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Game Stock Car 2013 – SRT Review

Inside Sim Racing has posted up their full video review of Game Stock Car 2013.

Inside Sim Racing has posted up their full video review of Game Stock Car 2013.

Released back in November 2013, the new version of Reiza’s popular Game Stock Car title comes with all cars & drivers of the 2013 Brazilian Stock Car season and lots of new features.

Additions include historical Formula One & stock cars, night-racing on all tracks, karts as well as overhauled versions of all the Formula cars in Game Stock Car.

Watch the video below for SRT’s take on Reiza’s newest product!

  • xisque

    Where is Shaun Cole ?

  • Snorri

    He shouldnt call it a review. It´s a gamplay with commentary. I prefer reviews like they used to be, detailed and thorough.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Darin, just not interested anymore! Great looking Sim Rig though, guess you at least got something for all your efforts. I once donated $75US to these guy’s,

    Good Luck Shaun!!!

    Vote me down… at least I put up money for these guys, which I feel gives me the right to post my opinion. They certainly took the cash….. ! I bet the 2 down otes never gave a penny to ISR…LOL

    • Anonymous

      Whole thing is this thread is about GSC not Shaun leaving the show.

    • Chris

      Personal issues aside, really if it wasn’t Darin telling us about GSC who would it be? Everyone has issues, we don’t know their’s fully, lets support what we enjoy, while Shaun is awesome.. he made his call. If he re-surfaces I will support him also, but it’s good feedback we might not have otherwise on GSC if it wasn’t for ISR.

  • Luciano Pacheco

    Nice work Darin. I’m from Brazil and have had the privilege to race in a league in which 10 actual Stock V8 Car pilots race frequently. Rubens Barrichelo being one of them. It’s impressive to see how passionate Rubens is about sim racing. He participates very actively in every race, talking with everybody in the pre race sessions, etc. Such a great, nice and humble guy. As far as I can tell, Reiza worked very closely with these guys to develop and nail the physics of the game, making it extremely realistic that can be used as a tool for the pilots to improve their skills.

  • Anonymous

    I for one ATM have given up on Reiza titles and their Digital distribution system which reminds me of the now defunct Trymedia. I have purchased all of Reiza’s titles and just recently did an upgrade of my OS and restoring these titles is too much of a pain in the to mess with especially when I have to create exclusions for my AV to actually execute the install program. The titles themselves are perfectly fine but I have plenty of other material that I would rather not go through the hassle of it all.
    I lost 4 trymedia titles and suspect I would have problems as well trying to reactivate my older Reiza title versions as well

    • Anonymous

      I upvoted your comment, because I was on bsimracing & thinking, wouldn’t be great if this was on steam, even though Brazilian motor sports & circuits don’t interest me,I would have supported this product if it was on steam, you are correct in what you said about trymedia.

      • Anonymous

        Yes I agree but Reiza being small and not wanting to go through the Green Light process and then giving Valve Corp a cut of their sales profits is most likely in their minds not in their best interests. In the past when I have rebuilt my OS I have ended up having to contact support for reactivations to be reset which is every time you need to reinstall the product. However if they were to use the same type of activation support as what ISI is doing I would have no problem since that is much less painful.

      • F1Racer

        I just built a new PC and had to re-activate GSC2012, GSC2013 and F-Truck 2013.
        So me it was painless and quick. I had my activations codes in my purchase emails and just had to enter them and it was done.

        What was different for you ?

    • Phill Routledge

      Have a sook much…

      • Anonymous

        I don’t understand what it is your trying to say? I like the work Reiza has done but there are areas of the whole overall experience of dealing with Reiza that can be improved in the future. Is that not a good thing?

  • Chris Wright

    Credit where it’s due, this was a very decent review. My advice would be more of the same please.

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