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Formula Two – New Preview Video

Formula Two – New Preview Video

The Simco Modding Team has released a new preview video of their Formula Two mod for rFactor, showing an on-board lap around Oschersleben. The team is busy finishing up the final tasks as the mod has been announced to be released on March 15th.

Launched in 2009, The FIA Formula Two Championship is meant to provide young drivers with a chance to compete in top-tier motorsport. The series uses a standard chassis built by Williams, the cars are powered by Audi engines that put out 400hp.

The cars offer a boost-feature that extends the car’s power to 450hp for up to six seconds, ten times during a race. The young series made headlines for all the wrong reasons when young Henry Surtees suffered fatal injuries during a Formula Two race at Brands Hatch during the series’ maiden season.

  • f1lover

    I am looking forward to this… Really think this will be an awsome League mod..
    Great sounds and cockpit.. I hope its FPS friendly

  • zudthespud

    looks really good. Interested to see how the boost works.

  • MrcL

    This looks pretty darn brilliant so far.

    Looks like it’s going to be quite the new favourite 🙂

  • TehFuzzi0n

    You’ve got to love GTR2 BMW M3/Ferrari 360 sounds…

  • simcompany

    TehFuzzi0n: You’ve got to love GTR2 BMW M3/Ferrari 360 sounds…

    good joke. this is a edited formula sound (ISI), and isn’t finished..

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