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Formula Truck – Pre-Order Version Released

Reiza Studios have released their Formula Truck simulation to everyone who pre-ordered the title.

Reiza Studios have released their Formula Truck simulation to everyone who pre-ordered the title.

To make up for the release delay, Reiza has released an early version of the title to everyone who pre-ordered the title in the last few months.

According to Reiza, the released version is considered to be sort of an open beta, the final version is due to be released in a few days.

Seahawks2Fan is among those lucky ones to have received the title already, you can check out an extensive gameplay video from him below.

The title will include all trucks that competed in the 2012 Formula Truck Series season, racing on ten different tracks. Formula Truck sells for $24.90.

The Brazilian Formula Truck Series features 1200hp racing trucks from manufacturers such as VW, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Scania, Ford & Volvo. The series races exclusively in South America with most rounds in Brazil and one in Argentina.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Guy’s, just got mine; Also just $22.41…Hoooraah!

    Randall Kipker
    AL 35670
    United States

    Product Qty Unit Price Ext. Price
    Formula Truck Pre-Order 1 $ 22.41 $ 22.41
    Total: $ 22.41

    Thank You,
    The Plimus Team
    Reiza Studios Ltda.

  • Matt Orr

    These things are hilarious. FYI, the stock setup is beyond terrible, I suggest stiffening the rear ARB, moving a LOT of brake rearward as well as more rear weight.

    Here is a live commentated vid from last night, look through the menus and a 15 minute race against the AI, which preformed rather well for a Gm2 sim.

    • sinarca

      The game start only in trial mode.
      It tell me that my serial number is invalid ???!!!

      • Matt Orr

        Might want to contact them about that. The serial is the one you got way back when you preordered, not the order # from the billing.

      • sinarca

        This was the content of the email returned to me:

        “Game Stock Car – Full Version
        Your license key is ………
        Start Game Stock Car – , click “I have a serial Number”, online field, and Input this number to activate your copy.

        If you install Game Stock Car – in a different enviroment, you will need to use your Serial Number to activate the copy again. The Serial Number you purchased is valid for three activations in total.”

        I have followed this but…..

      • Dave Ellis

        Game Stock Car and Formula Truck are 2 different games.

      • Anonymous

        You should have replied to an email after you paid for you pre-ordered version. Reiza then sends you an activation code. I didn’t reply to this email and never got my activation code. Damn.
        Just sent the reply as luckily I found this email and am now awaiting the code. Already used up my 60 minutes so very frustrated at the moment.

    • Mario Strada

      Good call. As soon as I stiffened the rear ARB (and softened the front 1 click) the beasts were a lot tamer. Now I can actually point them into the turn and be reasonably confident it will go there. Mistakes are still possible, namely late braking will doom you, but otherwise your suggestion is spot on. I went from struggling against the AI at 100% to having to move the slider to 110% in order not to finish on pole and win the race every time.Thanks.

  • Glenn Briden

    This is a total Blast I am SO happy I ordered this game driving them is FUN and with some work you can get some pretty good times.

  • Mazda Mps

    This is truly fantastic. So much fun to drive. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rainmaker

    Strange I didnยดt received anything…

    They forgot me? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • ___ ษฅqp ___

      me too… *sulks*

  • Jim. C

    Really pleased with this. The physics are excellent and throwing these trucks around is so much fun. The game looks pretty good too. Another good job by Reiza.

  • Anonymous

    Who’d have thought 5 tons of metal could be so much fun. Excellent game. Excellent graphics just like Game Stock Car, the physics seem good and the game play seems to be as it should be. I found the default setup OK but boy do these things under steer and then snap suddenly to over steer. Excellent stuff. Reiza have done it again. One small problem when I pre-ordered I didn’t read the replies I got from Reiza and never confirmed the payment email with them. Think I’ve paid but because I didn’t do this I never received an activation code. Just had a very short hour playing the demo now have to wait for Reiza to get into their office tomorrow and send me that code.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Great Work Guy’s!

  • Jos
  • Anonymous

    I expected a lot of different things from this title, and I wasn’t disappointed, what a great feeling, also drifting those 5 ton, 1200hp things is as natural as pressing the gas pedal to accelerate ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ian Hare

    I have a Samsung laptop with HD 4000 integrated & GT 640m GPU’s (Windows 7 Pro) but game will not launch even after activation?

  • Anonymous

    i really don’t get what goes on in the heads of the ‘sales department’ of these small developers.
    i can understand making the game for the brazilian market, where truck racing is possibly popular (as popular as saloon racing? really?) and so people there might pay 24.90 to drive their favourite trucks.

    in europe theres no way its as popular a thing as btcc/dtm/rally etc..etc… i used to watch it sometimes on eurosport as a kid if it was on, in the same way i used to watch tractor pulling. Id be very surprised if its following is as big as the other national championships in Europe.

    charging 24.90 for it is mental, for a game based on rfactor. if they had any sense they would release it on steam for maybe 10 dollars or something, and if it had proper multiplayer support then it might be fun and possibly worth getting.

    all of these developers seem utterly clueless when it comes to basic business models and some market research (apart from pCars and in particular Kunos, who have clearly realised that lots of licensed content, and releasing on steam is the way to go).

    guaranteed a ton more people will have bought NKP/AC tech demo than play this.

    • Anonymous

      On the other hand I do think think that this was a good idea to make truck racing sim like this, Reiza is now very well known for making ultra realistic racing sim cars and ones everyone enjoy, and I always wanted a truck racing game which was never available as high quality as this and as realistic as this.

      Really noone should really criticize the decision of making this kind of game, or how much they charge until you try it, it’s well worth the money for what you get, it’s a completely different type of excitement to drive these.

      I remember I had a similar thought when GSC came out ended up in buying it after 2012 update and it’s still installed on my PC. Remember when you buy a game like this you pay for quality and help modders who deserve it the most, the very best.

      No hard feelings just all my personal opinion.

    • Matt Orr

      Yea, because I don’t follow it it has to suck, right? Because it’s not a big time series on the world stage, it can’t be worth having.

      No, you simply are the person who wants to drive certain cars, rather than a person who wants whatever provides fun. You would rather have a mildly tuned Porsche over a mild Ruf – because a Porsche is a Porsche, even though it might as well be a Ruf. That’s cool, but not everyone cares about that stuff. Give me shopping carts and I’ll race em if it’s a close race. You laugh at that idea.

      Currently Reiza has the best sims on the market. GSC is a must have, Gm2 be damned. Simbin has absolutely nothing on them. pCars is a year away. Assetto Corsa is who knows when by the time we get the inevitable 20 more delays.

      Considering the support they gave GSC and FTruck is of similar quality, I have absolutely zero issue supporting a good developer who isn’t out to plunder our wallets. Am I really interested in truck racing? Uhh, no. But know what? I’ll give it a chance, and I’m quite enjoying it.

      I overlooked GSC with your narrow minded approach to it. It’s just a good rFactor mod, it’s a series I don’t care for. In terms of offline racing, it’s my choice by a mile. So what if it doesn’t look flashy, is it fun?

      PS – Currently Simbin is the only group to have anything on Steam…. so….

      • Rhys Gardiner

        Or look at it this way – if sim developers only focused on “established” or “Popular” series, then the more internationally obscure series that have great potential, like Formula Truck, would get no exposure at all and would have no chance to grow their audience. I was certainly unaware of Brazilian Stock Car Racing before Game Stock Car came out, and now I’ve become very interested in the real life series.

      • Anonymous

        So wow Matt I pegged you as a totally negative person. Sorry for assuming. Now look back at what you wrote and how you defended Reiza and then put your self in the shoes of some of the WMD members who don’t always like what you write about pCARS and then you can understand their feelings about the subject of the title they have put much dedication into.

      • Matt Orr

        I have pCars. I have zero problem with it. As I’ve said before, some cars over there are tremendous (Oh man, that Capri), some are pieces of feces. Which will be the true end result? No matter what they say, I won’t believe what they say until it’s over and done with. Because I shouldn’t, least at this point.

        There is a difference between not wanting to try something and trying something but saying this is crap, this is good.

        That post was not a Reiza defense post, outside me saying they have the best sims on the market (which, well, they do in terms of a whole package), but outside that, the same could and would be said on any other subject. Racing is racing. I suggest you try and tell me a sim I don’t have / haven’t tried that has come out in the last decade, chances are if you do, it’s a rather irrelevant title that is in permabeta.

    • Mario Strada

      The game is a blast. $22 is a deal. I see no problem whatsoever with it. Clearly, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Cool. I like it, I buy it.

    • Mazda Mps

      You are so far off the mark. Why contradict yourself? You go on about why people why pay only for a truck series and Brazilian tracks. Then say that a ton more people would buy the tech preview, which has one car and one track, at a quarter of the price of Formula Trucks. Do the maths kid.

      Open your eyes.

      • Anonymous

        because the tech preview comes with netkar pro a full game………………………………….Duh. Hence why i say ‘NKP/AC’.

      • Mazda Mps

        You really don’t have a clue do you. Before the tech preview nKp was less value for money than FT. And you bought that no doubt. It didn’t have BTCC, DTM, etc like you stated. But you still bought it no doubt. Idiot. Game developers are not clueless, they make lots of money from dedicated fans for a properly developed game. I’m just pleased you won’t be on any FT online servers.

        Can’t believe I’m wasting my breath on you.

      • Anonymous

        ……………………..nkp on its own….comes with more content than this Formula trucks game does. Do you understand?
        yup i wont be on the FT servers…neither will anyone else.

        Good luck with that.

    • Jim. C

      Once you play Formula Trucks you realise it’s worth every penny. It’s a brilliant game with some of the most fun and engaging physics I’ve come across. The amount of hours play I will get from this game makes the price almost negligible. The exact same goes for Game Stock Car, another brilliant title from Reiza that has given me countless hours of fun.

      I’m quite happy to support Reiza as they are doing so much good. Just look at GSC with all the free content and updates that have been added.

      I find it a little disrespectful to Reiza when their games are described simply as rFactor mods. They are more than that and very much worth the price.

    • Anonymous

      I am gonna say this bottom line seems like you don’t understand how much effort goes into these sim titles and that the calendar year is 2013. Very simple answer from me is if you don’t want it don’t buy it but the work that was put into it is impressive. Reiza has done a great job with gMotor graphics better than the guys who created it’s recent works with it. So give Reiza some credit.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect timing for Trucking Tuesdays with the Yogscast!

    Even if they don’t have a steering wheel, I see no reason why they shouldn’t try this too, as they have with the others.

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    $22 well spent!!! These things are a blast..amazing job…Bought the game earlier today and less than 30 minutes later playing no problems.

  • Anonymous

    Demo. Where is it?

    • Chris Allen

      Download it like you bought it, for Trial/Demo you have 60 minutes to try. Click on play now and your time begins and game launches ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you like, you can buy it through the same window you play it through and also enter serial #, couldn’t be easier!

      • Attila Kiss

        Download it from where? On reiza’s site it is listed as under development and it does not have its own site as far as i can tell. Please advise ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Chris Allen

        Ah just pre-order access at this point, if you haven’t already paid for it, it will be out in a few days according to info above.

      • Chris Allen
        You can still pre-order it here if you are wanting immediate access. Choose language preference in upper right ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Reiza did a great job as usual. I thought I had lost my serial code but forgot just how long ago I ordered it. 2 1/2 months ago in Dec. I still had it buried. Thank God!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Reiza…. I sure wish you guys would make a sport car mod….! I love the Game Stock Car… but dislike the driving position, on my triple screen it appears I’m sitting in the back seat, or if to close the well is Huge!

    I own it though, of course I just have to remove the wheel….LOL!

    Also, love the Truck Sim… just wanted you to know if you made some Fantasy ALMS mod…. or the Rolex and GT cars…. as a fantasy and released all the fantasy US tracks I would pay any price up to $100US.

    You guy’s gave an entire new meaning to the Old gMotor…. so much so I wish the new ISI motor was as good!

    • Karol Gronowski

      in fact you are really sitting in back seat ๐Ÿ˜‰ (in the middle of car’s lenght)

  • Chris Allen

    I have to give it to Reiza, some amazing FFB in this sim, especially in the straights and beginning of a turn where there usually isn’t much. Loving it! And the turbo spool up sounds great!

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