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Gran Turismo 5 – Multiplatform Plans?

Gran Turismo 5 – Multiplatform Plans? has picked up on a very interesting quote on the Game Developer’s Conference, as SCEA Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller mentioned that Gran Turismo 5 will be released “across all plaforms” when it “makes the most sense”.

Until now, all Gran Turismo titles have been exclusively released for the Playstation consoles, being a cornerstone of the Playstation success story. However, the immense popularity of the title would probably result in very good sales on other platforms too. The choice of available platforms are rather slim though as Sony will not release one of their flagship titles on competing consoles.

That makes the PC a likely choice as no driving game of comparable quality and content exists for the PC. However, the Gran Turismo titles are notorious for setting new graphic standards which would result in pretty tough hardware requirements. It remains to be seen where GT5 will end up, the days of Gran Turismo being a Playstation exclusive seem to be over though.

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  • BSR-WiX

    I would not mind seeing GT5 on the PC, but the world may once again start a vapor rumor because some guy used the words “across all plaforms” in a statement. Across all platforms might even mean, all present Sony platforms. PS3 / PS2/ PSP.
    There whas a rumor a year ago about Sony having plans to grand PD the chance to release on PC for the chinese matket, but they stated later on that this was not the case.
    So i guess we will have to wait and see.

  • hypertek

    that would hurt sales on ps3 though, since alot of people would pick up a ps3 just to play it..

  • Vkt

    if they make a PC version i’ll buy it for sure , i hate consoles :happyevil:

  • Y E S

    Polyphony Digital is the propriety of Sony Computer.
    Gran Turismo don’t exist for making money, GT exist to make people buying Playstations.
    Sorry guys, Gran Turismo will NEVER exist on other plateforms…
    Don’t waste your time waiting something like that.

  • trebor901

    i dont think it would be a wise move because as said before it will hurt ps3 sales and also they would most likely have to remake it so that its not a direct port because we all know that direct ports are rarely any good. And you would most likely need a pc that had an immense amount of power to run it as they would probably want it to look good and optimize all their textures + models.

  • Slimjim

    It would be nice to see it come to PC.. and if it was modable, that would be a wet dream…

  • spliff

    interesting news.

    on a side note:
    what’s up in the heads of people like “Y E S”? they are completely clueless on the facts, yet talking some serious bullshit on what “is going on in the world”. why don’t you just keep your verbal diarrhea for yourself? nobody likes to listen to people like you. just go back..

  • Y E S

    A verbal diarrhea as you say, … i’ve just seen one, just before my post…
    If you’re not happy, it’s the same, and you just have the liberty to no read, and i’ve the liberty to say what i want.
    So as you can see, it’s again something on what”is going on in the so cruel world”

  • Rasmus

    Why are most of you so pessimistic?

    I am just happy that it MIGHT come for PC too. I’ve been wishing for that since the first Gran Turismo game. Even if the chance is slim, it’s still a chance. :happy:

    Life is too short to be pessimistic…

  • Y E S

    i don’t think to be pessimistic.
    I know very well the history and strategy of Polyphony Digital and Kazunori Yamauchi.
    Gran Turismo is THE gold pepite of Sony, and the reason of the existence of GT is selling Playstation. Sony don’t sell 360 xbox or WII…

    If you want to play GT or WipeOut, you must exclusively buy a Playstation. It’s the reason why Sony create or buy game studios. This is not games from third party developpers.

    Some people could continue to believe it won’t be the same in the future, but i know it’s a loss of time and hope…

    I say the true, why should it looks like pessimistic?

  • spliff

    you have no idea if what you say is true or not. you do _believe_ gt5 won’t come for different platforms. you do _not_ know if it is true.

    it’s just arrogant and stupid to behave like this, and it does _not_ change the fact that people like to speculate. they will do so, even if you, the better-knowing guy, tell us to dont do that..

    now GTFO. thanks. and the world is great btw..

  • Y E S

    firstly, If you want to believe that Benoit XVI wear condoms it’s your right, but as everybody, you have to talk with courtesy to explain your point of view if you want to be heard…

    Secondly, you don’t know who i am. Few years ago i worked with Polyphony Digital on GT3.
    Also i think to have more references than you to talk about it…

    Anyway, everybody has the right to explain and believe any points of view, but your duty is to respond with politness.

    Not doing it… THIS is stupid.

  • Raikku

    Why we would want GT5 for PC?

    PS3 is best CONSOLE for driving games ’cause you can use Logitech’s wheels with it, unlike XO.

    And we already have, and new ones are coming, superior driving sims on PC-side. I have PC, XO, PS3 as i guess most people have. Even if you don’t game, you can always use PS3 as a brilliant BD and Dvd-player.

  • ScHiRoCk

    bit dissapointed, i hope it will stay exclusive!
    and it supports G25 so thats fine by me :sd:

  • flowie

    I have to agree with Y E S. Gran Turismo has and will be one major deciding factor for buying a Sony console. The release of Gran Turismo for xbox360 and other competitor-consoles would clearly diminish PS3 sales. But maybe they want to release a different version of Gran Turismo on PSP – or even on PC.

  • Howie47

    Maybe they’re following Microsoft’s lead? It released “Halo” too PC.
    Anyway everyone is jumping on the PC driving Sim bandwagon.
    Codemasters had a hit with “Grid”, and all the sharks smell blood.

  • lovretta

    Maybe SONY realized that it’s cheaper to create game ONLY rather then game AND console :happyevil: :sd:

  • XaliaS

    Holy ****! But I’m still following the pessimist route until I see some hard evidence they are talking about the PC here.

    However there is lots of evidence to suggest the economic downturn is affecting many game companies, and if the last few years of major multiplatform releases (the dreaded words, “PC port”) serve as any indication, the times of exclusivity is dying.

  • skid

    Why so pessimistic guys? It sure sounds a bit unlikely since Gran Turismo has been a PlayStation exclusive ever since but a bit of dreaming can’t hurt, right? :happy: Though I seriously can’t imagine it being on consoles competing with PS3 – but maybe PC. Who knows what Polyphony might be cooking – I for one would love to see that. I’d actually rather have this on PC than SHIFT or other racers in the vein of GRID.

  • Slimjim

    If it was my company, i would have to think hard about releasing it for more money is always better.. and don’t say it’s not about the money please.. everybody knows that is all what it’s releasing it for XBox or the any other console.. i wouldn’t..but that’s just my 2 cents.

  • ScHiRoCk

    Maybe they’re following Microsoft’s lead? It released “Halo” too PC.
    Anyway everyone is jumping on the PC driving Sim bandwagon.
    Codemasters had a hit with “Grid”, and all the sharks smell blood.

    very funny you call grid a sim 😆 pure arcade game 😉

  • Sodapop

    heh you can’t even call GT5 a sim. It’s just watered down Forza for the masses. The PC isn’t getting it and I think we’re better off without it.

  • dedyradix

    This post have been deleted by dedyradix due clear google cache….

  • dedyradix

    This post have been deleted by dedyradix due clear google cache….

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