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Ford GT for GTR 2 – First Renders

Ford GT for GTR 2 – First Renders

Merlin75 is working on a scratch-made version of the Ford GT, bringing both the GT3 and GT 1 versions to the simulation.

Now, he has released first renders of both versions for us to enjoy. Built by Matech, the Ford GT is racing in two different classes. The GT3 version (white render) of the car made it’s debut in the 2006 FIA GT3 Championship season, a GT1 version for the FIA GT championship followed 2008 (blue).

  • phil23

    They look stunning 😮

    Can’t wait to have this car in Evo :happy:

  • moving-target

    GTR2 first please :sd:

  • modbaraban
  • shadow911

    This is nothing more then a stuporous NFS-Convert


    Yes!!!! Black Doorlines and Alpha Chanel Logos. NFS RULES 😆

  • moving-target

    Oh guys, you really know how to encourage modders… :weird:

  • Vkt-2

    scratch-made?? hahahaha… wait a sec.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! 🙄


  • Drake

    How about you complainers make your own Ford GT then? Let me know when it’s done.

  • Crommi

    Just wondering, author can model and texture these from scratch but does not know how to use alpha channels or set up smoothing groups for rendering… I mean, that’s basic stuff right there.

  • Vkt-2

    yeah this is the same bullshit as the 99% of the other mods for GTR2 🙄

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