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Formula Nippon 2006-2008 1.0 – Released

Formula Nippon 2006-2008 1.0 – Released

During the past few years, the rFactor Series modding team has released several seasons of the Japanese Formula Nippon Series for rFactor. Now, the team has combined three seasons of open-wheel racing, releasing the Formula Nippon 2006-2008 mod for rFactor.

The mod includes all cars and drivers of three Formula Nippon series seasons, Japan’s most popular open wheel racing series. Furthermore, RealFeel & controller settings as well as matching templates are included.

Using Lola-build cars powered by Honda & Toyota engines, Formula Nippon features some of Japan’s most talented racers as well as international drivers such as Andre Lotterer, Loic Duval or Benoit Treluyer.

Download Formula Nippon 2006-2008 1.0 Here

  • F1Racer

    Cool ! The Nippon mod has always been one of my top rated mods for rF. Thanks for the updated release guys.

  • crosschris

    Very nice mod. Thank you all very much :happy:

  • cosmo1973

    Thanks for this guys. Great mod, definately in my top 5 :happy:

  • tigeraid

    Just want to clarify–this is the same as the previous mod, except with all three seasons of skins?

  • Paul Kelly

    Always one of the best, most underrated, mods in rFactor. One of the few mods that works great with and has a properly designed suspension for RealFeel!

  • DeDios

    Yes, for me is one of most realistic mods regarding open wheels. Really, really good.

  • raulongo

    Here is a mirror of the same file, but instead of 164Mb its size is about 80Mb with 7z

  • Flaux

    Its so wonderful! Have the fn2008 for a long time and now this one adds just some extra to it. Great!

    BTW. I set my realfeel-setting to “MaxForceAtSteeringRack=-5000” This way I got rid from this edge around the center…

  • dknine

    absolutely agree that this mod is wonderful, this is one of my favorite openwheel mod out there. 😎

    thanks all involved, for making this mod :ooo:

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