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Formula Truck – New Gameplay Video

Frank Alexandre has released a new gameplay video of Reiza Studio’s upcoming Formula Truck title.

Frank Alexandre has released a new gameplay video of Reiza Studio’s upcoming Formula Truck title.

The video lets us look over Frank’s shoulder for a five-minute racing sequence aboard one of the powerful machines.

The title will include all trucks that competed in the 2012 Formula Truck Series season, racing on ten different tracks.

Reiza Studios recently announced a slight release delay to polish up the title, Formula Truck will sell for $24.90.

The Brazilian Formula Truck Series features 1200hp racing trucks from manufacturers such as VW, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Scania, Ford & Volvo. The series races exclusively in South America with most rounds in Brazil and one in Argentina.

  • Ghoults

    Looks just amazing imho.

  • Thorsten Lenzen

    when, when, when……? Can´t wait to drive it. Too bad its taking that long since original release date end of January…..

  • Matt Orr

    Sad to see the AI driving pathetically slow on the first laps will literally NEVER be fixed in these Gm2 sims, even rF2 has the same terrible AI behavior.

    If only the AI were competent. Hopefully the online racing is populated and not a mess of mismatches and wreckers, because these things will be a blast to race.

    • Claudio Zini

      I fixed the AI using the manual of Historic GT mod. It has a chapter devoted there to do this tweak. After that the AI was much better in general, including in the first laps and for all mods (rF1).

  • Paul Todd

    I used to cringe at the rfactor hud after spending years playing rfactor. Now I spend half my time wishing more sims had it.

  • Anonymous

    Though this will probably come off as confrontational, can someone please explain the appeal of semi-truck racing?

    •ørensen/100000834833894 Karsten Da Silva Sørensen

      how can blasting 1200BHP down a straight not be appealing, even by truck

    • Matt Orr

      How do people find BTCC / WTCC racing interesting? low power fwd crapboxes? Booooooooring.

      But sure enough, people like it. Cause they can. And why not!

    • Anonymous

      Try it by yourself, you’ll know 😉
      Nothing like direct experience 🙂

  • Mazda Mps

    I forgot I had pre-ordered this. Hope it’s released soon.

  •ørensen/100000834833894 Karsten Da Silva Sørensen

    just read in there FB profile that the game is coming out at the end of the wek for those who pre ordered they say; lets hope

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