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Game Stock Car Extreme – New Content Previews

Reiza Studios have released new previews of upcoming content for Game Stock Car Extreme.

With the successful release of the free 1.20 update for Game Stock Car Extreme out of the way, Reiza Studios are plugging away at the next update for their title.

Newly-released previews give us a glimpse of the new content that can be expected to be part of the 1.25 update, including more powerful karts and new tracks, both current and historic.

More info on Game Stock Car Extreme can be found on the official website.

  • yusupov

    these guys just dont know when to stop, its sick

    • Leeman

      Let’s hope they never stop.

      • Ma Ed

        Well their content and features is very impressive. I am about to take the dive and buy this one. My only hesitation is i got way too many games to play lol

      • Leeman

        Take the plunge, you will not be sorry. From the physics, to the FFB to the audio, this is the best sim-racing bang for your buck. It won’t look like one of the newest gen sims but it does everything else so well you just won’t care. I currently own all the other sims except for pCars and this is the one I keep coming back to and racing more than anything else.

  • Marc Collins

    Kart tracks!!!! Was wondering when we would see some of these 🙂

  • horrace

    Am I the only one who still has not been able to try all the content that is already there, I keep trying but then I get stuck on something that grabs my attention right now its the camaros.

    • Schigara

      I love all the cars in the game except the Camaro. It drives like a loaded down dump truck with flat tires on the front. It’s like the weight setting for the car in a config file is set at about 7,000lbs instead of it’s actual 3,800lbs.

      • Leeman

        I agree. I think the Camaro feels so bad that it seems like it doesn’t belong in the sim at all. It feels like a slab of cement with wheels.

      • Guilherme Silva

        Well maybe it sucks in real life too…

      • KittX

        Sadly, in real life it’s nowhere near the fun of 2000-2002 Camaros.

      • Leeman

        Perhaps. After all, this is not the GT3 version of the car, it’s probably just the street version.

  • Matthew Arnold

    Is the car in the third picture the formula classic? Or is that another new vehicle. Also anyone got any idea what track that is in the forth pic with the stock cars?

    • Schigara

      That is the Formula Retro and I am not sure which track it is.

      • jbrown604

        I believe the track in the 4th picture is Goiana, which looks to have been updated to reflect the renovations that were completed earlier in the year.

      • Schigara

        I got curious so I went through all the tracks and it’s not in 1.21. It must be some of the yet to be released, new content.

      • Matthew Arnold

        ok, thanks 🙂

    • J1_1nior

      I believe the track is Kyalami…

  • Blatant Abuse

    Finally bought this. Wow. It’s amazing. The hype is real. Somehow, its FFB, Physics, and graphics are unrivaled by any mod I’ve tried in rFactor. The suspension model is phenomenal, like Assetto Corsa phenomenal. (Almost.) If you think GSC is an rFactor mod that you have to pay for, you’re dead wrong. I don’t understand how the physics could be so much better, but it is. And somehow, it runs smoother at higher graphics settings than rFactor, at least on my PC. The tracks are meticulously bumpy and original, no fake sin wave contours. If rFactor was a Swisher Sweet, GSC Extreme would be an Ashton VSG. Now to find a U.S. league to race this in.

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