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Game Stock Car Extreme – Version 1.35 Available

Reiza Studios have released a new update for their ever-expanding Game Stock Car Extreme title.

Reiza Studios have released a new update for their ever-expanding Game Stock Car Extreme title.

The new version adds the 1986 Opala Stock Car as well as the historic Jacarepagua track to the simulation.

To help Reiza release future free updates with plenty of new features, make sure to check out their current crowd-funding campaign!




  • Added Opala Stock Cars 1986 series;


  • Added Jacarepagua Historic;
  • Added Spielberg Vintage layout (no chicane).

Features & fixes:

  • Kansai Texture Mipmapping Optimizations & Fixes;
  • Fixed Salvador AI Pit Entry;
  • Fixed Superkart loading error when using lower graphics settings;
  • Fixed missing Superkart parts when using TV cockpit cam.

Game Stock Car Extreme is now available for 27,99€ on Valves Steam platform.

Existing owners of the pre-Steam version can get a Steam key here, while switching is not required it is recommended by Reiza as new installs will require a Steam key.

  • Leeman

    looking forward to trying the tracks.

  • Hash

    Ah far out man release it 5 mins before work why dont ya, this looks freakin awesome cant wait to start sliding around track in opala, love that car, track look sgreat as always fantastic background.

    • Alex Sawczuk

      We released it on Friday though! 😛

      • Hash

        Darn it stupid steam auto update, argh well as much as love ya game was on RRE for weekend, but me and ma arma buddies be jamming this as soon as can get back and hassle em to play.

  • melanieuk1

    Brought this sim Saturday, not had time to try all the cars, the Opala Stock Cars feel great, well glued to the track.

    -Fixed Superkart loading error when using lower graphics settings;
    ‘How low can you go DX7’ ?

    • Matt Orr

      It has nothing to do with DX7.

    • RapidRefund

      ‘How low can you go DX7’ ?
      Install GPL

  • Marco Hooghuis

    Really digging the historic content, but I’m kind of on the fence wether I should support their crowdfunding campaign. I mean, I already own Stockcar Extreme and Formula Truck 2013. I’m fine with paying for later addons and I’m glad they’re going this route for their new title. It’s much more sustainable.
    However, I also think it’s great they’re still supporting their current titles and would love to try early builds like pcars had. It’s just that $50 or $75 are the only ones that I’m interested in but I can’t really justify the price. I mean, waiting for the title to come out is way cheaper.
    Any comments on this, positive or negative?

    • pcarsphyxexpert

      What can anyone say given your position.
      you’ve bought both their games and will buy their next one aka a good customer and simracer for that matter.

    • MC

      I agree, charging for add-ons would be a better way to go. Personally I don’t expect to keep getting free stuff after buying a game.

      Also as I expressed in the other article I’m uncomfortable with where this is going. Maybe it’s too soon after pCARS but I don’t see paying more than the final price for a game as good value.

      I’ve beta tested games and whilst you do it to have early access to the game, I don’t want devs to lose sight that we’re giving up our time and helping them test their game.

      I don’t fully understand this whole voting thing either. It doesn’t need to be a democracy, I think small and big developers are better at listening to their audience than you might think.

      rant over =)

    • Mario Strada

      In a sense, you will be paying for add on content. If the crowdfunding doesn’t go well, GSC will pretty much wither on the vine, if they meet their funding objectives, they will release new content, at least that’s my understanding.

      As far as I am concerned, I am going to get a Steam version of GSC so I can keep my non steam and use it to run all my mods while keeping the steam version virgin. It is quite a bit of money, but it’s also one of the best shops in the world. If anyone deserves success, they do.

    • RapidRefund

      Read my above post

  • pcarsphyxexpert

    The 86 stock is fantastic, but better yet, there’s the new Oz V8SC on the verge of release.

  • RapidRefund

    Reiza’s crowd funding campaign is an example of how volatile it can be developing Racing Sims. Sure I give a big thumbs up to the people who contributed as they are what is good in the Sim Racing Community and these people understand it’s tough on the guys trying to deliver these products. However the larger scope is that the group that represents the serious PC only sim racing crowd is quite small in numbers with a good percentage of that group unwilling to put some extra money toward it and then do everything in their power to try to tear it down on an industry wide scale. Those same people will be crying the loudest when their hobby dries up and all developers move toward console platforms to stay afloat. Get off your butts and support the industry that keeps your hobby going and urge others in other forums to do the same. Also I really don’t care if you like me or not I am doing MY PART to help keep your hobby alive!

    • Marco Hooghuis

      I disagree, simracing is more popular than ever. There’s no need to forcefully keep it alive. I mean, look at the number of sims on steam and how much sales they’re generating. I don’t think the current business model of Reiza is very sustainable, and I think they agree because they’re changing it for their next title. I’m all for Reiza being alive, but I don’t think I need to bring a bag of money on top of the money I already paid them for GSCE and FT2013. If I help them with money, there has to be something in it for me and I don’t see that at this point.

      • RapidRefund

        A copy of their next game and voting rights during development to help shape it just like you did with pCARS. I think the amount of funds they have secured thus far in their funding campaign says a lot about the state of affairs for serious sim racing developers reserved to PC only. We have also seen the bankruptcy of SimBin and I am sure there are others hanging on by a thread. (Won’t Name Names or even Hint because you would guess wrong anyway). So no I don’t think it is a strong as people think since the cost of developing these titles continues to increase. If pCARS was PC only SMS would be belly up big time! Tell me I’m wrong?

      • Patrik Marek

        I think you’re wrong,
        pcars2 in their new funding that started only few days before reize already raised almost 150,000 POUNDS, whereas reiza is so far only on $23,000 (which isn’t that bad, but it’s 10 times less then pcars2. And yes, this time around pcars2 might be also opened for testing on consoles so yes, some of the people might be console players but certainly not all

      • RapidRefund

        WMD is the main attraction as it is and was the best sim race forum going during pCARS 1 and now onto pCARS 2 and yes console players and people who missed the boat the first time most likely giving a strong showing in the funding of pCARS 2. The community kicked in 2.55 million euro the first go around I doubt they get 400,000 pounds out of the community this go around due to the lack of ROI this time so there is less incentive. Still it should be a great experience for those that get in with determination to be a part of and have an overall positive mindset over the whole process. I give all those that have joined a big thumbs up

    • Patrik Marek

      maybe it would be more popluar if they had content that is more desireable , if they had graphics that looked nice, if they had sounds that were amazing, etc.

      just physics isn’t cutting it anymore, not in the big crowd
      yes for the small group of followrs, they might be the best, in which case it makes perfect sense to try ask for more money to continue developing the games, but for people who have no personal connection to their games, they simply have not much to offer agaisnt pretty much any recent sim ( iracing, pcars, ac or rf2)
      and the bad sale numbers & financial troubles only support that

      if indeed they want to be niece super simulator, then perhaps it should cost $500 for a game, that way people who are fine with the extra price for super hardcore sim can still support them and they would have more money to develop content directly for their customers

      • RapidRefund

        So Patrik then what’s your in sight as to what happened to SimBin? They had all that you speak of except one thing the support of the console crowd. Also please do not pull out the Business Model excuse because there are developers that have done worse that still have hung in there some how. As for being Niche rF2 is Niche as is AC and iRacing. ISI get’s additional money from licensing for rFpro and other titles. AC is headed to the console market offerings and iRacing is ever looking for ways to expand their membership base. Why because there are too many cheap muckers in the community. I very much think these developers ride a thin line or they wouldn’t look to us to help them out to fund a project. You should know there is a lot of pride within the development community and if they could fund themselves and reap the most possible rewards at release they would. All I can say a big thumbs up to the people willing enough to shake lose of some coin to help those that keep our hobby alive and the only reason should be is that it’s the right thing to do.

      • Patrik Marek

        what happened to simbin ? they haven’t released “new” game in years, only various updates of the same “rebranded” game, new cars&trakcs yes, but same engine – it’s even ran from same game, you needed to have race07 for the GT evoulution, STCC and so on
        so they were building new engine, but it was only for xbox – which imo was bad move – and it probably cost a lot of money, so they then decided to launch R3E, which initially wasn’t that working, but now they are making money again.

        I have spent somewhat $250 on racing games this year alone, yes I want to keep my hobby alive and support more developers – becasue competition is good, but they have to do something to get me interested, and reiza is simply doing poorest job for gamer like me ( I gave reason multiple times)

        it’s great they are focused on hardocre simulation, but as you can tell from the sale numbers, most of people aren’t into uncompromised realisim in old engine , if I can buy GTR2 or GT legend ( which I bought on steam eventhough I previously owned them ) why shall I get more invested into GSC which to me is pretty much same , with nicer more detailed car , but on the other hand with content that doesn’t really hit the right notes with me. Only car I quite liked was Mini Cooper. I’m not openwheeler fan so all those formula cars are not for me, and the rest is for me unkown cars, where I’m not big fan of “DTM” , so the V8 supercars are aso not my thing. And then you have unknown tracks and yes, it might be the best all-around sim out there, but it’s not for me
        I can’t see reason why I woudl support them over iRacing or rFactor2, which are somewhat similar dated engines , but they do offer quite some more stuff. * that being said I’m not currently active in iRacing nor rFactor2, they still have to earn my interrest some more.

        I might still support them at some point , still bit undecided, but as I said previously, I would be pretty much only interested in their new game, and to put out $75 or even $100 for , while nobody really knows what it’s going to be like – is bit of a stretch ( not that I couldn’t afford it )

      • RapidRefund

        The point is they are asking for funding to take their development to the next level and be an extra set of people to work to bring the dated game engine into the modern realm of the sim race industry by trying to incorporate DX12 plus other updated tech plus a good amount of new content that aren’t open wheelers Like racing on non paved surfaces with trucks and rallycross. Also a thank you for your support of the industry with more then just your money your not on the list of the could do more crowd. However the way I see it and what they were able to do with ISI’s last gen version of it’s game engine every rF2 owner follower fanboy what ever should be kicking in some money because Reiza seems to know Graphics and physics quite well and there involvement into ISI’s current gen game engine is a win win situatiuon

      • Patrik Marek

        DX12 will be their next game, the funding is to expand GSC and FT, some of the upgrades will then carryover to the new engine, but that’s not focus on the campaign

      • RapidRefund

        Yes DX12 will be their next game and this funding is for a license for full use of the ISI game engine. The way I see it they probably have the money to do this but will stretch them a little for all they have planned and yes in the bigger scope of things the next game is as much as focus on as is the current titles you should know this it’s a juggling act to balance all that they have going on so any funds are for the greater good for the overall future of the developer.

  • VirtuaIceMan

    What I’d really like to know from Reiza is whether the McLaren F1 license is now more attainable, given it’s no longer locked up under SimRaceWay (as the 2015 McLaren is coming to iRacing (wonder if it’ll break down as much as the real life car?!)

  • Alex Sawczuk

    Cool video! All versions of Jacerapagua are now historical 🙁

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I have just received an email from Indiegogo in regards to the Reiza funding it states the following…

    Thanks to the 367 backers who together have funded 36% of the goal so far, we are very happy to confirm the following upcoming additions:

    SuperV8 (for GSCE);

    Mitsubishi Lancer Cup (for GSCE);

    Montreal modern (for GSCE & FTruck);

    Velo Cittá (for GSCE & FTruck).

    …all I would like to have now is ‘Bathurst’ to go with the SuperV8…if anyone knows where this track is for download to work with the latest version of GSCE, that would be fantastic

  • Kev

    How do ’86 Opala’s compare to earlier ones to drive?

  • Cyborg

    I will definitely be helping these guys on KS.

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