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Fuji Speedway 2012 1.0 – Released

Ethone has released his Fuji Speedway 2012 for rFactor 2, bringing the former Japanese Grand Prix venue to ISI’s newest simulation.

Ethone has released his Fuji Speedway 2012 for rFactor 2, bringing the former Japanese Grand Prix venue to ISI’s newest simulation.

Originally created for rFactor back in 2007, ethone has ported the track over to rFactor 2 and equipped it with new trackside objects, animated marshals and other rFactor 2-specific features.

Located near the famous Mount Fuji in Oyama, Japan, Fuji Speedway was opened in 1963. The track last hosted the Japanese Grand Prix in 2008, today the track is a popular sports car racing venue, hosting both the Super GT and the World Endurance Championship.

Download Fuji Speedway 2012 Mirror 1 Here

Download Fuji Speedway 2012 Mirror 2 Here

  • Eduardo Kissilevitch

    rFactor 2 looks so ugly, remember me an 10 year old game. 

    • yorch sincla

      Cars in screen13 look like sprites ūüôā . The other screens look better…

    • Theroro29

      It looks like Toca Touring cars for Playstation 1 . What good memories! It was golden age with Toca Touring cars, Formula one 97, Gran Turismo 2!

      We are in 2012!!

    • Ricoo

      ¬†rFactor 2 is not a render engine, it’s a racing simulation.

      It was not done with the idea to produce great screen shots, but to give a great driving experience.

      When you are behind the wheel the last thing you think about is graphics.

      • Anonymous

        Very good post ūüôā

      • Theroro29

        Do you think that Formule Renault 3.5 mod is a great driving experience? I don’t think so

      • Justin Schmidt

        i think there is something strange about the ffb in the 3.5.
        what i like about it is that you dont feel almost any suspension travel just the wobble of the tyres.

      • Ricoo

         Is it the only car in rFactor 2?

      • Eduardo Kissilevitch

         For me GTR2 still way better in graphics and driving experience. Too much laggy, and buggy and very very slow updates on this beta rF2.

      • Mike

        Correct me if I’m wrong but GTR2 uses the same graphic and physics engines as rFactor (1)- gMotor2 (graphics) and pMotor2 (physics + netcode). ¬†

        If you like GTR2 then you will no doubt will at some point feel the same way about the new ISI engines.

  • Marco Conti

    I thunk calling rF2 “ugly” is a bit extreme. It’s not as polished as pCARS but I love what they did in Montecarlo and SPA and the graphics are occasionally very good.

    One of the problems in rF2 is that in replays very often the cars have no shadows. Could be because it’s still a beta but when that happens it looks extremely unrealistic, yet most people can’t tell why.

    I think a far more appropriate criticism of rF2 is their mod installation system. With this new release of Fuji many in the community would like to go online and drive what mods we have available on it.

    Nope. We have to wait for some kind soul to create another mod that contains no tracks or cars but that allows us to drive a specific mod in this track. 
    I think that in ¬†our own league forum someone called this a “folly” and I Have to agree. I am all for keeping the mods straight, but this system is madness.¬†

    • Horrace L Foster

      I agree, I have not played this much since I got it, I dont like not being able to drive the car I want on the track I want. It makes it boring and there are things wrong with it, if you enjoyed Rfactor and drove it alot, I cant do the same thing with this. Along with the graphics it is puts me off, I will wait till the next update.

    • Jorge Araujo

      ¬†Stopped to read when you said “not as polished as pCars” – well, not really – but rFactor 2 graphics engine looks worse than rFactor 1. Physics feels worse too. I can’t shake this feeling when I look to the virtual skies of rF2 that I’m looking to the virtual skies of Grand Prix 2, way back in 1996. Just the same color palette, awful low resolution skies. I wouldn’t say anything about rF2 if the driving make up for it, but none of the cars in-game are worth the time or the effort. And while ISI jerks around with this so called “open-beta” – free for those who paid 50 bucks xD – pCars sells a pre-alpha for 10 euros. A pre-alpha that can kick the ass of rF2 any given day both in physics and graphics. Just check the latest junior member build and tell it isn’t good. Because it is good. Really good.

    • Marco Conti

      Yes, I used “Not as polished”. I am sure you guys would have preferred if I went on a frenzy and¬†chastised¬†everyone at ISI and¬†everyone¬†daring to give rFactor2 a good review.¬†

      Well, “not as polished” can be anything from a game that is almost as good as pCARS to one that is way lower on the “pretty” scale.¬†

      As a simracer in 2012 you better believe it that I expect a gaming designer to address both the physics and the graphics in any game they come up with (or sim of that makes you feel better).

      However, comparing betas is unfair and futile. The real comparison will be one both go Gold. If at the end one game looks better than the other, there are plenty of other parameters in play in choosing one or the other for online racing. For instance, if pCARS continues to handle race starts as it does currently, I will play it but many leagues will never adopt it and neither will mine. No matter how beautiful it is. Ditto for moddability. if rF2 has it and pCARS doesn’t, many leagues and many Simracers will only use pCARS for as long as the content is fresh and then abandon it.¬†

      However, the larger point is that I would like to have a civilized conversation among adults here. Is it too much to ask? Why is everyone so willing to jump a poster because he didn’t use as strong an adjective as they would have liked?

      By saying “I stopped reading when I saw ‘Not as polished’¬†” Really? that sounds a bit silly to me and I’ll bet it’s not true¬†either.¬†

      Is it so hard to try to be respectful of¬†other¬†people’s opinions in forums and comment boards?

      Of course, the¬†answer¬†is “yes”, unfortunately.¬†
      I have been using the Internet since the times of Gopher and newsgroups (the latter still going pretty strong) and even back then where few civilians had access to them and only government and Universities had accounts, there were flame wars. One of the issues is that responmding to a bunch of pixels is dehumanizing. We get away with more than we would in person because we are not really concerned about other people as human beings.

      It would be nice if we all stopped and realized that indeed everyone here may have an Avatar making them look like a robot or a flower, but we are all humans. People. Let’s treat each¬†other¬†as such.

      • yorch sincla

        You got the point.

        And i’m with Jorge, i even ask the refund long time ago. But i really hope for a final great product. I don’t expect miracles but ISI got all my trust although i find this beta dissapointing. I don’t like CARS either (junior member, tired of “this new build really got it”, but every new build feels as dissapointing as last build, in MY opinion) ¬†and my expectatives are in Rfactor 2, AC and GTR3.

  • Justin Schmidt

    looks nice in video and in-game from the driving position. thx ethone

  • Aleksei Kolesnikov

    That’s really terrible!

  • Daniel S.

    What’s the source of the news?

    • Ricoo

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Ethone for bringing Fuji to rF2!

  • Ricoo

    Thanks Ethon for your work!

    This is a very technical track, very nice to race on. ūüôā

    Thanks for the vmod, great idea to make one. ūüôā

  • Roberto Massa

    looks nice but in rF2 I cannot stand that white tarmac shadow “ahead”, it looks not very clean and even less “real”

    • Anonymous

      You mean the ” Mirage ” effect? I agree it’s not ideal right now and off putting. Will be updated no doubt and look how it should once they begin working on the graphics more.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at the screenshots, I don’t think it’s fitting to call it a 1.0 release imo.

  • Kevin Watts

    Its a shame the modders work is tied to such an ugly game engine. ISI has really dissapointed in creating a next generation racing title. The much maligned Formula Renault hardly inspires confidence in the feel of the driving and it certainly can’t fall back on its looks to sell it. The die-hards will still cling to ‘looks aren’t everything’ but the feel from driving the game only go so far, to feel really immersed you need realistic looking environments and rFactor 2 is far far away from producing that.

    • Ricoo

      ¬†I can’t disagree more with that… None is true.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t even react, mate… You must be exhausted to have to defend rF2 and every sim out there against every single one that emits non sense…

        Don’t let what others think touch you, and you’ll be happier, trust an old troll fighter ūüėČ

      • Noel Hibbard

        “Trust an old troll fighter”


    • Anonymous

      Not up to VLM’s typical standards (their version of Mid Ohio is my favorite bar none) but I have faith it will be among the best once they figure out exactly what they’re capable of doing with the new platform.

      ¬†I agree Kevin. Even the Megane feels funky to me. Instantaneous snap oversteer is evident in every car and I can’t seem to brake for turn entry unless I’m in a straight line. I mean, if braking through a long sweeper for instance the back end wants to lead even with very front heavy brake bias. Feedback from the tracks to the wheel is great but not as much better than other sims as the diehards try to claim. And as for the graphics, well, from what I’ve read there’s lots of room for improvement there but they need the room since what there is now is only slightly better than rF1.

      I do hope this sim turns out to be what I really expect it to be. Coming from ISI I fully expect the best sim out bar none. I am and always have been a huge fan of rFactor, but with other sims coming out that simply have more to offer I can’t picture myself spending much time with it until it improves a great deal. Also though, modders will make the game what it is destined to become. Time will tell I guess.

      • Anonymous

        ¬†Yes, what you said about the feel of the cars is exactly what I’m getting.¬† Phew, I thought it was just me !

      • Anonymous

        ¬†Phew is right! I’m glad I’m not alone as well!

        I may not have given the sim enough of my time to get the proper feel for it either and perhaps I could dial my settings in to compensate at least in part. I still think though that once proper mods start rolling out the modders will give us what we want.

      • Philip Antonia

        You’re definately not alone there guys. I only briefly tried the new Nissans and I haven’t driven since as they put me off driving rF2. Wont give up on it yet though as I’m more interested in seeing what the modders will produce for it :-). rF1 was poor IMHO when I first drove it then I reinstalled it when some good mods had surfaced and it was a different game, I’m hoping rF2 will do the same!!

      • vili vili

        for me the prob is the kinetic friction of tires which is set to 64% (megane) of static friction. it means that when you catch the rear you will get over 50% more traction (100/64=1.56….)
        Should it really be only 64% ??

      • Ricoo

        ¬†Don’t you think you should ask this technical question on rFactor 2 forum rather than here where the only answer you will get is from people who like your post without understanding anything?…

      • Marco Conti

        One of the reasons the cars drive so badly in rF2 is because the default setups have very high steering ratios. The value is 25 if I recall, while a 900 G25 works best if the steering ratio is set around 20 or even less. Doing that let you have more control over the car and recover from snap oversteer better.

        The F-renault suffers from the same issue and from too stiff rear suspensions. Make the back softer and suddenly it becomes more drivable ad less likely to lose the back.

        As far as the graphics, they could be better but what worries me the most is the lack of consistency. I set up in a grid with the Nissans and they looked like cartoons from the back. Meganes look better but in replays most cars look terrible, like they didn’t belong on the track. I then concluded that was due to the shadows not rendering in many occasions so the car looks like was cut a pasted from a different environment.

        With a good setup rF2 cars have a much nicer feeling than rF1. No more “floating” and that feeling you are not connected to the ground.But ISI has a long way to go to get the graphics to a better level.¬†
        I have mentioned this before, but to me the biggest issue with rF2 is the silly mod system. I find it absolutely insane. I understand keeping the mods consistent, but why do they have to be tied with the tracks? makes no sense and it’s going to make rF2 a poor choice for online and league racing.

      • Anonymous

        You can easily recover all the cars in Rf2 so long as you are fast but sounds are awful and the graphics for the most part to the end user are only a slight improvement over RF1. (though the Formula Renault 3.5 FFB seems over saturated for bumps which stops you feeling car weighting and braking )

        One thing I like about Rf2 is that the physics are generally consistent and where ISI fail modders pick up the slack. After a year or so we should end up with a couple of top quality tracks and a few top quality cars with some good online servers for quick racing.  

        Evan though the graphics in RF2 are quite pore there is allot of asset density and things are presented very¬†neutral¬†so it can look less “artificial” ¬†than games that have better shaders and lighting like project cars .¬†

        Personally osseta corsa looks like the most likely game to have fantastic graphics and grate physics I really hope Osseta corsa gets the on-line user base as NKP deserved it. 

        As it is the base cars in RF2 beta have provided me with some good fun casual on-line races with 20+ car grids.  The sim is no where near the standards required for proper league racing but as I say Rfactor will take at least a year to mature but by then I will probably be playing OC assuming it takes off on-line.

    • Ricoo

      ¬†Whereas you moan about your claimed deception, I have a lot of fun with rFactor 2. In fact it’s the sim I enjoy the most. If I had to keep only 1 sim among all the one I have (almost all sold on earth including nKPro, GSC, GTR Evo/STCC1&2, GT Legends, LFS…) I would keep rFactor 2.

  • Boss Player

    What’s with that strange “white horizon line”? It looks so weird. Overall the track looks disappointing considering it’s from VirtuaLM, there are also some texture flickering on sponsors.¬†Good luck for the next time, I know you can do better than this.

    • Ricoo

      ¬†The mirage effect is overdone in pict 4 but in other tracks it’s ok.

    • Anonymous

      Have to agree unfortunately, dont like it ūüôĀ

  • Anonymous

    Track texture really needs redoing other than that looks like should be nice track for Rf2 

  • Justin ForzaBar√ßa Cruze

    Tried it yesterday……I like it.
    Colour levels/saturation are just about spot on.
    I would prefer the old Fuji though ūüėõ

  • Anonymous

    Great thanks for this!

  • Maria11 Louis

    Thanks for the info about Fuji speedway track. I have seen some of races on this track and found this track really nice.

  • Vai tomar no cu

    Probably the ugliest stuff I’ve ever seen in terms of graphics.

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