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Free Porsche Models for Assetto Corsa Revealed

Kunos Simulazioni has revealed the three Porsche models for Assetto Corsa that will be released free of charge.

Back when Kunos Simulazioni announced the release plans for their Assetto Corsa Porsche content in August, the studio revealed that three cars will be released free of charge.

Now, the three cars that will be available for free have been revealed as players will be getting their hands on three somewhat non-traditional Porsche models as the free pack includes both the Macan & Cayenne SUVs as well as the Panamera sedan.

The other 21 Porsche road & race cars will be split into three DLC packs, the first of which is planned to be released later this year. A season pass for sim racers who want to purchase all three packs will be available as well.

Via GTPlanet

  • messier

    We’re lucky that Porsche doesn’t make tractors anymore.

    • Jovica Ilic

      Lamborghini have them too ๐Ÿ™‚

      • messier

        Then I guess we’re lucky that Lambos were added before Kunos switched to that “it’s free so we will give you the worst garbage out there” mentality.

    • pupsbubi

      They made some nice tanks…

  • El3ktr0n

    Wait for the ferrari tractors

  • Jietse

    Meh, 3 stupid cars which have nothing to do with Porsche ๐Ÿ™‚

  • PHDarren .

    Yes because the first car I think of taking onto a track is an Cayenne or a Macan…..oh no wait, the other way around. No wonder they are free, no one would buy them with real money.

  • MC

    Hmm, they should have thrown in a decent Porsche to encourage people to buy the pack, like Forza did with the bonus pack for Horizon 2 (911 GT2 RS & Cayenne Turbo). I’m throwing my money at Kunos but people on the fence aren’t gonna be swayed by these cars.

    • Jackson P.

      ….these are the free cars….

      • pupsbubi

        Why bother and read the article….

      • MC

        Completely missed my point there didn’t you.

      • Jackson P.

        Completely missed the point of the article, didn’t you.

        This pack is free…those 3 cars are free…no one will be on the fence about downloading 3 free cars, nor will anyone be concerned about throwing money at Kunos for free content.

        The 3 paid packs are completely separate and will include 21 Porsches total. There will be something for everyone.

      • MC

        No I didn’t, I am unable to read, can you? No one’s gonna drive any of those 3 cars and go ooh Porsches are amazing then pull the trigger on the paid DLC packs.

        If they released (for example) a 911 for free, people would realise Porsches are a unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience, and maybe buy the DLC if they weren’t interested before.

        It’s not that difficult a concept to understand…

    • quf

      Hopefully the content in the porsche packs will make people buy the dlc, for what it contains and not because of a nice car freebie. Giving these SUVs for free will make a class for racing, with the porsche and maserati suvs. So besides manufacturer publicity, there’s also logic in all the people having these same type cars.

      • MC

        Dunno why these SUVs are even in the game (apart from publicity). These are the porsches I’d like to pretend don’t exist =)

      • Paul Menard

        actually the maserati is a blast to drive, 4wheel drive and the high suspension you can drive like a lunatic and still be fine :). its also surprisingly fast

    • pez2k

      It’s traditionally been a bit different for Forza – on the Xbox 360 they were limited in the size and frequency of patches, so instead of pushing out locked new DLC content as part of a patch, they had to entice players to download it of their own volition, hence the free car every time that happened to include a locked version of the rest of the pack for online compatibility. That free car had to be good enough to get people to download it every time. When the XB1 dropped that restriction and they could just push the locked content out to everyone as a patch, the playerbase had come to expect a decent freebie each month so they needed to continue the practice.

  • GamerMuscle

    I think this pack will be fantastic but just imagine how much better it would be if AC had the same number of tracks as cars !

    Obviously tracks are more work, especially if laser scanned and the quality of the mods tracks makes up for it in many ways.

    I a think a good intermediary would be if kunos could license the top quality mod tracks into the simulator and just have them be available for all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • gc

    No, thanks.

  • Chris

    I really hope the do they Porsche 959. Their Sim deserves a proper “F40 vs Porsche 959” matchup! And it would make for a great classic screenshot ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I suppose Kunos has to give something for free because they may not be on the purchase list for me anyway, but I have my wallet at the ready for all the extra DLC paid content as this all helps to develop a better Sim which keeps me entertained for hours.

  • Walter

    SUVs should be able to drive through the sand traps faster.

    • Noah Themins

      Lol nice

  • Noah Themins

    Woohoo! SUV races! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • AnklaX

    Both the cayenne and macan is a bit much. One would’ve been enough. But I’m pretty sure Porsche made it a condition as did Maserati.

  • Roy Rki

    Elephant racing isn’t just an Indian sport

  • Traumahound

    I really try to be supportive of interesting developers and gracious for anything they wish to throw in for free, but this, Kunos, is surprisingly disappointing, given your record. Not even one out of three properly sporting Porsches? The only theory I can see is giving these models some exposure to pleasantly surprise users with their performance.

    • pez2k

      Porsche will have mandated that these models are featured as basically a rolling advertisement, and Kunos have made a fairly astute move in excluding them from the paid packs so that nobody complains about paying for filler (and because not many people would pay for a Macan in a sim).

    • Mario Strada

      I am waiting for Kunos to laserscan the road I commute to work on. That way, if I get a day off or I wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat for missing the thrill of waiting 5 minutes at a red light, I can relive the experience in the sim.

      • Traumahound

        ..? Oh.. I’m being really picky..? Like I said, I’m trying to understand their tactics.

  • Jorge Azcoitia
    • Jorge Azcoitia

      ^Note the sarcasm…

      This is not good publicity for Kunos, nor Porsche, alienating players with cars that have no place in a road racing sim. If only at least we had any sort of proper mud, gravel, etc official tracks where to put these through their paces…

      • Jetexocet

        Sim RACING not driving. I just don’t like driving road going vehicles on race tracks. I drive a road car to work everyday and the last thing I want to do is drive one in a sim. Where’s the excitement. I know they are free, but in my case, all they’ll be doing is taking up SSD space, because they hold no interest for me personally.

      • anonymouse

        Why weren’y you both harassed by apologists that claims “people love street cars in racing games” because they do so in GT and FM/FH and that you have no right to complain if AC does the same?

        Porsche can demand what they want, to them it’s a way to showcase their road cars, just like all the other companies are doing; Ferrari, Maserati, etc, they all have at least 1 useless car thrown in this game for marketing reasons. It’s just sad that in order to have the license, Ks had to bend 90ยฐ to Porsche and include these useless things.

        You want racing cars in a racing game? Yeah, get that logic out of here. Using reason is not a valid tactic around here.

      • Jetexocet

        It’s all about how you express yourself. I feel your passion, but the way respond, sometimes you just need to cool your wings a bit, take a deep breath, and then reply rationally. I don’t mean to teach you how to suck eggs or nothing, but, you know what I’m trying to say?.

      • anonymouse

        When people call you a sub-human for not accepting the truth on something, then it’s hard not to be bitter as a result.

        Putting people on ignore is my solution. If I don’t see what nonsense they write, I don’t need to care about their opinion.

        But thank you for concerning about me.

      • quf

        Are you saying there are only road cars in AC and all future content is also just road cars?
        If from the beginning AC was defined to the players and to other companies as a racing game with just race cars, then you wouldn’t see road cars, or maybe very few. But since the beginning that wasn’t Kunos approach for AC as they were trying half half, and 3 years later you’re complaining of things you knew 3 years ago? Yeah, get that logic out of here. Using reason is not a valid tactic around here.

      • Richard Hessels

        People who can afford the real deal are not really the ones that got convinced to buy a car because the driven that same car in a game.

      • anonymouse

        Go explain that to manufacturers who make these demands then. We all know that already.

  • Markus Ott

    lul. Porsches announced. No one cheers. That must be the absolute worst case Kunos has created.

    • delpinsky

      As long as they are free cars, where is the problem? Worst case scenario, nobody will drive those 3 cars. And then there are plenty of Porsche cars to come with the DLCs. What happened to people here? ๐Ÿ™‚ I would suggest Kunos to give back the Porsche License if it’s not welcome…

  • IVJG Knight

    More tracks would be better imho. I would have liked a monaco 1985 or ร–sterreichring 1985 version but that’s just me.

  • Patrik Marek

    they are free, so I guess can’t complain, Panamera might be fun on Nordschliefe, but yeah Macan? Cayenne ?
    although I always wanted to drive a tank on Nordschleife and Cayenne gets me close to that feeling

  • Kondor999

    Obviously, to get the license at all, Kunos had to agree to simulate these relative turds of the modern Porsche lineup. I’m OK with it. Even Turn 10 had to do the same.

  • Richard Hessels

    Should this website be called VirtualRant?

  • N0bodyOfTheGoat

    If only it was April 1st. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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