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GMC RTS 88 Bus 1.0 – Released

GMC RTS 88 Bus 1.0 – Released

The Wing Modding Team has released their GMC RTS 88 Bus mod for rFactor, giving sim racers a very unusual vehicle to race with.

The mod includes the GMC RTS 1988 both with real-life physics and as fictional racing version using a 1043hp engine. The package also includes modified tracks to suit the large busses, templates to paint up your own versions are also available for download.


– GMC RTS 1988 Real physics (331hp engine and open diff).
– GMC RTS 1988 Racing physics (1043hp engine and locked diff).
– Real life and fantasy skins.
– ISI modified tracks (Grids and pits suitable for big vehicles)*.
– Body and rims template.
– Sounds from Truck Racing Series mod.

Download GMC RTS 88 Bus 1.0 Here

Download GMC RTS 88 Bus Templates Here

  • Ricoo

    lol drifiting buses like that, are you crazy guys. 😉

  • Carbonfibre

    New toys to play with! Happy Christmas everyone!

    This will definitely be one of those permanent mods, booting up rFactor again shall be a treat.

  • GTR1

    This is maybe fun but not realistic i’m a bus driver myself…and the buses compared to real vehicles they don’t seem to have the right i said it’s  fun thought.. 😉

  • Wing Modding Team

    The bus weight 9800Kg, as in RL. Perhaps you have tried the racing bus which has 1043HP instead of the real one with 331HP? They are selected in upgrades. If you are meaning any other problem, just let us know!

  • rci808

    I havent stopped laughing since install of this brilliant mod!

    need to rake my steeringwheel to correct ergo next!

  • aceruber

    what is the name of the last track shown in the vid?? can u give a link please?

  • Aw

    What are the tracks in the video?  They look like rly good fun in a bus

  • some guy


  • John DiFool

    I would have sworn that shot of some cranes and containers came from a Battlefield 2 map that I played once.  I did recognize Machwerk in there tho.

  • GTR1

    Yes you’re right i was driving the racing bus,i didn’t noticed that,my apologies…the normal feels just fine…i drive a setra s417 witch is 16.000kg btw.

  • Niels Heusinkveld

    Though it doesn’t look like its that realistic, its great to see some originality and how much fun might this be online. 🙂

  • GeraArg

    Nice mod

    “Mercadona”  😛  and roto2? 

  • moppenheimer


    What track is at 37 seconds?

  • kave

    Man, these guys are sick 🙂

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