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Free Sports Car Mods by Speedsims

Free Sports Car Mods by Speedsims

Here’s something for those looking for some free online & offline racing fun. offers two sports car mods for NASCAR Heat that relive the look and feel of the old SCGT days and work without needing any commercial game.

While one mod lets you race various Group C cars, the other mod includes GT2-like sports cars to be raced online or offline. The mods require either NASCAR Heat or the Heat Essentials Package which can be downloaded completely for free. More information and all downloads can be found on

  • ADC David

    I might have to revisit this for a blast from the past.
    I played this a lot back in the day and still have Nascar Heat around somewhere.

  • Jack_NL

    Nascar Heat was a great game

    loved the DTM mod wink wink nutch nutch 😉

  • DGO

    SpeedSims Creator of the SCGTS Mod is in the process of Modeling and adding the GT1 cars to this fantastic MOD.
    If you enjoy racing on Road Courses, checkout this fantastic Mod, and maybe at the same time race online with other fellow sim racing addicts!! :))

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