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FVR V8 2010 for GTR Evolution – Released

FVR V8 2010 for GTR Evolution – Released

Günthar Rowe has brought FVR Factor’s V8 2010 mod to GTR Evolution/RACE07, bringing the 2010 Australian V8 Supercars to Simbin’s simulation.

As usual with Günthar’s work, the mod has not been straight converted but equipped with Simbin-specific features such as wet weather tires, rain/dirt screen, working windscreen wipers and custom skinning support. Matching painting templates for both models are also available.

The mod contains all V8-powered Ford Falcon and Holden race cars and drivers of the 2010 season that kicked off at Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, including scratch-made models, physics and sounds. Below are a bunch of screenshots of the rFactor version, showing you what to expect.

Download FVR V8 2010 for GTR Evolution/RACE 07 Here

Download Ford Template Here

Download Holden Template Here

  • Crimson7

    I didn’t know Simbin made a game called “GTR Revolution”?

  • ADC

    Thanks Günthar and FVR.
    Does anyone know if there is a GTR2 2010 version coming out soon? Thanks.

  • ErazerSwe

    There is a new GTR in the making, coming next year i think.

  • ErazerSwe

    Here is some more info for you

  • Rooster

    As in a GTR2 version of this mod? Yes. I think it should hopefully be around in less than a month (that’s my worse case scenario). 😎

  • Sourpuss

    Now all we need is Mount Panarama 😀

  • Günthar Rowe

    pop over to and hit them up, they have a WIP 2009/2010 track that needs some support (and testing)…

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