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French GT5 Article Mentions Karting & Track Editor

French GT5 Article Mentions Karting & Track Editor

Gran Turismo 5 was recently featured in a five-page article in the French Official Playstation Magazine, including mentions of both Karts and the track editor.

Back in June, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worlwide Studios, first mentioned karting being part of Gran Turismo 5. No preview images of the nimble racing machines have been released yet, an equally mystical feature is the track editor which has been rumored for over a year now. Nobody know’s how the editor is going to work and to what extend new tracks can be created.

Below are scans of the full article, maybe some of VirtualR’s French readers can scan through the text to see if it mentions any further details that haven’t been revealed here yet.

Gran Turismo 5 will be bringing 1000 cars and over 60 tracks to the Playstation 3, including new features such as damage, weather and day/night effects. GT5 will be one of the first six Playstation 3 games to be available in 3D. The title will be out on November 2nd in the North & Latin America, release dates for Europe and Japan have not been confirmed yet.


  • Ferrariman60

    Karts might be an interesting side distraction in the game, but hopefully it’s not a major element. Gran Turismo diehards like myself just want to drive the latest cars around beautifully detailed real-world circuits in stunning 1080p. 

  • anonymous

    the article indicates 70+ tracks tuning and karting

  • trebor69

    to be honest i’m bored of GT5 news.  I realise he is a perfectionist but just release the bloody thing.  5 years – that’s just a personal obsession

  • trebor69

    I mean, really, you could go from having no children, to a 5 year old child before this ‘game’ is released – that’s just insane.  Don’t get me wrong, i’m looking forward to it but i can guarantee it won’t be what we all expect, 5 years of development just brings on too much expectation and the more news we get the worse i think it is, including only a small percentage of the cars with cockpits and high detail.  Give it 5 months after release and the hype will be over.

  • Big Ron

    what do you think, how long rF2 needs to be developed? 😉

  • vivian

    what´s with the porsche embleem!!!!! what does it says!!!!

  • shum94

    It says no Porsche for GT5

  • renagade

    it said that porsche won’t be in the game

  • felipe

    porsche wanted money so they won´t be in GT5. For the track editor IF this is true I guess the modding community will enjoy GT5 and we could see some real talent shining with all the amazing graphics we get in GT5! 

  • Vali

    I preffer that to almost yearly iterations of the pretty-much-the-same poorly-developed things some franchises became.

    And not, I am not a GT fanboy and there are 90% odds I’ll not buy this one, because I dont have a PS3 either.

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