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Forza Motorsport 4 vs 5 – Video Comparison

A very interesting comparison video shows the graphical evolution from Forza Motorsport 4 to 5.

MotoGamesTV has uploaded a very interesting video comparison, putting the recently-released Forza Motorsport 5 gameplay footage side by side with it’s precedessor.

Both videos show the exact same car on the same track, allowing us to compare the gains in graphics made between the current & next-gen platform.

The graphics don’t seem to be as big of a leap forward as one may could have expected from a brand new console, this is hardly surprising though as launch titles for new platforms rarely make use of everything the new hardware has to offer.

Forza Motorsport 5 is due to be released for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One on November 22. New features of the fifth installment of the Forza franchise include laser-scanned tracks, open wheel race cars and lots of new content.

Being a launch title for the new Xbox One, Forza Motorsport 5 will require an internet connection prior to the first launch as a substantial part of the game has to be downloaded off the internet first.

  • Realkman666

    If you don’t put coloured lines on the track to guide people, do they just try to turn and go off the cliff?

  • GamerMuscle

    The track design is awful.

    visually its stunning but in terms of actual layout design its as if it was designed by a someone that’s scared of using a brake.

    Maybe its meant to be an introductory track for people new to driving ?

    I wish we still had PGR I think it was a far better console racer than forza.

    • Tom Coombs

      Bernese alps is a circuit that surprises many. It doesn’t need as much braking, but it does however need some in vital areas especially lower classes with less downforce. If you don’t use the brake in this circuit you’ll be driving into the walls in at least 8 places.

      Please don’t insult Forza by comparing it to McDonalds…

      • GamerMuscle

        Please don’t insult McDonald’s by saying its unfair to call Forza Mcdonald’s , fact is Mcdonald’s does food for reasonably cheep and fast and its convenient.

        The cars in Forza are incomparable to even something like Rf1 in the same way that Mcdonalds burgers are not comparable to a decent restaurant burger.

        Sure there is probably loads of enjoyment to be had from forza and Mcdonalds but ultimately they are both shallow experiences.

      • chR

        “Mostly presentation and lacking in nutrition.”

        Totally agree. Turn10 knows how to promote but not how to deliver proper, serious motorsport competition. Calling 2 laps of the nordschleife an “endurance race”

        This game is “for car lovers” as Greenawalt says. Nice looking cars tracks will appeal to alot of people who do not need to care about any flag rules, pit stops or gentlemens agreement on track.

        “Where dreams are driven” I really miss the serious point of this game. I liked to play it with friends. Building up own racecars is fun with the freedom FM4 offers you. But as soon as you hit the track you realize the lack of love for the details.

        You have “magnetic fields” beside the track to avoid cutting, even touching those will result in a spin and will destroy your race. Tyrewalls where there are no in real-life. Wrong track layouts (Indianapolis in MotoGP version, Nürburgring with the fast NGK chicane with missing curbs as GP layout and without connection to the nordschleife.

        Kind of reminds me of a mixture between Matchbox and Pokemon. Gotta catch them all!

        It may be fun, but dont demand too much of it. Turn10 arent motorsport addicts, they are just “car lovers”

      • Ilija Prentovski
  • Kreshnik Halili

    bernese alps is a high speed course with high speed corners. you don´t need braking, you need handling. i hated this course. very hard to drive with the wheel in forza 4. one of the few tracks i couldn´t jump into the top 50.

    what gamersmuscle is saying here is complete crap. forza 4 with all assists off is actually a simulation. it´s not the best, that´s for sure, but it´s better than you think. the biggest flaw with forza 4 physics was that the car would heavily slide (understeer – slide) when getting just a little little bit over the limit. like that it was almost impossible to play with the car in corners. the rest is pretty much on par with RF2.

    what forza does by far better than any other racing game or simulator is the online racing experience. this makes forza worth every cent. nothing can compete with such a great online experience. also you have the best and most detailed leaderboards out there.

    as a package, forza is the best package there is out there. you have advanced tuning, you have high skill involved racing, you have the best online experience ever and so much more.

    i don´t play it any more because it got old already and i want games with better physics by now, like AC, but forza 5 will be worth it´s money. absolutely. if xbox one will be worth the money is a different story though.

    • Christopher Trees

      So your saying forza online is better than iracing… Come on that is a far stretch if there ever was one, the racing rooms are full of first lap wreckers, you get booted just for being better than others, or booted for no reason, everyone wants to race the fantasy tracks and avoids the real tracks. And that’s coming from me who has many many hours invested in forza. I have many top 100 times and also sit in the top 50 in designers.

      • Kreshnik Halili

        seriously? is that so? we had the biggest fun racing forza online actually. mostly we had a full xbox live party and played on our own lobbies or on a other “good” public lobby. when we wanted to have easy going sort of fun, we joined the random online lobbys or the lobby where everyone had the same car.
        dont get me wrong but we tried some iracing too. the biggest crap i have ever played. i dont know how it plays today, but when i tested this game several months ago, it was the biggest joke ever. it was absolutely like driving on ice. no connection feeling to the road whatsoever.
        after that i buyed rfactor 2. easy to drive, nice physics, better than forzas of course, especially in the corners. still nothing really groundbreaking at the time. the online was very bad, its even worse now in rfactor 2. but the physics somehow got better in the last couple of months. forza 4 by now got old. its not like forzas physics got updated in the time being.
        forza 5 looks mostly like forza 4 actually. but most likely the physics are updated like with every new forza title. it has the potential to be a great game thats for sure.

        about the “simulation” debate. sorry to say this, but if you guys called iracing a simulation several months ago, then forza is a simulation too, and even a better one, because iracing had nothing to do with how racing feels in that time (cant say anything about how it plays today). the racing immersion and the feeling for the car was much better back than. rfactor 2 is of course a better simulation than forza, like i said. especially when playing with the car in a corner. just because forza has assists for controller users, doesn´t mean wheel users have such an easy life. getting top 10 on 2 tracks with the wheel was pretty hard for me.

        anyway, i don´t really care about your definition of simulation. forza is no need for speed and it has most things simulated, even if they are not perfect or as good as rfactor 2s.

        whatever, Assetto Corsa will most likely be better than forza 5 anyway (the technology preview was fantastic) and since the xbox one is not worth the money, i may skip forza this time.

      • Christopher Trees

        Yes that is so… Tell me how many pros use forza to train? Now tell me how many pros use iracing! I can count numerous times of playing iracing and chatting with real life pro race drivers. And don’t give me that ice racing crap… Why do you think more people prefer iracing as there preferential simulator. It may not be perfect but what it does as a whole is outstanding.
        And don’t get me wrong forza is fun, but it’s simply a pick up and play casual thing. Iracing is also fun in a way where you feel a sense of accomplishment when you nail a lap or have an awesome race from the back of the field. And nothing beats iracings laser scanned tracks.

    • Anonymous

      Forza to me is the definition of the ‘sim-lite’ term. The cars handle more or less realistically, but there’s not really any effort put into making things authentic and it’s still easy enough to play on a gamepad.

      For example, there are only eight tyre compounds to cover everything from a Frogeye Sprite to an R18 TDI. There have been no end of weird issues in the past, from a 270hp Neon SRT4 and 8500rpm 962C to the current Forza 4 mistakes like a Panoz that’s missing 100ft-lb of torque and the R8 V10 that has a spike on the torque curve set to 110% of peak torque. Most cars use adopted engine sounds, the Huayra for example is a mix of a DB9 and an M3 while the Lexus CT hybrid is mainly a 1275 Mini.

      This is before you even touch on the upgrade system, which is very much fantasy even if you exclude the silly upgrades like a RWD Ford Ka or a V12-swapped F355. Their turbo simulation just doesn’t produce the power numbers it ought to either, meaning that the engine has to make more power off boost to compensate, which changes the drivability before you even consider their deliberate elimination of lag.

      It’s fine being a fan of Forza, it’s nice to drive and has a good selection of cars. I just wouldn’t hold it up as being anywhere near the likes of rF2 when it comes to simulation.

    • C4

      “what gamersmuscle is saying here is complete crap. forza 4 with all assists off is actually a simulation.”

      Even Dan said it’s no “hardcore simulation” or how he has put it (I don’t remember or find the exact quote)

      When “we” say simulation “we” usually mean good and/or core simulation and not those jack of all trade games, which purely as a racing _game_ have their own advantages over most (PC) sims here and there, as you said as a package.

  • Christopher Trees

    The story comment of “The graphics don’t seem to be as big of a leap forward as one may could have expected from a brand new console, this is hardly surprising though as launch titles for new platforms rarely make use of everything the new hardware has to offer.” Is far from the reality.

    1 we are looking at 720p vs 1080p. Much lower textures on fm4 compared to fm5. And as Dan. Greenawalt has stated FM5 is using 100% of the xbones power.. Same as forza 2 did on the 360 when it first came out. The difference between 2 and 4 was they learnt how to optimize better for the console, and that is where the leaps and bounds come in to it. By the time forza 7 comes out we will look at forza 5 and think man they are old graphics.
    Any on top of that the difference in the video is night and day, how Montoya can not see this I have no freaking idea. Better world modeling texture and lighting are instantly visual.

  • Anonymous

    Pcars only ones with turbo sound correct.

  • StarFoxySxv550

    The arguing in here is funny.

    PCARS is not a sim.
    rFactor2 is a let down.
    R3E is not GTR3.
    iRacing physics are crap.
    Assetto Corsa is vaporware

    And on and on… worse than console wars

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