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Game Stock Car 2013 – Formula V12 Gameplay Video

ADRIANF1esp has gotten access to the beta of Reiza Studios’ upcoming Formula V12 car, sharing some video footage with us.

ADRIANF1esp has gotten access to the beta of Reiza Studios’ upcoming Formula V12 car, sharing some video footage with us.

The Formula V12 will be a free DLC addition to Game Stock Car 2013, the car is modelled to resemble a mid 1990s Formula One car.

The video below shows a full field of V12s racing on the historical version of Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, the track will be part of the DLC package for GSC 2013 owners as well.

  • Fabiano Heyse



    so who is setting up an online league with this? let me know 🙂

  • damys

    without license?


      license? It only looks like the Ferrari 412 T2. From what I know you can only get away with it if you avoid using the name branding, like this

      • Anonymous

        Or also Brianza (Monza) and Nuerburg (Nürburgring) in rFactor.

        And Cote d’Azur (Monaco) in Gran Turismo games.

    • Justin Schmidt

      no, it’s licensed. not the car but it’s goodyear tires and magneti marelli electronics.

  • Shaddix

    the v12 sound sounds funny 😀

  • Bobby

    The sound remind me of Indycar Racing II

  • Matt Orr

    Let me just say this : this is the most difficult car to drive in GSC. If you expect to be able to slide around like a hooligan like you can in the Formula Classic when you ask for a little bit too much power, you better have the throttle control and reactions to back it up!

    • Anonymous

      Damn. Well it’s not going to stop me from trying anyway!

  • Christopher Trees

    Mid 90s f1 car more like early 90s

    • Anonymous

      No it’s based on a 1995 car. Specifically, it’s a Ferrari 412 T2, the last ever V12 F1 car (as far as I know). I know it looks more like early 90s in some ways but it is definitely mid 90s.

  • Anonymous

    The update is now out – see this post on RD:

    The game becomes ‘Game Stock Car Extreme’ from now on but it’s still the same game. The update includes the Formula V12 and Montreal ’88. There is also a list of things that are coming in future updates:

    Formula Extreme (2014 F1 car, with 1.6L V6 Turbo Engine and ERS)
    Formula Vee Brasil
    Metalmoro MR18 (a prototype)
    Opala Stock Cars 1986 (possibly just an expansion of the existing classic stock car?)
    Stock Car V8 2014

    Austrian Ring 1976 (probably the Österreichring)
    Kyalami 1976
    Jacarepagua 1988
    Bologne 1988 (probably Imola)
    Austrian Ring 2014 (Probably Red Bull Ring, aka A1 Ring or Österreichring)
    Buenos Aires 2014

    • Matt Orr

      Yes, Austrian Ring 2014 is indeed the Red Bull Ring.

  • ftrracingtv

    Just took this car for a spin wow such a nice car to drive

  • Anonymous

    Look ma i’m driving without hands, aint I good.

  • Anonymous

    Looks great, feels great but the sound is too high and toylike ..:/ never the less great update!!!!:)

  • Mark

    I know it’s unlikely or maybe even impossible for them to implement with the engine they have but I’d love to see Oculus Rift support in GSC.

  • Helldriver

    Wow…..thanks a lot, Reiza!

  • Deatroy

    Sound is kinda wrong at certain stages, sounds more like screaming girls.
    Just compare to Youtube vids, you will notice it.

  • Marc Collins

    Don’t base review of sounds on a YouTube video. In-sim they are comparable in quality and accuracy to the rest of the sounds in GSC 2013…ooops, GSC Extreme 😉 They don’t sound like toys.

    • Deatroy

      Hope so, on yt it sounds little bit weird and i love V12/10 engines..

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