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Grab rFactor For Less Than Five Euros!

Bundlestars is currently selling ISI’s rFactor for less than five Euros, giving everyone the chance to add a highly-influential simulation to their collection.

Bundlestars is currently selling ISI’s rFactor for less than five Euros, giving everyone the chance to add a highly-influential simulation to their collection.

Released back in 2005, rFactor’s stock content certainly isn’t something that will still excite sim racers but rFactor falls back on an incredible collection of free mods to choose from.

From CTDP’s insanely-detailed F1 2006 to the ever popular HistorX, Endurance Series, Prototype C or all the other high-quality mods, it is pretty much impossible to not get five euro’s worth of enjoyment out of this title!

Buy  rFactor On Bundlestars Here

  • Gulyás Tamás

    rFactor was epic in his time…

  • pcarsphyxexpert

    I got him with paypal….

  • Brownninja97 .

    got it so quickly.

  • F1Racer

    Total bargain, even if you just download it and only install one of the top mods (CTDP, Enduracers, HistorX, DRM). As an F1 fan I`d add on FSOne and MMGs F1 mods.

  • Hash

    RF1+GTL= HistorX, no replacement so far, get it now.

    • F1Racer

      Wouldn’t that be more accurate if it was (rF1+HistorX) > GTL ? 🙂

      • Hash

        But historx is a result of gtl and rfactor, so in other words no gtl no historx, cant even install historx if dont own GTL,or rf1 for that matter so GTL+RF1=historx.

      • F1Racer

        Well, what I was getting at, is that I think HistorX mod in rF1 is a better item when brought together than GTL was. Mainly only because of more stock content and what I think are preferable physics.

      • Hash

        Yeah def, confession time, I didnt even play GTL, I just bought it for historx, I need to reinstall actually (HDD reshuffle), truly fantastic set of cars, and rf1 has some fantastic historic tracks.

      • F1Racer

        I have HistorX on a separate rF1 install which I think is what they recommend anyway. I must give it another spin sometime soon, perhaps at the weekend. Between that and Power&Glory3 mod for GTR2 (now there’s a mod that needs a reboot to a new platform!) we had some great historical content.

      • David Wright

        Thanks for the compliment concerning P&G 🙂

        As to a new platform, the team would not want to use the GTL based cars on a non Simbin platform (and S3S wouldn’t be happy either) so the vast majority of the P&G mod will never appear on a new platform. Also we feel the GTR2 platform still has something to offer with features such as rain, livetrack and animated driver arms/pircrew/
        track marshals which are not offered by some “current” platforms.

      • F1Racer

        Then it’s a shame R3E isn’t moddable 🙂
        Yes P&G still easily holds its own today on GTR2. It’s still enjoyable, fun and a thrill to drive it. I forgot about the GTL link so it’s understandable that it can’t easily be re-done for a newer platform.
        And you’re right, GTR2 has so many features over some of the more contemporary sims anyway.

        See I’m in the mood for some historical racing now 🙂 When I am, HistorX and P&G are where I go for my fix.

      • Robert Every

        Will admit Historix does not work at all well with other mods which is a damned shame as it is a good mod.
        Not as good as Enduracers, GP79 or ProtoC in my book but very good.

  • Leeman

    This title belongs in every sim fans library. F1 Racer mentioned some of the best mods already, but you can head over to rfactorcentral and download dozens more along with countless tracks.

  • GamerMuscle

    Aside from general mods RF1 also has a whole bunch of tracks you will never find in other simulators.

  • Gui Cramer

    What is the quality of tracks being released for rF1 these days? Can they match any SCE track including bumps?

  • Kev

    No brainer. There are rF1 mods that are still unmatched or non-existing elsewhere. HistorX alone is worth ten times this amount.

  • Rytis

    Puchased it. Thank you!

  • Nikilauta

    This game is the one that i will surely remember when i am old man.

    • Kev

      me too and i know that for a fact because i am already old 😛

      • noroardanto

        Me too 😀

  • fernando sobroza

    Why is this very cheap now? This still a great game and worth a lot more for sure.
    What is bundlestars? Some bad thing like steam that you need to be connected to the internet even if you just want to play single player or LAN game?

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