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Game Stock Car Extreme – Version 1.20 Released

Reiza Studios have released the much-anticipated 1.20 update for their Game Stock Car Extreme title.

Reiza Studios have released the much-anticipated 1.20 update for their Game Stock Car Extreme title.

The free 1.20 update forΒ Game Stock Car Extreme introducesΒ the Formula Extreme, Reiza’s fictional take on the 2014 Formula One rule set as well as the nimble Formula Vee.

Furthermore, players also get their hands on two more brand new tracks as both Buenos Aires and the Austrian Spielberg track. For all the other changes in this major release, please refer to the changelog below:

Main changelog for v1.20:



  • Added Stock Car V8 2014 season to Stock Car V8 series
  • Added Formula Extreme series
  • Added Formula Vee series
  • Completed full Formula V12 field + updated graphics


  • Buenos Aires (4 layouts)
  • Spielberg (2 layouts)
  • Spielberg Historic

Features & fixes:

  • Added DRS functionality + rules (for F-Extreme / f-Reiza)
  • Added multiple qualifying rules (F1 style / Stockv8)
  • Added option to restrict prime / option tire compound selections per track
  • Adjusted StockV8 tire change rules so only 1 tire is changed at a time as per real rules
  • Revised tire physics on all cars in preparation to new tire model features currently in development
  • Added multiple tire compound options with corresponding tirewall colors to F-Extreme / F-Reiza
  • Adjusted dirty air physics for more realistic behavior
  • Adjusted engine cooling properties in all cars
  • Adjusted AI performance for wider range specially in lower strentgh settings, and more consistency all around from track to track, series to series
  • Fixed bug with AI performance discrepancy from quali to race (RaceQualRatio=XX parameter now works in AIW files, lower than 1.0 value will result in slower qual times relative to race, higher values will do the opposite. By default AI should be about 2% faster in quali; remains an issue with AI being too quick in practice sessions)
  • Increased rearview mirror resolution for all cars
  • Corrected FOV / POV + tv cameras to the same standards for all cars
  • Updated rumble sounds to be more “bassy” on all cars (for Buttkicker and other similar systems)
  • Adjusted trackside cameras in all tracks for more realistic framing / tracking
  • Adjusted some inconsistent road & terrain properties, fixing some overdone high frequency bumps
  • Various environmental / lightining enhancements (new skies / fog and other updated shaders);
  • Introduced new Foliage shader which looks better & is more optimized to provide performance boost
  • Added 3d tyre lods at Granja Viana to help ease performance issues
  • Added 3d Armco at Interlagos

Known issues:

  • The F-Extreme ERS system has been simplified for this release – basically, the battery is fully charged all the time and the power blending still needs work, meaning the driveability under throttle is not quite what it should be yet;
  • The AI for the F-Extreme does not use 8th gear or DRS;
  • The hard compound for the F-Extreme & F-Reiza does ot have its proper grey Pirelli sidewall label.

Version 1.20 is currently available as update only. Customers who don’t have Game Stock Car installed should make sure to grab version 1.15 from the official website first.

[boxdownload]Download Game Stock Car Extreme Version 1.20 Update Mirror 1 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Game Stock Car Extreme Version 1.20 Update Mirror 2 Here[/boxdownload]
  • RichardHessels

    Yeah.. x-mas comes very early this year!
    Gonna be a bit later before i hit the bed tonight darling…

    • Amc Mcm

      Haha, that’s funny.

      Same for me, also because driving makes me horny after an hour or so. Very appropriate then…

      • RichardHessels

        I assume you have bass-shakers under your seat?

  • F1Racer

    Great stuff. Looking forward to trying this out tonight. Haven’t sim-raced for a few days so this will be a good reason to get back to it.
    Thanks guys !

    • gt3rsr

      Haven’t sim-raced for a few days? What a blasphemy!

      • F1Racer

        Yeah it is. That life thing keeps getting in the way πŸ™‚

      • Diego Turco

        life is overestimated.

  • ftrracingtv

    wow this is amazing prob of the best sims cars iv ever tested who needs f1 2014 when you have this

    the sunset weather effects look amazing πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    also if your not seeing drivers hands with the F-Extreme download this fix

    • Chris

      How can I select different weather in GSC??

      • ftrracingtv

        Change the time to 5 or 6 pm and you get the amazing sunset

  • Mario Strada

    my first attempt with the Sync tool failed with a “user terminated” (or something along those lines) error. I did not terminate it. In fact I left the house and went to run some errands.

    Maybe Reiza should think about a Torrent distribution for these downloads. It would certainly be more reliable when it comes to large files like this one.

    • RichardHessels

      My update worked flawless…
      Might be a system problem.

  • Wezzer

    just updated this, tells me I have a “error 2009: fingerprint mismatch I.” so re-entered my serial number only to be told it’s invalid, WTF.

    • Almacca

      I’m getting the same thing with my version of GSC2013. Did you find a solution?

      • Wezzer

        contacted them, and they sent me another key, tried to blame me, but I believe it’s the same problem rfactor has when you do a fresh reinstall.

  • ChevyGuy566

    “The hard compound for the F-Extreme & F-Reiza does ot have its proper grey Pirelli sidewall label.”

    The hard compound is supposed to have an orange sidewall, not grey.

    • RKipker

      Really, that’s your feedback for these guys…..! With all they’ve given us in this update, a true sim racer you are!

      • Traumahound

        I have no problem with Chevy’s comment. Besides, he/she is prob too busy enjoying all said updates. : )

      • ChevyGuy566

        Thanks for not being gender assumptive lol XD. But I am a he and I am enjoying the hell out of this update. I’ve been dying for months to drive the formula extreme and Reiza didn’t disappoint.

      • ChevyGuy566

        I’m not a true sim racer because I’m correcting them on the accuracy of their simulation? I did read the known issues, that’s why I quoted the line where it says the hard tires should have their proper grey sidewall, but that’s incorrect. They should have an orange sidewall.

  • Matthew Arnold

    OMG, I have been driving the Formula V online just in practice for easily the last 4 hours straight πŸ™‚ And i could easily do another 4 hours.

    This car is just fantastic πŸ™‚ At first I wasn’t sure about it but the more I drive it the more i like it.

    Its super rewarding to drive this car, more so than the High power/High down-force cars. I always thought I was a HP/HD kind of racer till today….

    Also I watched JetlinerX on YouTube as he drove this car for the first time. He actually drives these cars regularly IRL and he seemed blown away by how realistic this thing is!!!

    He was spinning exactly like he does on the exact corners of tracks he races on IRL.

    Those guys at Reiza have some serious talent over there. This sim deserves so much more exposure than it seems to get πŸ™

    Thanks Reiza Studios

    n.b. The new tracks and daylight features are stunning. Easily my favorite sim title πŸ™‚

    • Traumahound

      Nice report. The Vintage and Formula Vees in rFactor have long been among my favourite mods, so I was really looking forward to Reiza’s Vee. What I like best is how catchable it is when it’s rear starts to slide, and the quality of the tire sounds themselves. I have to say I was hoping/expecting cars with a more raw sound, but I don’t doubt the authenticity here, I just enjoy the rF’s sound more. : ) But man, I could spend HOURS just looking at these cars!

      Anyway, I need to spend way more time actually driving and racing them too.

  • Traumahound

    Anyone else having a problem getting the Historic Spielberg to load? I suspect it’s due to a slight problem I had with GSC Sync; it still repeatedly shows five or six files to be downloaded after two or three attempts to run Sync, each time looking successful.

    I haven’t tried loading the other new tracks/versions yet.

    • RKipker

      I had this issue…. deleting content in shared folder and re sync’ing helped. I suggest copying you shared folder before deleting.

      • Traumahound

        Thanks for the tip.. I’ll try it and report back.

  • noneofyourbusiness

    Awesome! πŸ™‚

  • Chris Karsten

    For some reason some minor software tweaks and properly heat-sinking my CPU fan has done wonders on my old rig.

    I can now run this with must setting at high or medium.
    I was able to play as myself in-game in a Formula Vee, and my god it’s so much fun that Formula Vee car. The is stepping out all the time and trying to catch the back end is so much fun. It’s this kind of driving experience that forces me absolutely adore Reiza!

    • Matthew Arnold

      I get it to, but it might be intentional.

      The leather covered steering wheel textures seem to be replaced with a blurred white and grey steering wheel.

      I think it may be like that to lower the required texture memory needed though.

  • Justin Cruze

    Sim racing heaven right here, the vee is absolute perfection…

    Slight quirk with the F1 Extreme cars in Montreal where they sometimes spin out and randomly start doing burnouts in the middle of track…but its actually freaking hilarious so I’m not really sure I want that “fixed” πŸ™‚

  • RKipker

    THANKS Reiza Studios, you guys are amazing… Fantastic update!!!!!

    • Traumahound

      I’d say GSC from 2013 and up quite often looks and feels better than rF2, heh!

      And strongly agree about the potential of Reiza using Steam.. in fact, this must have come up before, and I’d love to know the reason why they don’t!

      • Matthew Arnold

        YES, my first impressions of GSCex were good, from watching Matt Orr on YT. But I still put games/sims with lesser content on my to buy list ahead of this! Mainly because I knew it was based around Brazilian Stock car. I didn’t know the plethora of content it also held.

        This was actually the last sim i bought after many others, even after buying R3E content lol!!!! What a bloody mistake that was.

        My money should have been with these guys from the first day i got my wheel πŸ™‚

        I think they should go on Steam, Even though it will pollute the MP servers with idiots, If that happened we could join leagues for our serious racing.

        And I think we all could agree Reiza are small, and small teams need funds. Especially Good small teams πŸ™‚

  • F1Racer

    Ach, this this is crashing for me. The sync update seemed to go fine but as soon as I went to Test Day /Formula V / 9 AI cars, it crashed when it started to load the track.
    Guess I`ll have to try the file update mirror above.

  • Wilsch

    The Formula Vee is amazing. I have experienced a piece of software that feels that analog. The FFB feel, the physics and the sounds…amazing!
    I feel Reiza are not getting enough cred for their sounds, the internal sounds are second to only RRE right now.
    I love driving something without a rear swaybar…

  • HammerX

    I may be uninformed but isn’t this product like rfactror? I have seen it around and thought about buying it but not sure if I want to buy the same thing rehashed in the same format.

    • Matthew Arnold

      Its built on the GMotor engine i believe which is also what rF1 is built on. But as far as I know that’s as far as the similarity goes. The content is super polished and varied.

      I don’t own rFactor1 so am not really in a position to say. But I own rF2 and GSCex, and so far at this point in time I would say GSCex has provided me with multiple more hours of fun than any other sim I own (assetto corsa, rf2, r3e, race07).

      BUY IT NOW πŸ™‚ you won’t regret it i promise.

    • F1Racer

      It would be an insult to call GSC a rehash. It’s seriously good and this update just brings more goodness to it. No sim-racer should be without it.

    • MinimadPaul

      The answers simple here. Download the demo and give it a go.
      You’ll find this is not rF1 but something totally different that gives rF2 and AC a run for the money.

    • Paul Menard

      it is a reworked rfactor, but its really bloody good, makes vanilla rf1 very meh
      worth buying for sure, and the trucks πŸ™‚

  • TC

    This update is astonishing. Formula Vee is one of the best cars i ever raced in a sim, period. Perfect phsyics and FFB. Tons of fun.

    And racing in Spielberg Historic, at sunset, with new effects, is an experience that every sim racer should try.

    GSC is the best sim in the market.

    • Matthew Arnold

      I just finished a 2 hour session on Spielberg Historic driving the new 2014 stock cars. Most of that time was spent running silly laps sliding every where then in the video playback watching my car in slow motion lol.

      It is looking fantastic. Its still an old engine but in the right light and setting this can compete with rF2 and Assetto Corsa πŸ™‚

      I haven’t started another sim since this update πŸ™‚

      • Wilsch

        Yea with graphics maxed, at Interlagos at low sun (6 pm) with the clouds and the chopper overhead…stunning.
        All i can say is, this game NEEDS oculus rift support!

      • Matthew Arnold

        I wonder if its something the Reiza guys are looking into. It would be bloody amazing. I watched GamerMuscle on YouTube playing Liveforspeed with The Oculus Rift DK2 and he seemed absolutely blown away with it. I can only imagine it would be as good if not better in this especially coupled with the realistic nature of this sim.

        I think driving sims/games are probably one of the best showcases for VR. They should all jump on board this wagon while its still early. πŸ™‚

      • skullcrushermountain
      • Mark

        That is awesome news!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Matthew Arnold

        Thats amazing. Thanks for the link πŸ™‚

      • ftrracingtv

        Virtualr need to post this as news done want people missing out on this

  • dieter

    Hi im searching a League for Stock Car V8 to join. Link pls?

  • Phill Routledge

    When oh when will the rFactor fan base wake up to just how much better this sim is…

    We made the switch to GSC (ditching rfactor) right back in 2011 and we have not regreted it for one minute.

    Anyone looking for a league to race at with F1 1967, F1 1994 and Aussie V8 Supercars championships currently under way, head on down and check us out πŸ˜‰

    • MiniFan

      I can appreciate the developer produced content could be much better than that available for rFactor, but can’t see how running rFactor mods on GSC is any better than running them on rFactor.

      Indeed the fact that you are not running the developer supplied content isn’t a great recommendation.

      • Gui

        I believe it the suggestion that it’s better is due to the additional layers of work on top of the rFactor engine, such as the shaders, skies, and nice time progression.

  • ftrracingtv

    Its a shame the AI in isigmotor2 games are useless cant get past turn 1 at redbull ring with out them spinning out. then they try and go full power to try and get back on track witch just means they keep spinning out

    No fault of GSC more an isi problem

    Its a shame because I love these cars

    • saistalab

      Known issues:

      The F-Extreme ERS system has been simplified for this release – basically, the battery is fully charged all the time and the power blending still needs work, meaning the driveability under throttle is not quite what it should be yet;

  • toyvonen

    This is great!..and only comes to show how great ISI engine is…with the proper atention and hands (as we already knew from some mods in RF1), this is still up there with the more recent games, and still beating them in some depts…and it still doesn’t stop here…indeed racing simulation is in HIGH terms!

  • toyvonen

    It’s RF1 developed to extreme!…we can’t dissociate the brilliance of ISI engine and the genious of Reiza members..i think it’s clear!…and the fact that Reiza still chooses to work on that engine, is the biggest proof of that.
    Anyway, i have mine RF1, tweaked to maximum for a couple of years, using Realfeel picked from GSC, SweetFx, special Shaders, and Weather plugin using special skies, and i can definitly say that with some elite mods, it looks and feels no worst than GSC!
    Besides, the intention is not compare, but to emphasize that both title share the same DNA, and that in proper hands are capable of the same things…it would have been strange if otherwise, right?!…Kudos to Reiza and to ISI!

  • Frank Mikolajczyk

    Hi Guys,

    for GT3 Interessted Drivers, our League on starts in September, hope we see us there, the update on 1.20 deserves it ;-))

    Greetings and thx to Reiza from Mikk

  • toyvonen

    I can keep posting forever and saying the same things…here goes…it’s based in ISI engine, therefore when someone has it’s RF1 tweaked with the latest and finnest tweaks, the best mods are equal in quality to GSC…i have both, if someone haven’t it’s RF1 tweaked to it’s limit, it’s no my fault…and again i say…this is no competition between them, it’s a statement of a personal usage….because i haven’t much to do these days, i can post indefinitly, so feel free to not read carefully my initial posts…

  • Eletur

    Very nice update indeed! But OMG, I just recently found out that my anti-aliasing wasn’t working and all the time found it looking (very) bad. Now I have configured my nVidia settings to override it…what a difference! After a little research afterwards it seems that choosing a level higher than 4 in the GSC config will not work (haven’t tried setting it back to 4), but why – if it’s true – is Reiza not removing those options from the config? Maybe it is not possible for them? Anyhow, I am very satisfied now!

    • KittX

      i found that antialiasing is very tricky with nVidia cards and drivers from time to time. I myself had a bug with rF, rF2 and so on after updating my nvidia drivers, antialiasing just stopped working at all. And the same was on all further drivers. So I had to revert back to the driver which was made for my videocard, while it was the latest model until they launched new model range.

      • Eletur

        Yes, it might be a driver (or nVidia) related issue. But I’ve only experienced it in GSC (and always thought it was looking so bad, but it isn’t). Overriding it in the nVidia config works fine for me, so no need to rollback drivers ;-). rFactor is long gone from my (current) computer. Maybe I should check rFactor 2 also…not too happy about the graphics of that one. Don’t get me wrong: for me it’s more about the simulation than the looks of it, but I rather get both.

  • Mabius Drakkan

    just spotted a new update last night – decided to let the GSC Sync run – it was small and finished in a few minutes – not sure what it sorted but the game is still awsum – love the Opala

  • Koruja

    nice arcade game.

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