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Game Stock Car Extreme – New DLC Content Previews

Reiza Studios has released first previews of new DLC content for Game Stock Car Extreme.

A few days ago, Reiza Studios revealed their DLC plans for Game Stock Car Extreme in detail.

Now, first previews of the next addon content have been released as we can check out first previews of the Formula Extreme and the Formula Vee Brazil below.

While the Formula Vee is a typical entry-level open wheeler series, the Formula Extreme is Reiza’s take on the 2014 Formula One rules.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing how vibrant content they squeeze out of the trusted rF1 engine.
    Looking forward on the download

    • Nicolas Grignon

      but still, they really should invest in a new engine…

      • Anonymous

        Investing in a new engine cost millions…
        They won’t make that kind of money with a small title as GSC is.
        Maybe in some time they can upgrade to the next revision of the gMotor engine.
        For now it feels as good or better as most next gen sims.

      • David Wright

        Its not that expensive. According to ISI, one man produced the gMotor2 graphics engine in a year. One person programmed the Assetto Corsa, NKPro and LFS engines.

      • Psycho Gamer

        Which those individuals anticipated Millions as their reward for doing so. So in effect it does cost us the users millions in the long run!

      • Anonymous

        Maybe the basic code for the engine was developed in a year..
        Before you have the full functionality of something like rF2.

  • ftrracingtv

    looking good as always

  • Leeman

    I’m looking forward to the Formula Vee. I simply can’t handle the modern F1 cars. I’m too old and too slow. LOL

  • Felipe Portela

    Can’t wait to race with those Formula Vee, great models and it should be fun in short tracks.


    The Formula extreme looks pretty nice considering it’s a take on this year’s F1.

    • Mario Strada

      I noticed they could not bring themselves to reproduce one of the current noses.

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to the Red Bull Ring. 🙂


      What will be the first car you use on it? I’m thinking the V12

      • Anonymous

        Maybe …. ^^

  • F1Racer

    More Reiza goodness !! Always look forward to more stuff from these guys.

  • Jim. C

    Red Bull Ring is one of my favourite tracks.

  • Anonymous

    Just thinking looking at these wonderful shots, rF2 doesn’t have a depth of field effect yet, does it?

    • Anonymous

      Nope, neither does GSC, these are obviously edited screens. Still if isi did have modern effects like this, there would be far less remarks about its graphics. Edit a rf2 screen with fake DOF and it makes a massive difference IMO with the visuals of rF2. Replays would benefit hugely in rf2 with motion blur and DOF etc

      • Anonymous

        DOF is not modern at all.. it’s possible in DX9.
        Last revision of DX9c was released in 2004

  • ftrracingtv

    Good to see an entry leavel car that is literally the next step after karts we normally only get like a f3 or gp2 car from games these days

  • Kev

    The formula V, or whatever that thing is, looks like the first car I’d be interested in.

  • olivier.mandavy

    What is the track on the third screenshot? Thank you

    • Theroro29

      A1 ring in Austria

      • Christopher Trees

        Was the Osterreichring, then the a1 ring and it is now the redbull ring

  • Don Dreaming Eagle

    the updates are cool – but the new “views” dont seem right – from the interior it is like you are sitting on top of steering wheel – the bonnet (or hood) view is much shorter or more abrupt than before and almost like you looking downward from top of windscreen onto front edge of car – it is off putting and the game is now less enjoyable – such a pity – I tried adjusting and zooming but cant seem to get it right

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