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Forza Motorsport 5 – New Track Previews

Turn 10 has released four impressive new Forza Motorsport 5 previews, showing off two of the title’s tracks on the new platform.

Turn 10 has released four impressive new Forza Motorsport 5 previews, showing off two of the title’s tracks on the new platform.

The previews below show the fictional Alps track as well as Silverstone and the new “Wing” pit building that makes its debut in the Forza franchise.

Forza Motorsport 5 is due to be released for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One on November 22. New features of the fifth installment of the Forza franchise include laser-scanned tracks, open wheel race cars and lots of new content.

Being a launch title for the new Xbox One, Forza Motorsport 5 will require an internet connection prior to the first launch as a substantial part of the game has to be downloaded off the internet first.

  • KittX

    Here comes the inspiration! The alps track is marvelous.

  • Laschlo

    I want it. On my PC 😀

    • Anonymous

      Sadly No!

  • Marc Collins

    Graphics are incredibly impressive. Doubt the rest will be, though 🙁

    • Realkman666

      As a pick-up and play racing game, Forza is fine.

    • Tom Coombs

      Like I’ve said time and time again, Forza feels realistic to me at least the lower grade (more fun) cars do. When I’m driving the 944 Turbo in game, it feels not far off my 944 S2 at all. FWDs feel like FWDs and so on.

      • Tom Coombs

        I should point out though even with my approval of Forza I will not be playing FM5 as I do not want to get an Xbox One. Reasons being I simply don’t see any reason to get one at this time, and my car wants new bushings, CV joints and other work. Maybe FM6.

  • Anonymous

    Little correction for you Rob, Forza 5 doesn’t require an internet connection prior to launch, they’ve said you can play the game just fine without the download but it’s required to be able to complete career mode. The initial announcement of it was very unclear and it took quite a while for them to clarify.

  • Kludger

    Here’s hoping they finally spent some time to fix the poor modeling of Nordschleife, the last two Forza iterations they kept giving excuses about the innacurate wider/longer track being for more “fun”.

    • Christopher Trees

      Forza 3 was the correct length just too wide, and then forza 4 went one step further and added another 2 or so miles to the overall length… Was disappointed to say the least as forza 2 had a good version of the track.

      • Anonymous

        It’s been the exact same loft since Forza 1.

      • Christopher Trees

        It hasn’t been the exact same… Forza one had 2ft high kerbs, forza 2 was skinny and the kerbs cut down, forza 3 was widened over forza 2, and forza 4 added 2 miles to the length! Just drive a car around and watch the odometer. Or load up a multi with a pal and one of you complete a lap and park up beside you buddy who just sits there. Then look at the distance between the cars.

        T10 admitted they widened it for fm3 to enable easier passing, and made it longer for fm4 to apparently allow more passing…. Although in any online race it just means more time for some idiot to use you as their brakes into a turn….

  • Andrew

    Forza 3 with the Microsoft wheel was my first taste of realistic racing and led me to simracing. I’d like to try the new Forza games but the lack of good midrange wheel support was and continues to be a deal-breaker.

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