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Gran Turismo 5 – New 18 Megapixel Photomode Previews

Gran Turismo 5 – New 18 Megapixel Photomode Previews

Polyphony Digital has released a series of high-resolution Gran Turismo 5 previews, showing us the results of the Playstation 3 racer’s photomode. We get to check out some of the photomode locations as well as high-resolution previews of the title’s Rome street circuit.

The images come in full 18 megapixel resolution, giving us a chance to check out even the smallest details on the cars and the environment. Being 5760×3240 pixels in size, the images may take a little while to load.

Since the image-viewer resizes the images to fit your screen resolution, make sure to either view them in full size in the viewer (click the green arrow at the bottom) or  right-click the images and open them in a new tab.

Gran Turismo 5 will be bringing 1000 cars and over 60 tracks to the Playstation 3, including new features such as damage, weather and day/night effects. GT5 will be one of the first six Playstation 3 games to be available in 3D. The title will be out on November 2nd in the North & Latin America, release dates for Europe and Japan have not been confirmed yet.

  • zudthespud

    Hello, My name is Gran Turismo 5, and my favourite passtime is Overkill.

    That’s insane. I wonder how long they take to render.

    I’m not liking the flat grass textures on the first picture, otherwise it’s looking gorgeous.

  • 6e66o

    It sure does look good..

  • Sungod

    6e66o: It sure does look good..

    and plays,too

    “BTW, on the last day of the show Sony let the SimHQ staff have 3 sim cockpits for about an our each, and we drove the heck out of GT5 with all the aids turned off. Comments coming in a future article, hopefully next week. Bottom line: Once you try it, it seems to be on a par or just a tad better than FM3. Some things we liked more, some less, but it felt really good, and better than GT5Prologue.”

  • Jos

    this explains why the game takes so bloody long to develop.

  • ForzaBarca88

    Checked those screenies out on the tv……dayyem 😮

  • Pinball

    They look great, except I could help but notice all the flat pack trees; look at pictures 9, 10 and 11 at full resolution.

  • empii

    Problem is, it never will look that good on any screen, as they said GT5 will not support Anti-Aliasing. That’s really annoying, because I hate Aliasing much more than bad textures…

  • rFactorModsAreVaporware

    too bad those cars probably sound like vacuum cleaners and hair dryers

  • the_last_name_left

    the cars look fantastic. Excellent lighting too. But seeing as it takes 5 minutes to render a still like that in 3DSMax, I have to wonder how they are doing it. And more importantly, what sort of framerates can be expected with all those processed visuals going down?

    I find it hard to believe those aren’t renders. wow/

  • JimmyTheFox

    empii: Problem is, it never will look that good on any screen, as they said GT5 will not support Anti-Aliasing. That’s really annoying, because I hate Aliasing much more than bad textures…

    The game whilst playing has 4x AA @ 720p and 2x AA @ 1080p. Photomode has lots more applied.

  • the_last_name_left

    Question about this photomode: is it like some replay function that uses (somewhat) different and enhanced graphics to the actual in-game graphics? Is that right?

  • the_last_name_left

    Seems they *are* renders, essentially. It’s a little bit sneaky to blur the boundary imo, but nevertheless the screenshots it produces are stunning.

    It really is getting trickier to spot renders against photos. Wow.

  • magicalgin

    That’s one part of it. But you can also visit e.g. red bull hangar 7, park your car somewhere and take a picture. Oh and you can adjust your camera’s focus, shutter speed and so forth.

  • the_last_name_left


    Nice feature, but methinks people are being misled a little in so far as these aren’t what we understand by “actual in-game screenshots”. That’s why I say it seems a little sneaky……it’s somewhat like the difference between Brazil renders from 3DS compared to ingame rF. Nevertheless, looks absolutely fantastic (in-game too)

  • riv131

    i bought gran turismo 4 and it didnt run….bought another copy—no luck again.still feel sore bout far gt5 is concerned……its terrible that only a limited no of cars will feature full cockpit view.wats d point of sim racing without a cockpit?its a big leap—-backwards.i guess i will wait for GTR3.

  • empii

    Polyphony said just a few weeks ago that GT5 will have no improvements on FSAA compared to GT5P – and that one doesn’t have any FSAA that makes it nicer to look at. Even 2x FSAA is horrible, it’s like none. 4x is the minimum to get a better result for somebody who doesn’t like any kind of Aliasing. Reason is, they want to keep GT5 at 60 FPS and with more than 2x in 1080p/i that wouldn’t work.

    I don’t care much about cockpit view. In my opinion it never has been realistic in any game yet, as half the cockpit is compressed to a small monitor… sorry in real life you can see much more like the typical cam from the front of the window. Sadly even that one was very bad in Prologue (to high!), I hope it get’s closer to the typical rFactor-cam.

  • the_last_name_left

    no cockpit? nah – just be a lower detail/standard one?

    I agree with empii – cockpit views aren’t properly replicated through a monitor….no peripheral vision etc. How do monkeys spot lions? Peripheral vision. human FOV is 110 degrees ish. Not 45.

  • kill4f00d

    I’m sure GT5 would look like this in-game on a decent PC. 😎

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