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Game Stock Car – 2012 Update Previews

Reiza Studios have released first previews of the free 2012 update for Game Stock Car.

A few days ago, Reiza Studios announced a free 2012 season update for their Game Stock Car title that was released last July.

Following the free DLCS that added different Formula cars to the title, the 2012 update will bring the current season of the Brazilian Stock Car series to the title, including new models, shaders & content.

Now, Reiza has released first previews of the new update, showing Interlagos and Rio in 2012 spec.

  • Anonymous

    Looks real nice, but then again, I just saw the shots from the new pCARS update. 
    Anyway GSC is one of my fave sims right now.

  • Lennart Lippens

    Very impressive road textures and shaders!
    GCS is still my favourite. Their FFB feels better than rF2’s to me.
    Still a shame the Formula add-ons don’t have full grids (even fictional).

    • Philip Antonia

       Hi mate, if you look over at No Grip you’ll find an F1 skin pack for 2011 colour schemes and I think you can find a skin pack/s for the F3’s over at Racedepartment 🙂

      • Lennart Lippens

         Thanks, but what I mean is not only skins, but cars, with AI, talent files etc, so I can run offline races and championships.

  • André Nascentes

    Nice! In this blog there are some photos of this year pre-season practices. You can see that the Chevy changed from Vectra (the Brazilian version) to Sonic

  • Ricoo

    Very nice. GSC 2.0. for free 🙂

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Is it Alex who does the textures?
    They’re excellent.

    • Anonymous

      Alex is part of Reiza, But i doubt he is doing it alone. 🙂

    • Luc Van Camp

      Alex has done a great job on the terrain model. He did get a bit of texture help along the way from various artists. The result is quite impressive.

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