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Game Stock Car 2013 – Update Roadmap Revealed

Reiza Studios have announced their plan for constant updates for Game Stock Car 2013.

A few days ago, Reiza Studios released the retail version of their Game Stock Car 2013 title.

While the new version comes with plenty of new content such as the 2013 Brazilian Stock Car season cars and much more (full content list here), the studio has already announced plans for further updates of their title.

As explained in the statement below, Reiza is planning to release monthly updates for GSC 2013, introducing new content and features. The updates will be free for all owners of GSC 2013 and introduce content that will be largely exclusive to the title.

Over the next few months we plan to continue supporting GSC2013 with a constant flow of developments, including new cars, new tracks and new simulation features. Without going into specific details just yet, this is what GSC2013 users can look foward to in the near future:
1- The updates will come in at a roughly regular pace – every month or so something new will be added to the sim, be it a new track, a new car, or a new feature, along with continuous improvements & eventual bug fixes;
2- All updates will be free – if you own GSC2013, the new content will be made available to you at no adittional charge. We are however looking into experimenting with more community interaction for those willing to participate and contribute with the funding of these developments;
3- As with the content currently available in the sim, there will be a mix of licensed and fictional content;
4- The main goal for these updates is to continue to enrich the simulation and the diversity of driving experiences available – no “more of the same”, the new content will complement and enhance the existing stuff into an even more complete racing sim package;
5- The diversity is relative to our own content but also relative to other sims – these are not cars and tracks you are likely to find in every other racing game (they are not obscure either mind);
6- Also keeping to the “diversity” guideline, relative to base content the new content will be largely international (non-brazilian) – from past, present and future

Game Stock Car 2013 sells for $24.90, Reiza’s currently offering a a big rebate on the GSC 2013 + Formula Truck 2013 bundle which sells for less than 24€ this weekend – Click here for more info.

  • TC

    Good times for sim racers. Asetto released, Rfactor 2 improving, Simbin “active”, PCars…and GSC 2013 receiving more content (i’m willing to know the new cars ¡copa petrobras please!), i can only really ask for a good modern Rally sim…

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you TC…altough i’m still in love with RBR, it would be nice to have a continuing….sadly i don’t see that coming in the near future, but we can never loose hope…perahps some gifted modder will profit the versatility of rfactor2 or AC and develop a rally mod…who knows

  • Pedro Pedrosa

    I hope GSC 2013 will get animated arms and wipers. Please get rid of the ghost driver! This is 2013!

    • KittX

      Well, driver animation is no big deal for me, as I turn off steering wheel completely and move seat forward according to my rig position. Why have 2 steering wheels in front of you 🙂

      • Pedro Pedrosa

        I also turn off the steering and move seat forward. It works in GT Cars, but in formulas i love to see the beautiful and complex steering wheels… In the end it helps the immersion. And it is not something complex to create over rFactor base…

  • Anonymous

    GSC2013 + Formula Truck 2013 for less than 24 euro !
    That’s a must-buy.

  • Marco Hooghuis

    It’s official. GSC 2013 is the best value for money out there when it comes to simracing at the moment. They ask a very reasonable amount of money for the software and they don’t bleed us dry with payed dlc.
    I wish there were more companies like Reiza.

  • Racing jason

    i tried it yesterday and i cant understand why everybody calls a must buy…
    graphics are low and forceback with my fanatec was poor. sry but assetto corsa is lightyears ahead imo

    • Anonymous

      Assetto Corsa uses a newer engine (hence better graphics). It is really in a different league, I have to agree.

      BUT Game Stock Car is also much cheaper. It also has a much bigger focus on race cars than AC and proper race series, rather than the ‘random cars’ AC has.

      Also, have you played rFactor 1? Because Game Stock Car uses the same engine but it really maximises its potential.

      So yes AC is better, it far surpasses GSC in terms of technology, however GSC also gives you great bang for your buck and it’s amazing what Reiza have achieved on a trusted but dated engine.

      • Jorge Araujo

        Cheaper as produced in a old, dying engine, right? Because the price difference is iffy at the best. And you get a far better, much more robust and with immense potential like AC.

      • Renato Simioni

        I gave AC my first good go a few days ago, and found lots to love about it. Then I went back to working in GSC2013 and found it as satisfying as always.

        Besides both being (good) racing sims, they are little alike – neither share a single bit of content and are unlikely to ever share in the future, in fact most of the cars and tracks are nothing alike. It´s like comparing a tall, young voluptuous italian blonde to a petite, sexy brazilian brunette – a bit wrinkled perhaps, but as you can see still good enough to make a lot of people happy 🙂

        Then again perhaps brunettes are not your thing, but there´s little sense in objecting to having them being offered on the cheap 🙂

        I understand it´s human nature (specially on the internet) to stack one thing up against another, but some of you talk as if your sim of choice is some sizeable investment, a life choice… It isn´t. You can have them all (well most of them 🙂 ) for less than your average priced steering wheel controller. And in the case of GSC2013 or FTruck2013, you can even try it to see if there´s a chance you´ll get your dollar´s worth out of it…

      • Anonymous

        @renatosimioni:disqus This is exactly what I was trying to say but you said it much better 😛

      • Anonymous

        But AC hasn’t far surpassed GSC in terms of driving realism.

    • TC

      I love Asetto Corsa but, today, there’s no better sim than GSC 2013, considering all aspects possible.

      • F1Racer

        Yes, AC has the potential to topple GSC2013, if it develops as we hope it will…… but not right now.

    • KittX

      Well, for me the all upcoming sims are brilliant ideas and concepts, I am really looking forward to them, you can really enjoy throwing the car round the track, but the problem is there’s no racing. Yet. rF2 is still slow when it comes to racing the big grids, and AC doesn’t have any racing yet (or does it)? Good old rF1’s gMotor is a rock-solid platform for racing with big number of opponents, either online or AI, and that’s why GSC, GTL, and even rF1 still rock. I’m still feeling happy being in the huge grid of Enduracers’ mod, while there are no lags or jaggies, and everything runs smooth even with 50+ cars. GSC has moved far beyond original rFactor’s graphical capacity, just go to the track and see all new shaders and stuff. I actually always wanted my rFactor to look like this.

    • Anonymous

      Work at ensuring everything is set properly, as the only thing AC is better at is GFX.
      GSC 2013 is the best sim ever IMO.

    • F1Racer

      After playing nothing but AC since it came out, I went back to GSC2013 yesterday. It was just amazing. Oh it may be on an older engine but it’s so well tweaked. The graphics are just what you expect from that engine only improved. The FFB on my Fanatec is better than what is currently in AC.
      You can feel the moment the tyres break adhesion and catch the car. With the Formula Reiza car I could actually feel the rear scrabbling for grip as I pushed out around some of the turns flat out.

      Coupled with F-Truck at the offer price they have, the only time it isn’t a must buy is if you already own both.

      • Mauricio Sawamu

        Yeah, the FFB on my CSW set are better than ever in the GSC 2013. This year i problably won’t renew iRacing….

  • Anonymous

    New engine is needed.

  • jotaf1df

    Fantastic news!

  • Anonymous

    WTF… AWESOME NEWS; Finally a Developer that’s interesting in developing their game at their expense while promoting loyalty amongst their customers and promoting reason to own the game vs. pirating the game.

    Well Done Reiza Studios; though I’ve already bought every title you guys have released, I will support you in the future and I’m very interested in participating and contributing with funding new developments;

  • Silvio

    I bought it before yesterday and installed it yesterday, but I had not time to play it with a steering wheel yet. I just tested it in single player mode with keyboard and I found two weird things that goes against the overall quality of the game.

    First one is the weird sound effect when crossing the curb, which happens even when the car is stopped over it, and no matter what speed you cross on it, this sound is always the same.

    The second point was when testing the kart and it showed a strange behavior: when it was almost stopped, I don’t remember exactly what the situation was, it spund around itself, like if was hit by some lateral stroke.

    • Renato Simioni

      Driving aids enabled perhaps?

    • Realkman666

      Yeah, it’s a shame the game is not optimized for keyboard.

  • Renato Simioni

    Here´s an special offer for all the good folks of VirtualR… We have a black friday offer for the combo of GSC2013 + FTruck2013 ( ) for only US$ 29.90, it will run for the weekend.

    Go for it – if by the end of the weekend you don´t find it to be US$ 29.90 worth of fun, we´ll provide you with a full refund. You can quote me on that 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Do you have an offer on F-truck for GSC2013 owners? Its already a bargain no doubt but just asking! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Much appreciated mate, what a great deal.

  • Jorge Araujo

    I would like to see this game on rFactor 2 engine. Maybe they could actually fix that mess.

    Heck… 2013 and a new game engine still stuck on 2002 Dx9. That’s surreal.

    • Anonymous

      Heck… 2013 and a developer giving away new content to their users for free? Not as DLC? That’s surreal.
      Kunos ans others should learn from these guys (Reiza and ISI) instead of charging extra for new cars and tracks (i.e. Spa). We paid for the game, why scam us for more $$$? Thanks Reiza!

      • Jason Garrett

        DLC is pretty much the standard nowadays. I don’t like it either, but I fully expect it. As long as they don’t start trying to charge us iRacing prices, a few bucks here and there is no big deal. Also remember than AC will be open to mods, so there will be tons of free content available as well.

      • David Wright

        Kunos ARE giving away new cars and tracks, as are ISI. Other developers include all the cars and tracks in the initial release rather than making you wait.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, so Kunos is no longer going to charge us for Spa-Francorchamps? That’s great news!
        As for other games “not making you wait,” sure, those are the games that development is stopped as soon as its released. Can’t compare to a game the developer has committed to improving over the next 4-5 years. I can almost guarantee there won’t be an AC2 or rF3 looking for my money in the next 2 years, unlike all those Simbin titles.

      • gt3rsr

        …and GSC 2014 and GSC 2015 and…

      • gt3rsr

        Don’t talk BS. I don’t see any of Reiza tracks being laser scanned for example.

  • Marc Collins

    This desperately needs to be on the rF2 engine, but I will buy anyway to show support for a team that shows such a remarkable attention to detail and willingness to polish their work. And now, also, tries to engender loyalty with continuing real and useful support and expansion of their titles.


    If the rumoured Petrobras Cup cars (or, even better, TC2000) are released, GSC2013 will absolutely be used for our championships. Rumours that there are even bigger reputation cars coming I will talk with a pinch of salt.

    • TC

      I been waiting a good package of modern Touring Cars since Race 07. I love those championships. Since i started running in a league, two of the best champs i ever joined in were “WTCC 2007” Cars with Race 07 and RaceX with Rfactor (basically, a conversion of Race 07, a great conversion): great, fierce and close competition.

      I like to see Honda coming to Rfactor 2, but i don’t see much love for those type of cars and no one interested since Simbin in a WTCC or a BTCC (my dream) game/mod.

      So, even if they’re are just rumours, thinking about Reiza doing this with Copa Petrobras: Cruze, Civic, Lancer,Corolla an Focus…this can be AMAZING.

      PD: TC200O will be so nice, too.

      • Adrian Herrera

        What sort of specs are the Copa Petrobras cars?

      • TC

        Similar to WTCC I think…

  • GamerMuscle

    Worth getting if you like single player and AI or want to do league races , if you only like to do pick-up and play multi-player races then its not the best sim for that.

    Oh the go carts are good fun as well 🙂

  • NitroStar

    This is a great racing title. Just plain works. AI are great and adjustable for close races no matter how fast you are (that’s why I love it!). Really enjoying this one. FFB and physics are great fun.

  • NitroStar

    Sit down in my triple screen rig with the graphics maxed out, full field of AI cars adjusted to your liking, and run some laps then tell me this is not fun and it’s outdated bla bla bla. GSC 2013 is the bomb! It will have you gritting your teeth trying to make better laps and trying to make it to the front of the pack and then stay in the lead.

  • StarFoxySxv550
    • Mauricio Sawamu

      Very nice example !!!

      • Phill Routledge

        WTF Star Fox… random much?

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    Check us out!!

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