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Game Stock Car – Free Expansion Coming Up

Game Stock Car – Free Expansion Coming Up

Reiza Studios’ are in the process of putting a free expansion pack for their recently-released Game Stock Car simulation together.

The studio already announced that the expansion will bring alternative layouts for the title’s tracks and now RaceDepartment reports that the pack will also add an open-wheel car to the simulation.

Reiza Studios’ have some experience with open-wheelers already as their first ever product was the free Formula Armaroli mod for rFactor that received lots of praise for its physics.

Furthermore, the team also showed off some open-wheel content a year ago when a first preview video of the Formula 3 Sudamericana was released. Could this be the open-wheeler in question?

We still have to wait a bit to get that question answered as the guys are still working on the car and the other content for the free expansion.

In the meantime, make sure to try the free 30-minute demo of Game Stock Car and its ten fantastic tracks if you haven’t yet.

Via Racedepartment

  • phil23

    Stock Car is awesome, so can’t wait to try this single seater 😀 .

  • Ghoults

    I will believe it is a truck as long as that cover is on top of it. 😎

  • Gerdoner

    Looks a bit like the DeltaWing :X

  • GTEvo

    “Back to Black” 😎

  • davewet

    if it’s as good as the stockcars, we should all be in for a treat

  • rusty

    i gave up wanting to try this game. too many failed download attempts 🙁

    makes we want to try again lol

  • Uff

    Why don’t you use a download manager?

  • r4gm4n

    Hazzard a guess at RBR 5 🙂

  • GeraArg

    F3 Sudamericana.  =-X
    Chasis Dallara F301 or 309 and Berta engine.  😎

  • Hybrid

    Only the shape of the preview doesnt look like that. 🙂

  • ZombieJim

    Nose cone rises too high for F3. My guess is GP2, the back’s fairly narrow and the nose is the right height. Or a more localised series I don’t know about perhaps.

  • DR.Joint

    Hope so it’s some modern F1 car

  • nofx

    F3 Sudamericana

    If u extract some files (e.g. coreshaders.mas) u will find some Sudam files :*

  • Koen Calleyl

    I know it! I know it! 😀

  • RFactor Resources Rf

    it is Great! F3 Sudamerica!  😎

  • crosschris

    Can anyone please, please PLEASE upload the .exe to mediafire or similar…I had a problem with my PC and have lost this file. I have been trying to get it off the game site and other places but with no luck. I have purchased the game and have only spent a few hours on it…I neeed to play this game…thanks in advance!!

  • Ricoo

    It seems only one link is working on … *DONT_KNOW*

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