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Game Petrobras de Marcas – Coming to Steam

Reiza Studios have announced that the free Game Petrobras de Marcas will be coming to Steam & Game Stock Car Extreme.

Last December, Reiza Studios released the free standalone Game Petrobras de Marcas title, simulating the Brazilian racing series.

Now, the studio has announced that the free game is due to make the jump to Steam, following the studio’s Game Stock Car Extreme & Formula Truck titles to Valves platform.

Furthermore, Game Petrobras de Marcas will also be integrated into Reiza’s Game Stock Car Extreme title, allowing for it to mix and mingle with the other content available in the ever-expanding title.

The title simulates Brazil’s Copa de Petrobras de Marca touring car series as Reiza continues to introduce popular South American racing series to a worldwide audience.

Despite being a free-to-download title, the game is quite rich in content, featuring four different car models from Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford & Chevrolet.

Also included are six different tracks, including well-known venues like Interlagos & Curitiba.

  • Guest

    “Reiza Studios have announced that the free Game Petrobras de Marcas will be coming to Steam & Game Stock Car Extreme.”

    DAMN YOU! I thought you meant that the content would be coming to GSCE!!

    • Marc Collins

      That’s what it does mean. And brilliant move by Reiza…as usual!!

      • Guest

        Really? Because it doesn’t mention it in the article, just what I assume is a mistake in the blurb on the front page.

      • Marc Collins

        OK, if VirtualR made this all up, then….?

      • Guest

        Don’t worry, I’m just an idiot that can’t read. 🙂

      • Sim Antics

        Ooops Will it be a standalone as well as an expansion?

  • QUF

    Great news about the content addition to GSCE.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Integrating Game Petrobras de Marcas into GSCE will round out GSCE even more…fantastic news…all they need to do is integrate Formula Truck into GSCE and this may well become one of the most well rounded and content rich Sims in history…lol

    • Sim Antics

      I have long wanted for Reiza to some how acquire the material from Argentina based 2pez I always thought these two teams could merge into a more powerful player within the sim industry as 2pez is mainly regional based and Reiza attempts to be Global has shown to be relatively successful

      • Alex Ventura

        TC2000 and Turismo Nacional would be an absolute blast!

  • Sim Antics

    This is wonderful news as anyone can jump in and see the overall quality of the work from Reiza without any financial risk. T thank both Reiza and their partners that helped to make this happen!

  • °_°

    Reiza release a lot of many people work at reiza studios? 0.o

  • Eduardo

    too bad doesnt have Honda.

  • TC

    Cant’ wait to have those cars in GSCE and drive in the rest of Reiza tracks and on the updates ones from Race Deparment.

  • Felipe Portela

    Barrichello is about to join Copa Petrobras de Marcas! And they will have a Renault Fluence in the series.

  • James Cook

    The best sim racing news I’ve had this year. Really like this game and pleased to learn it will be updated and added to GSC. Hopefully Reiza can find a way to get Honda on board.

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