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Game Stock Car Extreme – Kyalami Previews

Reiza Studios have released new previews of an upcoming content addition to version 1.25 of their ever-expanding Game Stock Car Extreme title.

Reiza Studios have released new previews of an upcoming content addition to version 1.25 of their ever-expanding Game Stock Car Extreme title.

The new previews show a brand new historic content item as we get to check out the Johannesburg track. Hiding behind the fictional name is the world-famous Kyalami Circuit, the South African venue was a very popular Formula One & sports car racing track until the late 80s.

While owners of Game Stock Car Extreme can look forward to this track as part of the next free update for the title, new GSC content may also be relevant for rFactor 2 as Reiza Studios & Image Space Incorporated recently launched collaboration on rF2’s Sao Paulo track whose base model was created by Reiza Studios.

As ISI has already confirmed further content collaborations, Kyalami might or might not be among the tracks that will also make their way into rFactor 2 some day.

  • Mario Strada

    Thank you Reiza. A couple more vintage tracks like that would also be very welcome. One thing we can do in simracing that no one can do in RL is resurrect dead tracks.

    PS: can we have a few more 3D models for the vintage F1 cars? Same physics, but a few body shapes to change things around visually? It would be very nice indeed.

  • David Wright

    Looks to nicely capture the atmosphere of the track. The problem with older sims is they can’t simulate the effects of altitude (Kyalami is at 6000 ft) on engine power, drag and downforce. Can the new generation of sims do this?

    • Steve Shears

      i would guess pCARS might as that does have some atmospheric variables. But i’ve forgotten exactly what they are.

    • Mark

      iRacing does.

  • F1Racer

    Here’s a track I’ve always liked. Great times blasting around here with the DRM mod and a 70’s F1 mod. A very welcome addition to GSCEX

  • Matthew Arnold

    This track looks absolutely terrible!!!!!! ….. WAIT, wait…. this isn’t rFactor 2.


    that was a joke btw.

    Seriously though Reiza, the track looks really good, GSCextreme is probably the best value for money ive ever spent on a sim.

    And if you would like to collaborate with ISI on this track as well I would be one happy chap 🙂

  • RichardHessels

    I’m almost tempted to buy another license.. just because it’s such a great deal for so little money.

    • Chris Wright

      I really can’t believe they aren’t charging even a modest DLC fee for this stuff.

  • Sam Smith

    thanks for my new triple monitor background

  • Marc Collins

    I loved this track in GPL. Will be nice to have a higher quality version of it!!!

  • kenpat .

    Thanks once again Reiza for producing more great content and for such a brilliant sim.
    A beacon in an age of corporate greed..

  • Richard Pittam

    You guys deserve all the credit that everyone throws upon you. A brilliant studio that seems to give it’s all to the sim racing community.

  • Chris Wright

    I love that this classic track is getting some attention and cannot wait.

  • TC

    I love this track, and it would be nice to get “modern” version, which i like since TOCA 2.

    • Sam Smith

      Kyalami died in my eyes after the changes from ’88 onwards

  • Arie Beuker, de

    I also love this track. Played the sh!t out of it in F1 ’79. (the rfactor mod)

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