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Future F1 Games – Codemasters Interview

Future F1 Games – Codemasters Interview

A few weeks have passed since Codemasters has posted the winning bid for the official Formula One gaming rights for the next five years. First info starts to come in as the official Formula one website released an interview with Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens.

The interview includes some interesting info, some bits a rather worrying though. Asked about the time pressure to release the first game within a year, Cousens replys that basics from GRID will be used including car dynamics and handling.

Furthermore, he states that Codemasters wants to make the games “incredibly exciting, a real adrenaline rush”. I have to admit that quite some time has passed since I last watched a full GP. But, incredibly exciting does not sound like real F1 to me.

Cousens closes with the statement that Codemasters’s past games “have been very heavily weighted towards simulation”. It’s for you to decide whether you agree or not…..

  • Gerdoner

    Hehe, Monty getting diplomatic there πŸ˜‰
    I tried to keep away from the Grid-comments-flame-war since my PC can’t handle Grid at this moment so I can’t contribute to that topic.
    But I pretty much agree with F1Racer that it’s good as a racing game but not as a sim.
    And although I love sims we should always remember that we are the minority. So it would be stupid by CM to make a hardcore simulation if you can make a multi-platform arcarde racing game that sells much better.
    I for one will still be racing rF (and LFS, and N2003 and nkP etc) and enjoying great F1 mods by the time the new F1 game will be out πŸ˜‰

  • chogger

    gibe us more arcade… πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

  • Schnitzel

    all those stupid idiots will like this game.
    i wish ea bought the rights 😑

  • Cpd

    Simulation? what were their past games simulating custard dessert? Glad we have Rfactor for decent f1 simmming(-:

  • C

    I’ve mentioned previously that I am a big fan of DIRT. But what worked for rallying doesn’t work for track racing, and the image of 20 F1 cars colliding in the first corner with parts flying everywhere in slow motion does not appeal to me. If you want to make an arcade game, make it a GOOD arcade game. I won’t mind, just make it fun, entertaining, and rewarding that is all I ask.

  • Jeff

    I have zero confidence in Codemasters anymore. I stuck with them up to and including Racedriver2, I demoed Dirt and liked it but they have turned to the dark side and only make arcade games anymore.

    The F1 licence is wasted on them. Our only hope is that one of the main sim makers get the TGP licence and we can then have the older F1 cars.


  • Krispijn

    Bloody no!

    I hope Ferrari are going to boycot this game, just like they did with RaceDriver Grid.

    codies, you’ve failed…

  • Trebor901

    Oh well this game will be a disaster and the end of Codemasters. Because they’ve spent so much money on this they cant afford for it to sink. If it does then it will be bye bye Codemasters racing games.

  • F1Racer

    Im not so sure. I think this game will sell. My reasoning is that if console players who are F1 fans, want to play F1, they have all had to buy Playstations for the past God knows how many years.
    So the X-Boxers who were F1 fans and indeed the PC people who are more arcade motivated than us simmers were left out in the cold.
    Codemasters will fill that gap now so owners of PS3, XBox360 and PCs will not be able to buy and F1 game.
    There is no written rule that every specific genre racing game should be a simulation (although I wish there were).

    Leave arcade racing to stuff like NFS, Burnout etc.

    However Codies will have spent top dollar on this F1 licence and need to recoup that back over the next few years. The best way to do that is to make a game that attracts the largest market. Unfortunately for us in our minority group, that is console gamers who prefer arcade games. Im not saying there are no console owners who prefer sims, Im saying we are not the majority.
    So F1 2009 will have key driven menus and be showing off its damage, fake HDR and particle effects all over again at the expense of realism.

    What I dont see is why the game cant be programmed as a sim but contain an arcade mode. Thats been done many times before. Have both methods in the game and sell it on all platforms. Then you have all bases covered.

    With GRID, we have amazing damage system, dynamic looking races and replays, pretty graphics and…well thats about it.
    The physics are bad in that the cars are either too grippy or too loose (demolition derby). The sounds are bettered by rF mod makers every day of the week.

    Im not 100% writing Codemasters off just yet, but as its clear they are not aiming for a game with simmers in mind, things look to carry on where Sony left off.

  • Trebor901

    but i can see this happening. You crash head on into a wall in the F1 car, the front wheel will fall of, the nose cone will bend sideways and you’ll be able to carry on.

  • R Kipker

    (Quote from F1 racer)
    “What I don’t see is why the game cant be programmed as a sim but contain an arcade mode. That’s been done many times before”

    I agree, CM, read this! Simply have a arcade mod and a sim mode selectable from the main menu.

    However, even the F1 championship was closer to a sim than Grid seems to be.

    I’m still waiting for my COPY OF Grid… however, Montoya I for one support your review on Grid… No NEED IN TODAY’S WORLD TO SUGAR COAT A REVIEW JUST TO SIMPLY APEASE THE DEVELOPER OR THERE DEDICATED FOLLWERS.

  • Dave Ellis

    I was in a discussion with the Executive Producer of GRiD on the Codemasters forum over the poor qualify of physics and tracks in the game – something he denied and replied with “We put the emphasis on fun!” and called Sim racers “snobs”. It seems after being backed into a corner than we were told any posts on that topic again would be deleted. Thanks Codemasters!

  • F1Racer

    Snobs ?
    What an idiot. Sim racers are so-called because we want simulations. Racing games that can reflect as accurately as possible the real thing. Thats not snobbery.
    Are Flight Sim fans snobs for preferring a more realistic flying experience?
    I would term Codemasters as ‘snubs’ as they turn their noses up and snub the sim racing community as though it doesn’t exist.

    With the money that is spent on todays top games, which can out weigh the cost of movies sometimes, you think that if they are going to provide tracks from real locations that they would at least make them fairly accurate.
    I mean if a track modder in rF gets it wrong, he gets people moaning or pointing out the problem areas.
    If he can be a target you can be sure a corporate entity like Codemasters who have the finances to back themselves up are going to be.
    I think you can still have arcade physics and have them believable. If people want to race these games they should expect a certain degree of realism. Forza managed it quite well.
    Theres a slider control in GRID that says something like “decrease this if you are having trouble keeping the car controlled in a straight line”. Now what does that say for the physics when you need something like that ?

    CM will never admit any shortcomings in their physics or tracks. What gets me is this concept that no fun can be had if the physics are more realistic.
    What it boils down to is they want a game that kids can handle and not question how the physics are as long as the ‘fun’ factor is there.
    If the kids go for it thats a sale and sales equal money. Thats the bottom line.

  • Boris Johnson

    “I was in a discussion with the Executive Producer of GRiD on the Codemasters forum”

    Have you got a link for the post. Have had a look but couldn’t find it!

  • mbeast

    Doesn’t sound too promising does it? Every question seems to be answered with regard to making the game as inclusive as possible, especially with referece to the American market, which can never be a good sign.

    The claim that GRID balanced sim and arcade handling well is ludicrious. The fact you need to brake does not make a game a sim.

    It has been proved with the Forza series that a console racing game doesn’t need to be ludicriously easy and arcadey to be successful. I think if a more simulation-based game was marketed properly it could do well. After all, surely people want to drive what is as close to a real F1 car as possible, rather than some horrid arcade approximation?

    To me this just seems like Codemasters are going to be taking the safe, middle-of-the-road approach, will hype it up no end as “all things to all people” and create another forgettable F1 game just as Sony have done for the past few years. I’ll probably end up buying it anyway though 😳

  • arronski

    Give that a wide birth then πŸ‘Ώ

  • Simon

    Now I’m insulted, I find sims much more involving, completing a 10 lap WTCC race well I’m sweating by the end. I’m sorry but I’ve never had to work so hard to complete a race in any codemasters game.
    I like DiRT (waited until I saw it for Β£9.99 & But one get one free) but it wasn’t perfect but enjoyable. I played GRID and didn’t make it further than turn 5 on Istanbul before giving up.
    For those who havn’t played it, imagine a shopping trolley with a steering wheel, however the steering wheel does nothing and somebody else is pushing you instead.

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