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F1 & Codemasters Extend Licensing Agreement

Codemasters has announced an extension of their licensing contract with Formula One, allowing the company to produce fully-licensed F1 titles for multiple years to come.

Codemasters has announced an extension of their licensing contract with Formula One, allowing the company to produce fully-licensed F1 titles for multiple years to come.

The studio acquired the license in May 2008 and has since then released two F1 titles for handheld devices as well as two full-scale titles for the PC and next-gen consoles – F1 2010 & F1 2011.

The series’ next installment, F1 2012, is expected to be released this fall. Aside from that, Codemasters is branching out to new audiences by working on a free-to-play browser-based title called F1 Online The Game as well as a new family-oriented F1 title that is due to be released in late 2012.

“We got off to a strong start with FORMULA ONE but we harbour ambitions to do much more. FORMULA ONE is front of mind at Codemasters and we give it the focus and attention it deserves. We have established close links across the sport and they know that, in Codemasters, they have a great partner,” Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens commented.

“We remain ambitious with our plans and want to take the series forward. We want to take it to new geographies, make it available on new platforms to new audiences. We are taking FORMULA ONE to a new online platform this spring and our portfolio will be extended with a FORMULA ONE experience that will address a younger video game audience later in 2012. Our teams are hard at it, creating world class FORMULA ONE games across multiple genres for players irrespective of location or gaming platform and now, for many years to come.”

No details on the extended agreement have been published as the duration of the contract is unknown aside from it being a multi-year deal.

  • Janusz Topone

    Hope that they don’t ruined F1 2012 after first “patch”. That what they did with F1 2011 is just ridiculous.

    • Marcus Caton

      Did they add some physics or something snr gamer?

      • Andy Enderby

        last patch on the PC version introduced new bugs. All the bugs attributed to 2010 version – still there + corrupting save games, epic bad AI, crashes, memory leaks…… broken race tactics, it’s a significant list.

  • Anonymous

    “Bernie Ecclestone, Formula One group CEO, said:
    “Codemasters has created some of the best and most successful FORMULA ONE games to date. We and the teams work closely with them and look forward to creating more award winning games together in the future.”

    Ok now, let Ferrari allow CM to record their car.  No engine sound imposter for 2012.  Let’s have some of those Dirt series backfire sounds as well. Step it up to a another level of ferosity in sound for all cars, onboard and out . !!!

    • Anonymous

      May be good news… by 2014 Cm may just have a decent game…!   Actually, the game has not been that bad; my major issue was walking away from the 2010 game when obviously all bugs were not corrected and focused efforts on the 2011 version.

       If its PC; I’ll probably buy it, but not on pre-order… maybe when on sale!

  • Nicolas Grignon

    When money rules…. mediocres always win. Sad…

  • Knifesedge

    In other words: no good official F1 games in the next few years.

    • Luke Russell

      So much win.

  • Marcus Caton

    Damn…. Why….

    Some coder in his garage can make a better F1 title than these $#&##$%($%(#%$(%^Honestly talk about holding back progress.

    • StarFoXySxv550

      Thankfully they do. Buy rFactor2 then wait.

  • Radi Radev

    Fuck give the license to Slightly Mad Studios

    • gt3rsr

       So you would get an F1 “sim” with a NFS Shift handling. Not too much different from Codematers’ work.

      • Andrea Candini

         It looks like you haven’t played Project CARS.

      • Firefox

        He has a point.
        Formula One management (i.e Bernie) would never allow for the kind of realism as pCARS.
        Shift is probably closer to what you could expect for  physics.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        People don’t “give” licenses, especially people like FOM and bernie.
        The question is “Who can afford it” and then “Carry on affording it, after the it was so sim it sold only 100,000 copies”   

  • Eric Zehnder

    Success and quality are quite different, Codemasters. Your games are fun but lack realism 90% of the time.

    Personally I have no problem racing Formula “A” in Project CARS with Mark Shoemaker and Sebanien Vebbel…or whatever. Investors get their names in the games so you may be racing against world renown “NotF1” driver Eric Zehnder!

    • Anonymous

      And that’s why Codies got the license, the average F1 fan just wants to have fun with the full field and full schedule. They don’t care about accurate physics, they just want to feel like they can drive. We sim racers would rather accurate physics with just one representative car and half the tracks, but we don’t pay the bills like the casuals.

      • Eric Zehnder

         I respect the attention to detail that Codemasters has shown the license, though not the physics. It does the job – making you feel like a real F1 driver. The problem really only came with me when I started playing sims back in 2010. At that time I was playing F1 2010 and had a ball. Then I started playing netKar Pro, iRacing and more recently pCARS and it has spoiled it in a way. I’m not bitter because I think the new string of sims coming out will all be fantastic; it’s just that I can’t go back and have the same kind of fun.

        I’m thinking I could have more fun with a game that is much more arcade minded like GRID 2 if it comes out. Powersliding effortlessly around corners in big V8 muscle cars like Camaros and Mustangs – I could have fun with that, Codemasters.

  • Varazdat Markosyan

    Will again be another arcade game, not a normal F1 simulator. They are and will be doing this shit.

  • gt3rsr

    Why not. This is a mainstream game for general public. As it should be. I bet that there were sold many times more copies of F1 2010 or 2011 than all F1 games made by ISI together. We simracers have rFactor mods, F Reiza or iRacing….

    • StarFoXySxv550

      I agree. I always say, people start with games/semi-sims like these and after their feet are wet and addicted they find the full sims then become addicted to those.

      The racing genre is really small, we should try and support everything because it benefits us all in the end. Publisher won’t be so scared to invest in a niche (so more games) and more people for us to race with in lobbies/servers.

      • Anonymous

        That’s how it went for me. If it weren’t for Forza, I wouldn’t be at all interested in sim racing now.

  • Mike Cimuchowski

    F1 2011 was horrendous. Bugs galore. I’m not even interested anymore.

  • Marcus

    Arcade or not CM really needs proper QA. Talk about having 2 games straight in a row being left broken after their patches.

    2010 = Broken DX9 rain effects for PC
    2011 = Broken Tire Sim for all platforms

    If their game engine couldn’t do the sim options and rules without them doing some super code-fu workarounds I think they should just keep it simple ala GT, Forza, Shift and their very own DIRT & GRID. I know one of the RL sport’s charm are its rules but a “perfect F1 arcade” is a lot better than a “broken F1 semi-sim”.

    Doing 100% races with all sims on for F1 2011 feels great but when you notice that you have no grip after pitting due to cold tires while the AI doesn’t seem bothered at all the immersion just goes away. At least with 2011 there’s an illusion that fuel has an effect on them but the rest feels wrong. It might’ve been OK if it has great multiplayer but it doesn’t.

  • Marcus

    thank you Codemaster for ruinning F1  all together. floaty tire ftw, F1 CE is still better.

    • Anonymous

      yep. Sony did a much better job than Codies

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