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Game Stock Car 2013 – Coming This Month!

Reiza Studios’ Game Stock Car 2013 will be available starting in late September.

Reiza Studios has announced the newest version of their popular Game Stock Car title as the 2013 version will be available at the end of this month.

The 2013 version brings all current cars & tracks of the popular Brazilian Stock Car series to the title alongside other new features.

One of the highlights of the new version is the 24h time cycle as all tracks are now equipped with proper night lighting as racers can freely choose the time of day they want to hit the track on.

Furthermore, the new version also introduces some classical Brazilian stock cars from the 70s, improved versions of the highly popular Formula cars and much more.

Game Stock Car 2013 will be available in late September, selling for $24.90 – Preorder will start soon.

  • Matt Orr

    My internet is ready for this, bring it on!

  • Harry Tulloch
    • Mario Strada


      • Harry Tulloch

        Dam right it is

      • Karsten Da Silva Sørensen

        uhhh my pants just got a little tighter :-O

      • Lennart Lippens

        Wow! This will be an instant buy for me. I also see a karting shot on there facebook page. GSC 2012 still gives me a better experience then rF2, because of the well balanced AI/championship mode

  • Silvio

    this might be my return to the steering whell

  • Jim. C

    Damn right I will be pre-ordering.

  • Mario Strada

    I think I will buy 2 of this. The second one I’ll send to Milestone as a gift so they can see how simulators are made.

    • Phill Routledge


    • Daan Loos


  • IAg Gai

    Is this free for those that already own last years game?

    • Phill Routledge

      Thats the question i want answered. My sim league has recently taken on GSC2012 as our preferred platform and as such, a lot of my members have just shelled out on it…

      Like the jump from 2010 to 2012 was a free upgrade, will 2013 be the same?

      Perhaps a reduced price for previous owners?

      Hopefully this one will be cleared up sooner rather than later.

      • Matt Orr

        It’s a paid update for sure, that much is known.

      • IAg Gai

        As I had only purchased this game a month ago that’s a bit ruff.

      • Anonymous

        Just keep racing on the 2012 platform, if everybody in the league invested on this one.
        Than use the 2013 version next season.

  • Anonymous

    Reiza are becoming better and better! It’s amazing what they are doing!

    I mean, just look this example:

    Day/night transition:

    GSC was released on 2011, after 2 years they are releasing the day/night transition feature.

    Race07, same game engine (gmotor 2), released in 2006, now we have RaceRoomRacing Experience, still gmotor 2, and after 7 years still NO day/night transition.

    SimBin get real and take note. Thumbs up for Reiza!

    • Pavel Drandiiski

      It is not “Get Real” anymore, it is “Get the Game” 😉

    • gt3rsr

      Don’t be so biased – what about GTR2?

      • David Wright

        You are quite right. Simbin’s first gM2 title – GT Legends had day night transitions as well as animated driver arms, pit chief, marshals and spectators and livetrack. A year later – 2006 – GTR2 added full animated pitcrew, and wet weather. Though I admire Reiza and like their approach they are about 8 years behind Simbin in terms of features.

      • Alessio

        Yes, but after GTR2 what can SimBin say of themselves? Very, very little. Race07 was ok, missing some features yet RRRE is…words are not enough to describe my disappointment of it.

      • Anonymous


        I mean, after the division of the dev tem in Simbin/blimey, every sim released had less and less features.

        Atm R3E is garbage, but hey! they just continue to sell content.

      • Drew Duncan

        At least we can remain hopeful for GTR3, their GTR3 site sounds amazing.

  • BackMarker

    WTG Reiza studios!
    I rarely play their games. It is probably just me, but I cannot seem to get my Reiza games (Formula Truck and GSC2012) to work well with my wheel, but I am a spazimodo when it comes to setting up software/hardware. haha
    I will still buy this game to support Reiza studios. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      It works just the same a setting it up for rFactor, only now it’s fullt tweaked.
      Just do not connect more than 3 input game input devices.
      As that’s still the rF1 limitation.

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