, the Australian release date before the latest date change. Now, the contest ends on December 9th, giving us a rough idea on the new release date.

Gran Turismo 5 will be bringing 1000 cars and over 60 tracks to the Playstation 3, including new features such as damage, weather and day/night effects. GT5 will be one of the first six Playstation 3 games to be available in 3D. The title will be out during the holiday season, no exact date has been announced but Sony expects to announce a new release date by the end of October.

  • Pinball

    Looks cool. Except the wing angle looks too shallow, like it’s an IndyCar lapping on an oval or something.

  • IonAphis


    All those angles should be more than enough to model it…

    I wish the X1 was the face of next year’s Formula 1 cars… F1 should be the pinnacle of motorsport…
    If a car such as the (as of yet fictional) X1 can race around Suzuka 20 seconds faster than F1 cars while still keeping true to most of F1 appearance  (sure the wheels are covered and the cockpit is shielded, but then again 400 kph is no easy feat) then F1 is no longer the pinnacle…
    So I say Red Bull use their winnings from this year’s F1 champsionship to create the X1GP or whatever…

  • Ahmad

    Looks ugly. Plus, a car with that much speed and grip would not be good for racing.

  • Hotel CaliforNO

    what’s TIDBITS ?????????????? >:o

  • Rooster

    Gran Turismo meets the Wipeout series!

  • Turkey :D

    If you brought an Formula 1 car from 2010 into the past, say the 1960’s, that’s exactly what people would say… I think the X1 is just ahead of its time.

  • Lenniepen

    Is it even possible for a human being to race with these corner speeds? Have they calculated any G-forces?

  • qawaza

    LOL, I was thinking of that too, abit od wipeout & TRON…

  • BSR-WiX

    i am a big fan of the Gran Turismo series, but this addon makes it look silly to me. I can live with theidea that its an arcade racer with a serious edge, but two more cars like this, and it will be my last GT purchase. This just gives me the wrong vibe, and its that vibe that makes me want to love all that is ” Racing” 

  • brumbrum

    I think because allmost all the ”downforce” stuff happens at the bottom off the car.
    That’s what the big fan is for, it’s creating a vacuum underneath the caar to get it sucked to the ground. The biggest advantage of this is that you don’t need huge wings on top of the car wich means it has less drag and thus a higher topspeed πŸ™‚

  • Ever been had

    Almost all shots are renders from the ingame photo-option.  Bit of a con, really.   Still, kids don’t care, do they…..

  • Jezza

    Thing is although it is possible to make such a car, they would never get those cornering speeds due to tyre technology being good enough to handle such cornering loads.

    Also game looks like shit

  • GTR1

    We’ve seen many videos from GT5, you know it looks better than anything else outhere…so your point is…??

  • Husky42


      A car will never put more load going around a corner in terms of G force then the force applied underbraking.  So if modern tires are designed to handle well over the 4.5-5 negative seen under braking (cornering at istanbul turn 8 was typically 4.5)

    The tires would hold up just fine – The question is for how many laps and that would be up to the manufacture to develope a competivie compound that allowed for good wear and durability during a race.

    Simple math shows you that this should never even have been a statement. Get an education before throwing out generalized random bullshit.

  • lans

    lol gt4 had alot of concept cars too, just play iracing you don’t deserve to play gt anyways since it doesnt live up to your lofty expectation

  • Big Ron

    same here Wix,
    I love GT and will buy GT5. But this car does not follow the phylosophy of Gran Turismo in my opinion and lets the game look like an arcade racer.

  • Big Ron

    Jezza, the hater boy is here again with useless comments.

  • simosimosimo

    Was that Adrian Newey next to the jap? WOW, if that was really him then the X1 might be a reallity one day!

  • simosimosimo

    From what i see from the screens X1 looks perfect in terms on aerodynamics! Perfectly streamlined and smooth! Thats the f1 of tomorrow if you ask me!

  • simosimosimo

    X1 is something between modern F1 and Le Mans prototype! SICK

  • spliff

    console kids, always amusing to read posts from them.. πŸ˜‰

  • RKipker

    WiX, I have to agree with you, but as you said… one car, w/such well known car designer as Adrian Newey I can accept it, as they simply trying to promote cutting edge technology in the game, plus as mentioned, kids will want it!

    I think they put the Real World twist on it, as this may just be an Adrian Newey “Dream Car” that he has already developed preliminary design on, simply concept drawings and hypothetical modeling/engine and support system.   But none the less, what better way to semi-test your design these days but by computer simulation.

    My immediate concern was No Cockpit View or why Master Vettel never ran the Cockpit view…. if the car has no cockpit view IMHO it’s worthless to me!  Maybe it’s not a Premium Car Model!

  • Jimmy The Fox

    X1 Downforce Specifications

    Lets try calculating the cornering G’s of the X1 at 300km/h from the total tire load and coefficient of friction for the tires.

    The total load on the X1’s tires at 300km/h is 1142.7kgf at the front tires, and 1432kgf at the rear tires. The coefficient of friction for the tires isμ=1.97. From these conditions, the maximum cornering force that the tires can exhibit can be determined to be 5073kgf. Dividing this by the wet weight of the X1 of 615kg comes to be 8.25, which is the maximum cornering G of the X1.

    8.25G greatly exceeds the G’s felt during the launch of the Space Shuttle, and is roughly the same as that of a jet fighter plane at full afterburner. It is a figure at the very limits of what a human body can withstand.

    Test Calculation: Cornering G at 300km/h
    Total Tire Load: 2575.6kgf (Front Wheel 1142.7kgf+Rear Wheel 1432.9kgf)
    Coefficient of Friction of Tires: μ=1.97 (baseμ=2.16, model calculates an efficiency reduction to 91.5% under high load)
    Cornering force that can be exhibited by tires: 5073.9kgf
    Cornering G: 8.25G (= 5073.9kgf / 615kg)

  • Jimmy The Fox

    Performance Data0-60mph: 1.4sec 0-120mph: 2.8sec 0-200mph: 6.1sec
    Maximum Speed: Over 280mph (450km/h+) Maximum Longitudinal or Lateral Acceleration: 8.25G at 300km/h

  • RKipker

    Thanks for the prospective Mr Fox!

    Also, we know they would tone it down IRL if it were ever to come to pass!

  • anon

    If this car is supposed to have a continuously variable transmission, why can you see Vettel changing gear?

  • Sparky245


  • Jezza

    actually f1 tyres are the pinical of grip, but as you know the complex at instanbul many drivers struggle to maintain speed there and the majority need a slight lift, why? because the tyres are on the verge of giving way, believe it or not it would be a very long time into the future before any car takes the schumacher S at nurburgring f1 at 370ks, why? because tyres wouldnt allow it.

    Its plain and simple tyres can reach all kinds of speed but tyres cant corner at all kinds of speeds.

    I suggest googling some bridgestone f1 tyre information. aero grip only helps to a certain limit before its all down to the tyres.

  • 07wtcc

    wow, what a car!

  • Big Ron

    And it is again and again a nuisance when PC freaks bash against console player.  That confirms only the folly and ignorance of some people and you are for sure one of them πŸ˜‰

  • Carbonfibre

    Hands up if you think Turn10 will design themselves a fictitious racing car that’s “even faster than the X1” into the next instalment of Forza?

  • RKipker

    There winnings will  not even cover their cost this past year… if they win!

  • Carbonfibre

    It will have a cockpit. All car models that are newly built for the GT series are automatically premiums. That way they are future-proofed for GT6, GT7, etc.    
    btw I completely disagree with WiX, sorry mate I do love you though. :-[
    This is exactly what GT is about, and Kaz has gone all-out to make this fantasy car as official as a concept can be. Your thinking would be right if this was something so absurd as “the polyphony racer” or something like that, but it’s Redbull for crying out loud.    
    Criticisms of the actual simulation can continue as normal though: I think it looks unnatural over the kerbs and turbine being a vacuum cleaner by nature, sounds like another excuse for piss-poor sounds for the 5th time!

  • Skara Koska

    And the sound…shouldnt had a gas turbine? thats not a gas turbine…but it sure looks sick! i like it…but a car like this needs new tracks…wipeout style tracks! lolol

  • zDToddy

    the car maybe fake but the physics applied are the same in every (real or fake) car in GT5, so it doesn’t make GT5 more arcady than it already is.

    what i mean is if this car is ever to exist in real life, it’s real life performance would be proportional to it’s ingame version. (well not perfectly since the GT5 core physics aren’t that realistic, but you got it, right?)

  • John Amutenya

    Its cool and all, but will this become like another suzuki escudo? Seems like it.

  • mariojsilva46

    the release date was scheduled for November they own or know when to throw the game..o know??We are mocking the buyer who and hurt by this whole situation to the release date the game..please……is already ready to launch the game once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the game is already ready in time enough to launch………but they and who are the owners of the game,and we have to swallow up the release date…sorry but my English is very bad..

  • Coennulft

    Quite a funny deatail i just saw, i’ve got the same racing shoes as Vettel…the red, white and black alpinestars

  • Grozni

    What a crap…

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    No, the tyres already can do this. The reason why SOME cars in Istanbul are struggling is because of their downforce level. They all do have the same tyres, don’t they? The reason why the McLaren and RedBulls were able to go pedal to the metal through there is because their downforce level was back then miles better than on any other cars of the grid.    
    These modern tyres already are able to widthstand more than 5G. Ever realized, that the HUD-Graphic on F1-Broadcasts is limited to 5G? sometimes the needle is accelerating so fast into 5G-Zone, that I believe they actually are somewhere between 6G and 6.5G, just the graphic showing us a “5” because it ends there.

    Next thing up is, that Bredgestone was asked to develope tyres which do not last to long and which are not allowed to enable higher corner speeds than on earlier seasons. That was one of the few things ni the contract which both FIA and Bridgestone told us. If they would be allowed to make tyres enabeling corner speeds beyond 250 km/h, than they surely are able to do it.

    Just start thinking a bit: Today EVERY single bit in motorsport is limited due to safety and marketting reasons. If they were allowed to do what they want, I think the X1 wouldn’t even be the top-car…

  • Jezza

    turn 10 will, and then 1 year later to piss off the 3 or so people left playing forshit4 they will release and ultimates speed fast nitro edition of the game and then put a gun to there heads.

  • jimmy

    I don’t believe this car would be around Suzuka 20 seconds quicker than F1 car. Compare the front wing. Modern F1 car have huge front wings … X-1 would not have such downforce on the front. And F1 is also able to reach speed over 400kph…

  • Kizza42

    Typical, Seb gets given the decent car while Mark is stuck with the slow ass Red Bull RB6 πŸ˜‰

  • m0nty

    Remember kids, fake cars with fake lap times don’t get you laid.

  • jimmy

    OK, I take this back, I haven’t read that this is in fact a TURBINE car. Then maybe such times would really be possible. Even quicker maybe cos I believe reality would be even wilder than this…

  • paskowitz

    I really do not understand why people who are so viamently against this game, insist on posting their poorly thought out opinions on this site. People are so stuck up in their little PC sim racing world its pathetic. Its just as bad as the 360 PS3 hate that has been swirlying around for years. I really think people miss the point of GT, Forza and the like. Its never been about perfect physics it has been about driving the world’s most amazing cars in a convincing environment.

    Also since the idea of the X1 is predicated around an unlimited budget I do not think it would be hard to create a tire that could handle the G forces.

  • jimmy

    Sheesh… Of course F1 is not the pinnacle of any POSSIBLE technology. Teams would be unable to finance such car. And it would be cool to see cars flying through Parabolica 350kph but imagine what would happen if such car would came off… total holocaust of spectators.

  • Ding Dong

    This actually gives me more of a Ridge Racer Type 4 vibe!! πŸ˜€ awesome! This is nowhere near Wipeout or F-Zero…

  • Jezza

    no but drugs alcahole and youporn doo!

  • GTR1

    You said it wise paskowitz,some thinks became an expert just by playing PC sims…jeez… >:o

  • Shorel

    It is not a turbine car, it is a FAN car:

    And yes, that is banned in F1 since 1978.

  • jwylie

    Space Shuttle keep to less than 3G.

  • jimmy

    It was used in sportscars earlier than in F1…

    … just like many other technologies. KERS, diesel engines etc…

  • Shorel

    That’s one of the reasons we no longer have ground effect cars in F1.

    It is really very hard for the drivers, even at 4G.

  • adrian

    Wix- this is not the first time a concept car makes an appearance on GT, in fact i believe EVERY SINGLE VERION of GT has had a concept car that does not exist in real life. 

    Gran Turismo is a console video game about sports cars and racing cars. If you dont like that kind of stuff, fine, dont buy it. This is intended for kids anyway. 

    I will keep buying and enjoying Gran Turismo games for hopefully a very long time, at the same time i will keep playing hardcore simulation games on my PC. They are two different things and at the same time part of what makes this wonderfull world of racing car video games so fucking cool.

  • adrian

    yes that is Adrian Newey, they worked on this car together. Although i wouldnt believe anyone will actually build this car… 

  • adrian

    Looks as if the new Peugeot Prototype had a one night stand with the RB6…


  • adrian

    absolutely correct…. they are all video games after all.. 

    and the consoles are meant for kids really, a 30+ year old complaining about video games on the internet must have little else to do…. i mean i looove racing games, own a ps3 and a pc and spend a good portion of my time at work reading sim forums and news… but come on.. dont take it thaaaaat serios guys…. this is just fun and games… 

  • mykem

    Here’s the X1 Prototype downforce specifications and it has to be noted that the maximum cornering G is at the limit of what the human body can endure: 8.25G.  Despite the fact that I’ll probably spent more time driving a ’95 Honda NSX in GT5 or the Ferrari F40, I’m still quite excited to see how fast I can go on Top Gear track with this cars.

  • jimmy

    What’s so new about that 908 despite the fin?

  • Jos

    The sound of the car is pretty much the same as the F1 2007 ferrari in proloque, nice bit of copy & paste there…

  • CC

    I’m in my early 30’s, I’ve had a driving licence for over 15 years, I’ve played most sims on the market and I think I know my stuff.

    The average PS3 owner is over 35 years of age, GT5 supports wheels like the G27 and head tracking, many of the major car manufactuers, parts suppliers, racing organisations and circuits are supplying access and data to ensure authenticity………………and yet still some label GT5 as a kids game or outright shit.

    Either these people have lost their passion for cars, are stuck in some timewarp where they think Outrun is the best a console can deliver, or are the ultimate PC fanboy and will deny themselves something so great.

  • racedriver

    Adrian Newey designed car haha but this car is too fast lol.

    Nice video

  • alonzo ftw

    is this going to be as good as iracing?

  • vik15

    We have seen many great looking screenshots but as of videos, all they are cell phone captures mostly: low-res, poor colors, insane cartoony looking contrast so I am personally a bit curious what we will get in a final version. Those videos are nothing special by any means.

  • Foxiol

    and you read bad again…go to Uk and you´ll see that this car now has a V6 twin turbo engine…and all of the specifications.

  • Foxiol

    read…it has a V6 twin turbo engine…don´t you see the video?

  • zudthespud

    Watching this video, I can’t help but feel that this car that would have to have extremely rigid suspension wouldn’t survive taking the chicane at 130km/h.. still, this is damn amazing.

  • RKipker

    nothing is as good as iRacing, if you don’t believe me check out the iRacing article on the FW31 and the MX 5 those guys have stated many times over… iRacing is the Best and the only SIM out, all the rest are simply games

  • RKipker

    Since when PS3 supports Track IR?  Or which Head Tracking are you referring too?

    Also, I agree, somewhat, that’s why I have all, PS3, 360, and PC’s, I try them all… myself!

  • RKipker

    I with you three, this is why I don’t understand the F1 2010 bashing and comparison to iRacing… which I have both and enjoy both for what they offer.

    I also own the PS3 and 360 (adrian, get a 360) I like Motorstorm, Tourist Trophy, Apex, Moto GP, SBK, Forza 1/2/3, PGR 2/3/4, all of these games have giving me enjoyment (not NFS Carbon) there just games…! 

  • Wesley

    that pic actually shows how much an piece of ‘engineering rubbish’ this actually is. First of all an real f1 car has way more downforce. Second of all, I call this more of an shame to Newey, only 20 secs faster when you can do anything with it, then 20 seconds really isnt that much. And with that, contamporarely F1 cars can reach 360km/h easily, and this one does like what? 420? it does that with double the ammount of power of an contemporary f1 car and with that it even has less downforce. This car is an complete engineering joke. Apart from that you can never ever even reach 350kg of front downforce with only an simple wing and 2 diveplanes. This all means it is way less efficient than an f1 car.

  • RKipker

    Cool… 😎    do you have a RedBull   πŸ˜‰

  • RKipker

    Guess they figured if they release with bug, as CM have… folks piss and moan!  If they hold back to ensure all is good, folks piss and moan… all the same, so all will be the same!

    BTW your english is very good!

  • stabiz

    You are basically saying if people dont drop iRacing, rFactor, etc and jump ship to GT5 they are fanboys … πŸ™‚

  • anon

    Montoya’s original article on the 19th October said that the car came with a gas turbine engine, which is why I was asking.

  • GZ00


  • anon

    “Though the car running at Monza is not the complete new Peugeot, it features several significant changes to the 908 HDi FAP that has competed at Le Mans since 2007.
    Its revised rear end includes an Audi-style rear wing support, lower slung bodywork and a raised light cluster, as well as an airbox on the car’s roof. Peugeot has also moved the exhausts so that they exit through the rear of the bodywork, under the rear wing.
    It is not known whether the car was running the new-for-2011 hybrid engine, but the engine cowling is lower than that of a regular 908 HDi.”

  • Jonny

    I love iRacing rFactor and GT5 πŸ™‚

  • adrian

    thing is.. i actually enjoy more games than full-on sims.. i have no idea how to properly setup the suspension of an F1 car… 

  • Sky

     Wesley, in your eagerness to troll, you didnt consider various points:

    1: the car already produces an incredible amount of Gs while cornering. It is probably on the limit of what the human can withstand, and what some materials can achieve.

    2:altough the total amount of downforce is not that impressive, the fan ensures that a HUGE deal of this amount is availiable at very low speeds, hence the quickness of the machine around slow corners, and also creates the possibilitie for a very clean shape.

    3: top speed, specially past 400 km/h is  EXTREMELY HARD to increase, not to mention the car eventually has to brake on time to actually make the corner.

    4: 20 seconds isnt much? well geez, its only what we achieved in the last 30 years, not to mention the faster it goes, the harder it is to cut off big chunks of time.

    Frankly, most comments put here create the impression “simracers” know nothing about cars…

  • kkacper

    hmm in realistic manner no. I heard few bad things abbout Iracing, I owned it for 3 months and I HATED IT! It’s just machine to make money. Yes it scans every car exactly to the smallest pieces but what’s the point if people are scared to overtake because of the safety rating? I think there is a lot better way to avoid wreckers and it’s called admins in leagues. About the fun yes GT5 will be a lot more fun than any of all out sims like Iracing, FVA or rFactor (though if you like it you can get fun out of it with right people on your side πŸ˜€ ). So yea if you’re looking for extreme realism get iracing in which for other than 4 starter cars you pay like 10 dollars(I think williams is 11) and for every track other than laguna seca 1 small oval and I think limes rock. So your pick. Give away much money or pay once and have it for life πŸ˜‰


    GT5 is going to be my favorite arcade game

  • Wesley

    I indeed didnt include those. Excuse me, but the DF generated from the front wing is complete rubbish, apart from that there are just better ways to generate df. And what we have achieved in 30 years? something that could be much more, if it wasnt all limited. At top speed you have to over come drag(that is what the top speed is all about. Now i hgave read that its top speed is 450+ kph, and like i said an contemporary f1 car could reach 380 easily, then those 70kph is really nothing if you take with it that this car ‘is an engineers wet dream’ as you have double the amount of power, and the car is even lighter.

    And I dont know nothing about cars? Ehhm, you ever heard of f1technical? there is a topic abgout it, people are just saying the same.

    Point of it, this car is far from genius and even an 5 year old child could draw something as draggy and low df as this one. for an engineers wet dream you would expect more df and less drag dont you? I find the regular Fiat Panda both on looks and technically way more interresting.

  • Deano

    That is without a doubt, the most butt-ugly race car I have ever witnessed.

  • renagade

    another one who dont understand what pay to play mean … and didnt do anything but the solstice … Iracing is a good sim, where i have a lot of fun, yeah i know the SR can be annoying … but its a way to get clear race, you get penalise for every little mistake you do … but it make you want to pratice more and learn the good line, speed, overpass technic, you dont see moron coming at you pedal to the metal on a turn because they are way faster than you they will wait for the good spot to pass you and wont knock you on the wall for 1 place on the grid … you have to do smart choice to be in front. Here im not saying that Iracing is the best sim in the world …  i look forward for GT5 to get a good time with all my friend on PSN … and i will enjoy every moment of it … but i know that all other online race will be a T1 wreck fess …. i dont understand the meaning of coming at full speed on the first corner and crash everyone to whine that those in front of you are moron and then quit because you are mad that you dont have a chance to be first  … so yeah for those game you need a league or a good friend list to get some clearn race. Iracing is for time when you wait for those game to enjoy with your friend.

  • Sky

    You again fail to realize the point… MORE downforce for what exactly? The car can make a human faint if it goes faster than that in corners, so what would be the point? Not to mention that we don’t know if the tires would resist, and i think Adrian Newey knows a bit more than you on that department!

    And drag, prove your point by coming up with a shape that would have less drag, while retaining the wheels and cockpit like it is. Or else you are just trolling along.

    And about the f1technical thread, i saw it, more trolling there too, so have fun with your panda, if you dont have the knowledge to back your criticism.

  • ben

    this is very good an all, impressive too. but it sounds nothing, i repeat nothing like a gas turbine engine and more like a normal formula one engine which is totally wrong.

  • guest

    looks totally unrealistic, there is no way a car will produce that much downforce for those apex speeds…..

  • lans


  • lans


  • lans

    its just a game, go play your superior iracing and leave gt alone

  • lans has tiny dick


  • Ross Siggers

    Aaaand you know this how?? Have you figured the physics of it all? Admittedly, to us it looks wrong, but I’ve not seen a car go around a track that fast, so I guess that’s what it might look like πŸ˜€

  • Ross Siggers
  • zudthespud

    Ok, this car weighs less than 1/3 of the Bugatti Veyron and has 300 more hp, but goes 30 km/h less in a straight line? 

    I know this car has a lot of downforce but that doesn’t really make sense.

  • navalhawkeye

    There is no way hitting the curbs like that would work. This car depends on being sealed to the track because of the suction fans. Hitting the curbs would break that suction and it would lose a lot of its downforce. Clearly a flaw somewhere since he was eating the curbs up without a problem.

  • KebabJoe

    Pac man mode confirmed

  • CC

    GT5 has advanced head tracking via the Playsation Eyue, a feature that has been known about for over 12 months.

  • CC

    I am saying sim players are meant to be car enthusisasts, therefore when a title comes along that has content and production values that are far ahead of anyhting ever seen in the genre, and has physics that are a match for anything outside of iRacing, why is there so much resistence.

    I’ve been a PC sim player for many years but lets face it as a gaming platform it’s becoming less relevant by the day.

  • Stu

    If top speed is the only objection you only need enough downforce to be stable in a straight line.

    Around a track like Le Mans even a GT2 car would be 30 odd seconds a lap quicker than a Veryon despite having 700bhp less, that’s all down to downforce and cornering speeds, which are still far lower than an LMP or F1 car.

  • Charles Stanley

    I’d expect someone with a passion for cars to expect at least somewhat realistic physics.

    And at 30 something years old I would expect you have a more dicerning taste in racing games than ones primarly aimed at children and tweens.

    Once you become used to realistic physics then it’s not even hard to play with an analog gamepad and if you don’t mind the physics being dumbed down, which takes the elegance from the experience, then I have to question your judgement entirely.

  • Charles Stanley

    Yeah… screw physics…. and the actual experience.

    Perhaps if people demanded more then we wouldn’t live in this modern society dominated by big budget glitzy but utimately superficial commercial projects that are just created to rake in tons of cash.

    So no… it’s not about perfect phsyics or driving the world’s most amazing cars… it’s about cash and fame, some glitzy graphics to sell PS3s and reason for you to buy that big flat screen TV.

  • Martin Huang

    because, what it uses isn’t a gas turbine engine, but a small V6 twin turbo engine.

  • ben

    it uses a fan under the car which sucks it to the ground increasing grip and speed through corners, it was used and banned in formula one because it was so effective

  • jimmy

    Well, I quite doubt about 30 seconds at Le Mans. Veyron’s straight line speed advantage would be massive against GT2 cars.

  • Adrian Newey

    You MFs don’t know nothing.   Pipe down and take it, beeatch.

  • Robert Kubica fan

    Only Red Bull was flat out in Turn 8, and that even in FP with more fuel and used harder tyres. Hamilton had to even brake for T8 in his Q3 best lap.

    Also, it’s wrong to say that under braking cars achieve more G’s than while in cornering. Only with speed close to 300kph that today F1 cars achieve 5 Gs under braking while with 235kph it already achieved, at least, 5 Gs in Degner and Chapel.

    You are right that the graphic only displays up to 5Gs(remember big crashes like Massa in Hungary 09, the graphic only showed 5Gs when the crash obviously achieved dozens of it). In, it’s said that when 130R had the old layout, it was achieved 6Gs in there, but that is not proved/demonstrated. But for sure, RB6 is reaching more than 5Gs because with lower speeds in FPs they already achieve 5Gs a lot of times, and obviously with more speed in Q3 they reach from 5.3 to 5.5 Gs most probably.

    NOW, PLEASE PEOPLE THINK A LITTLE. If monster’s heavily weighted trucks that expose their tires to tones of pressure(+20 tones, or 20000Kg ) don’t blow them, it is obviously possible to build tires to cope with this big loads. THE PROBLEM IS: is it possible to create a tire compound able to not lose much of it’s friction coefficient when exposed to big loads???

    If this tire model used on the gt site can really have 1.91 even at 300kph when exposed to big loads of downforce then it is possible to create a car to reach even absurd values such as 30Gs around tight corners like Tabac in Monaco.

  • Robert Kubica fan

    that’s why it has too little downforce on the wings

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