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Forza Motorsport 3 – Ferrari FXX Gameplay Video

Forza Motorsport 3 – Ferrari FXX Gameplay Video

Turn 10 Studios have released a new gameplay video of their upcoming Forza Motorsport 3 title for Xbox 360, showing a full lap in Ferrari’s FXX supercar on the Ladera Test Track.

Forza Motorsport 3 will bring over 400 cars and 100 tracks to the Xbox 360, the third installment of the Forza series will be released on October 22nd.

  • vik15

    I wonder if this video was recorded from a cable or from a tv screen? Looks so much inferior to the screens posted here before. Almost like it uses a kind of cartoon shaders or something.

    I actually thought about buying x360 and this game. Have some doubts now.

  • F1Racer

    Yeah it looks like rFactor or something.

  • Chrisuu01

    He used driver aids what a noob

  • JAGUAR1977

    The lack of gearchange animations takes much away from the immersion factor.

  • carbonfibre

    I often scour the youtube comments on these videos just for laughs.

    Never fails to amaze me how any criticism often gets shot to pieces by endless fanboys, amongst the rest of that section reserved for typing practise.

  • F1Racer

    Chrisuu01: He used driver aids what a noob


    As sim-racers we aren’t a perfect bunch of people, but then who is right ?
    We hyper-criticise and hyper-scrutinse things sometimes and some, not all, have big egos and a streak of selfishness and a bit of the elitist in them. But we deal with that because we’re used to it by now.
    But if there’s one attitude that really stands out its comments like this which smack of ego and elitism. Not to mention its meaningless, pointless, disrespectful and childish.

    Why can’t you just live and let live and what do you care whether he uses aids or not ? So what ?

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