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Gran Turismo 5 – Four New Gameplay Videos

Gran Turismo 5 – Four New Gameplay Videos

Even though the official release is still four days away, more and more people are getting their hands on early copies of Gran Turismo 5.

One of them is Chris who’s kind enough to share the videos below with us. His videos show a race in the BMW M3 road car on the Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit, the Subaru Impreza on snow and a complete lap at Le Mans in the Nissan Super GT car.

The fourth video shows a replay of the Nissan run as Chris explains the options offered by the replay and photo mode.

Gran Turismo 5 will be bringing 1000 cars and over 60 tracks to the Playstation 3, including new features such as damage, weather and day/night effects. GT5 will be one of the first six Playstation 3 games to be available in 3D. Gran Turismo 5 will be available in Europe and the US starting November 24.

  • Suarez16

    Chris is my new favourite reviewer… Go Chris!!

  • RedSun

    Driving – Absolute disaster
    Speed in cockpit is not realistic, he have 280km/h and looks like speed 50,- km, lol must by enhanced.

  • mnk

    wow,, you must be one of those pro real life race drivers who can actually judge this by a yt-video better than the guy driving there. (who is doing a sort of decent job btw.)

    i’m stunned by your abilities…

    2’nd comment and we already have a troll hating on somthing he cant possibly judge

  • Think Again

    I have to admit it looks better than I thought. It seems that there is “physics” involved. Half a year ago I got the chance of driving the SLS in GT5 at a Mercedes booth. The physics were barely believable and there was a huge input lag regarding controllers. The car turned almost a second later than the moment you steered. Probably they improved both.
    Though I will stick to rFactor and iRacing I might give GT5 a try.


  • captain underpants

    Is this seriously how PD are promoting their multi-million dollar game, or are they seriously doing nothing and leaving it to amateurs with dodgy cameras? Every new ‘video’ I see here just gets an increasingly derisive laughter and a snide ‘just release the damn thing already’. And I don’t even have a PS3, nor the intention to buy one in the near future (not necessarily by choice). It’s a beautiful, but somewhat sterile looking game, I reckon. What’s with the plastic roads? One thing that might temp me is the chance to drive my car on the Nordschleife, though.

  • lans

    turncoat fool please never buy gt5 for the sake of all humanity, we dont need more sceptical pc fanboys please stick to your iracing thx

  • mnk

    why the anger… let him test it. Seems like he is actually willing to give it a try and not a fanboy.

    an impression some1 might get of you after reading this comment

  • KlosterKatten

    Always amusing to see people slag off games for a console they dont have, even more amusing to watch people defend it more than a religious man with a bible.

    The game looks good, i admit, the only thing i am bothered with at the moment is the steering degree, i do not want to have a 900 degree steering lock on an F1 car or in Le mans, that wont do.

  • retiisi

    You Ians are the most pathetic moron here in virtualr and I hope you stick behind your console for the sake of humanity.

    I am iRacing fanboy and also rFactor, GTR2 & Evo and, LFS fanboy but there is still plenty of room for other good sims/racing games and hopefully GT5 is goin to join em.

  • lans

    im not an idiot why would i pay every month for an incomplete month, only americans do stuff like that

  • lans


  • Big Ron

    oh, I think you can adjust it. With Prologue, my wheel was fixed at 360 degree, but I was able to activate the 900 degree whenever I wanted.

    The 900 degree-feature is not a standard setting.

  • Eddie J

    Awesome game! Shame about the sounds, not good :/

  • Jezza

    Oh no someone get the tissues Lans is having a cry again!!!!! Would be nice to remove the console content from this site, way to many fanboys who come on and fight for there console and its games, and they fail to realise no matter how good a race game can be on console, pc race sims leave them for dead, yes lans thats including a pay by the month 3 month 6 month 9 month year 2 year subscription based sim. Yes iracing is a SIM, GT is a GAME along with FORZA.

  • Howie47

    The AI look terrible. All staying lined up, while maintaining the same space between them. But it’s years ahead of iRacing’s AI.

  • Sparrow88

    Looks like the same as the prologue. You always start last, single pile running start, no qualifying and the background music is louder than your car’s engine, hmm.

  • Ramos

    Awesome game!

  • magicalgin

    Don’t worry, every full blown GT has had qualifying, only not for all races. And you can adjust the BGM 😉  And um the rolling starts,, o.k. I admit that just sucks

  • magicalgin

    Don’t feed the effing troll. =.=” Either respond in a mature way or just don’t!

  • lans

    there a standing starts but not on all tracks, the BGM can be adjusted, how lazy can you be?!!!

  • lans

    actually this game is 20 years ahead of iracing, the only people that take you seriously mention iracing in the real world and everyone will think you’re a joke, everyone knows gt is the king

  • red


  • Stu

    Steering lock is automatically adjusted for each car. That’s one of the beauties of GT5, you don’t have to spend ages looking for the correct sterring wheel setting for each and every car, jump into any machine and it’s already optimised.

  • Carbonfibre

    So even if you are willing to give GT5 a try, it won’t stop lans from trolling your good natured comment?


  • Dan

    live session of gt5 right there. Quality is surprisingly good.

    What impressed me most was the AI in this game, they don’t just follow a line like a lot other games’ AI do

  • Stu

    All of these videoa are from the arcade section, not even reviewers have access to the online features were you can have custom races, trade cars, chat etc.

  • Carbonfibre

    2:33 – “and the physics are amzing by the way”.
    lol, covered up nicely.

  • Carbonfibre

    2:33 – “and the physics are amazing by the way”.  
    lol, covered up nicely.

  • Carbonfibre

    4th video replay: 2:33 – “and the physics are amzing by the way”.  
    lol, covered up nicely.

  • Stu
  • Mark

    The guy who has made these videos and commented “physics are amazing” is a professional racing driver.

  • foygx

    another idiotic comment from you


  • skeemo

    I just read that not all cars have:

    a) a cockpit view and
    b) damage (visible and physical)

    So your beginner-used-car will NOT have a cockpit and damage.

    Welcome to 2010.

  • mariojsilva46


  • lans

    skeemo nobody cares if you think this game is bad, we still gonna buy it, whether it gets a  0/10 or 10/10 your opinion is worth less than dirt to me, so enjoy wasting your life judgin this game, you might as well be invisible, i just feel sorry enough for you to help you change your ways as if your iracing or gtr3 games are any better if they were sold as a proper product people would rip the living [email protected]#! out of it!

  • stabiz

    lans, you are beyond doubt the most tragic figure that have ever posted in the comment section at this site, by quite some margin.

  • Stu
  • J206

    very observant, looked like a glitch

    whats up with you foygx? you carbonfiber’s minder?

  • moving-target

    @ skeemo

    You are right. This is (so far) the  the only big disappointment. 800 cars without cockpit, without body kits and even without the option to change rims… what a bummer.
    As for the damage, afaik standard cars will have damage, but not that detailed.

    I hope they will improve GT5 to get more premium cars into the carlist… and maybe some Forza kind paintshop or even an option to put decals on the car.

  • lans

    what makes you qualified to say that fanboy!

  • lans

    what makes you qualified to say that fanboy!

  • lans

    choke on a chicken!

  • Sato-Kamikaze

    Hey guys look a this :

    This is the intro of GT5 with a not bad quality for the ones who want to see it =)

  • Jezza

    stabiz… lans likes to attack anyone who plays gtr or iracing and pc sims as such, i think the reason being is that he has tried them and because he sucked at them he claims they are not realistic, i guess he need cars he can use as bumpers in turns to get his realism.

  • Jezza

    Lol GT5 is what now? lans your the biggest joke on this website.

  • Jezza

    Oh and now lans has to come back at comments about him with nasty hatefull coments, awww poor lans want a hug?
    Try a real sim, not gt5 dodgems

  • magicalgin

    some people just never learn..

  • RKipker

    Really… the low standard cars do not offer cockpit view?  I thought it would be just low quality!  So I need to drive BONNET/HOOD CAM?  WTF, I’m a sucker cause I pre-ordered the thing!  had I known… !

    And please Ians… stay out of it!  I own GT3/GT4 GT5P (plus Tourist Trophy)so don’t tell me I can’t post my criticisms!

    Someone please confirm 800+ cars do not offer cockpit view even low quality cockpits, Thanks!

  • FOG>Daheee

    Yup was thinking about getting this but the fact you dont have cockpits on all cars and the low amount of players able to race online together is a a big no no for me.

    Come on guys this is nearly 2011 and a maximum of 16 players in a server!! you got to be kidding.

  • mykem

    Chris, the guy commenting the video is an actual race driver.  Not a sim-racer but one that have actually driven a real race car on a real track.  His comment on physics is mostly regarding the driving physics.  

    To add some leverage to his commentary- here he is racing a Porsche (GT3 Cup?) in a VLN race (if you see this Chris, sorry.  I know someone else posted this video in your thread  at GTP):

  • lans

    well GT3 and GT4 DID NOT EVEN HAVE COCKPITS so i really doubt you played those games if you hating on the game so bad!

  • lans

    wise decision, gt5 is not worth it for you!
    Dont get it :D!

  • lans

    ALL U PC Fanboys are liars anyway saying you won’t buy the game, ya too broke anyways, all you PC fanboys do is download porn and pirate games. You bash games and say there not realistic yet you don’t even support hard working devs, if iracing was a standalone product you pc nerds would have pirated the game.

    PC gamers have no respect for games, developers they just greedy and selfish and whine when things are not up to their high standards! and when a good game comes you pirate it

    So im glad you pc fanboys are not getting the game less people who hack and cause piracy

  • Jezza

    he never said they had the views lans, he is making a point why give it to only some cars and not all, typical lans, defend the game because you dont know how to drive

  • Jezza

    Im not broke at all i just know quality products and quality fun when i see it, gt5 is none of those.

  • Jezza

    And to top it off, PS3 is hacked to hell!!! so have fun racing your friends online when one plugs in his usb and suddenly his fiat starts going like an f1 car!!!

  • MikeV

    Thank God this game will be released soon. I hope lans plays this game 24h a day for the next five years. It would make reading at this site a lot more enjoyable.

  • Stu

    This 16 players online not being enough is a red herring. Most of my favourite PC mods aren’t even played online any longer, nevermind on my favourite tracks. With GT5 there’ll be plenty of races with your favourite car/track combination most of the time.

  • skeemo

    ah lans my special friend. you are sort of these guys, that always put a smile on my face, cause its so funny thinking of you getting so angry when somebody saying that GT5 has flaws.

    I still dont know where i attacked YOU, so you should stop attacking ME.
    Cause in real live you probably wouldnt have the balls to say a single word to me.Probably to nobody.

    Anyway, enough with that topic, and back to GT5.

    Isnt it cool, that there are people looking critically on a hyped product ?
    Well i just found that information (no cockpits..) on a website, and let ppl know here.

    So i dont know what makes you that angry, but hey YOU have to live with yourself.

    Looking forward to your next very intellectual post.


  • skeemo

    It may not be mature style, but its really entertaining reading lans’ comments. 🙂

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