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Formula Two 1976 1.0 – Released

Formula Two 1976 1.0 – Released

st-dave has released his Formula Two 1976 mod for rFactor, bringing the most successful season of Formula One’s historic feeder series to the simulation.

1976 was a year of record numbers for Formula Two as 11 chassis manufacturers and six engine builders competed for the title. The series round at Hockenheim was a record-braking event as 45 entries compete for only 26 starting spots in Qualifying.

Car List

Elf 2J Renault
Martini MK19 Renault
March 762 BMW, Hart, Ford
March 752 BMW, Hart, Ford
Chevron B35 BMW, Hart, Ford
Ralt RT1 BMW, Hart, Ford
Lola T450 BMW, Hart, Ford
Toj F201 BMW
Boxer PR276 Ford
Modus M7 Hart
Wheatcroft P26 Holbay/Abarth

Download Formula Two 1976 1.0 Here

  • Madcowie

    Congratulations, nice mod with great models and good physics. Also competitive AI make for some really good racing!

  • RobinM

    Reminds me to the F2 cars I’ve seen at the Spa 6-hours event 😉

  • YoShImUrA

    I am not able to test the physics yet, but the models look very nice!

  • Alain Lefebvre

    Vraiment, vraiment bon, ce mod est excellent car les courses sont serrées, les AI se comportent bien (c’est rare sous rFactor !) et le comportement est la cerise sur le gateau : facile à contrôler mais on perd beaucoup de temps si on glisse trop !
    Bref, amateurs de voitures “anciennes” (disons, pas trop “modernes”), c’est un bijou !

  • Philip Oakley


    Brilliant mod, by the sounds of it! When I get the chance I’ll definitely be trying this out!

  • Dan

    It’s a great mod, The physics are great and there is a large selection of cars and skins. One thing that I notice is that the cars lock up quite easily, and that I noticed that cars from the era rarely locked up the front wheels (after watching the season reviews). Another thing is that I always get an error when I load the track, I haven’t noticed any problems in game though.

  • Riches

    A really nice mod, physics are very decent.
    Love the real mirrors on the other cars.
    Thanks for all the work!
    Keep it up!

  • epic sax guy

    turn down brake pressure…

    sigh christmas noobs

  • Boomstix

    Also move the bias towards the rear,I run around 51-49

  • V-dubber

    Brilliant mod. The 1978 version is excellent too. Nice work 🙂

    I have noticed that the Wheatcroft car doesn’t have a skin, when on track. Is it an easy fix?

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