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Fonsecker Sound Pack for AC 1.4 – Released

Sim racing sound expert Fonsecker has released a new version of his popular sound pack for Assetto Corsa.

Sim racing sound expert Fonsecker has released a new version of his popular sound pack for Assetto Corsa.

The pack adds brand new sounds to several of AC’s new cars as listed below, vastly improving the title’s audio experience as you can hear for yourself in the previews below.


-Ferrari 458 GT2 complete new sounds
-Corvette C7R complete new sounds
-Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 + Mercedes SLS GT3 new onboard sounds and small external improvements
-McLaren 650S GT3 + McLaren MP4-12C GT3 new onboard sounds and huge external improvement
-BMW M3 GT2 small changes on external sounds
-all cars external volume curve improvements
-almost all cars small internal sounds improvements, reworked with better stereo samples
-Audi R8 onboard sample loop improvements
-Lamborghini Huracan GT3 onboard small improvements
-BMW Z4 GT3 small internal improvements
-McLaren F1 GTR internal sounds now stereo

Put all files into the assettocorsa\content\cars folder or replace just the sounds you like.

Recommendet opponent sound level: 0.7-0.9

[boxdownload]Download Fonsecker Sound Pack for Assetto Corsa 1.4 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Brownninja97 .

    i sincerly wish kunos hire fonsecker at some point.

    • Patrik Marek

      and support him with good amount of money so that he could record these himself , have access to cars etc.

      yeah, these all sound really nicely

      • Gui Cramer

        … Or put him into a short-changed schedule forcing him to not be able to deliver the quality results he seeks.

      • Patrik Marek

        if Kunos is not budgeting enough time for sounds, it’s not Fonseckers fault, is it ?

        and he doesn’t work on the sounds mods 10 hours a day, either

      • Gui Cramer

        You should re-read what you’re replying to

      • Patrik Marek

        maybe I didn’t understand you post, but to me you are implying that his sounds sound better ( matter of oppinion of course) because he isn’t pressured to work on tight schedules

        and that’s not how this works, if anything doing this after your day to day job is even harder, because you are already tired, it’s harder to fully concentrate, etc.

        if the amount of time given to official artists working on this as his full time job is not enough , there are only 2 possibilities

        either not enough time is given,
        or the person doing the work isn’t up for it

      • Gui Cramer

        With access to proper recording and the cars, and doing this full-time, there is little doubt he would be able to create even better, and balanced work. But being hired by the developer doesn’t necessarily equate to that.

        He could have the job but other forces (internal or external) prevent him from go as broad as he might otherwise. As a free modder he has no constraints on his output whatsoever.

      • Patrik Marek

        sure, but as a modder he also doesn’t have money and big name to give him access to cars etc. so there are two sides to it

      • Gui Cramer

        Yup, exactly as I said above. We’re on the same page, fyi :p.

    • AdamJonas

      They won’t hire him, they banned him instead. That’s what Kunos can do, nothing else.

      • Captain Stabby

        Yeah i don’t see Kunos hiring him after banning him. Bit of a public backflip that one.

  • Leeman

    These sound good. I hope he re-does the sounds for the Ford Escort.

  • Race Nut

    Fonsecker has a good ear for the details. Imagine what he could do with greater resources like the pros have. He certainly displays a passion for quality racing sounds and that is something generally underrated in Sim circles.

    • Richard Hessels

      Mostly the pros don’t always have greater resources. They have a tight schedule and too little time.

      • JorgeDeeeeeaz

        Well, Fonsecker relies on Onboard videos I guess. The sound designer at AC has access to the car itself. Would make a huuuuuge difference if Fonsecker had that access too and could produce the sounds he requires.

      • Kabonfaiba

        I had two revelations about recording car sound when I was driving once, (previously I said powered dyno – which is actually what they kinda do currently… Except that method would be the wrong way)
        I don’t know if Kunos is interested, but it involves building a rig that the car tows which doubles up as a place to mount microphones for recording the exhaust note from further away for better effect, the rig does other things as well 😉
        The 2nd idea involves a large hill, engine breaking in all the gears would give a car at least 5 good unloaded engine samples at fixed revs, easy to do, perfect results, just got to find the right location to ship the cars to for the recording session.

      • Race Nut

        It just speaks to developers not putting enough resources into sounds; there’s often only 1 or 2 people on a team to create quality sounds. It’s sad that’s the reality but, hopefully, there will be a revolution of sorts in Racing-sim sound soon. I think it’s already started but, a bit too quietly. 🙂

      • Patrik Marek

        well maybe they can shift resources into important areas, rather then flodding us with same cars ( why Hurracan SF if there is GT3? etc)

  • Smiggie

    Sodano should just disappear… What a wast of money

    • Mathieu Labbé

      To be fair, the work he did on the Escort is quite amazing IMO. I agree sounds weren’t all very good before (especially external), but his work is not garbage at all.

      • Patrik Marek

        funny you should say that, Emptybox ( not saying he is an expert) considers the sound of the Escort plain terrible making it the biggest reason why he doesn’t drive that car

      • Matt Orr

        Like someone said : sounds like a buzzsaw sent through auto tune. lol

      • Leeman

        Yeah, I saw his review. But, it’s a shame because he’s missing out on one of the most fun cars to drive in this entire sim.

      • Gui Cramer

        I watched that thing on YouTube and it sounds so heavily digitized, I remember seeing old Escorts back in the day and that sound is not from any of them. It sounds like a pCARS car.

      • Mathieu Labbé

        That I can’t comment on as I dont want to judge sounds by youtube videos. Back in 2012, I watched F1 on youtube before seing them live, and its far from the same thing.

      • Patrik Marek

        I guess on-boards are of course hard to judge, but cars passing by sound quite similar

        I have been on F1 in Singapore and recorded some vids from it, and it sounds pretty much like it did there ( obviously being much lower quality due to not the greatest of audio setups)

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        LOL and Fons 650s doesn’t? Sounds ten times more digitized than the escort does

      • Gui Cramer

        I didn’t play all of his sounds so I wouldn’t know which ones are bad.

      • Race Nut

        The Escort seems like the least exciting sounding car (internal) from DP3 to me. Even some of the low-power cars in iRacing have way better sound-dynamics than it does. That may speak to sound-engine limitations though.

        The GT40 is even worse; it’s interior sounds make it hard to drive. In that case (GT40), Pcars version is miles better IMO.

    • svdb

      That’s a bit disrespecful, think about the time frames Luca has to work with.

    • Hexen

      It sounds rude but i kinda agree. Seeing what this dude produces in his freetime its just pitiful what a so called professional sound designer achieves. -sodano + fonsecker

      • quf

        Fonsecker records directly from cars or using AC/youtube as source? Or buys samples from “car sound shops”?

    • the flock of seagulls haircut

      Now that was totally uncalled for.

      • Smiggie

        This is Sodano’s setup, plus onboard registrations (because they have their office in a racetrack lol), and the results are worse than what a modder can deliver? Seriously?

        And please, just don’t use the excuse of Sodano’s more realistic sounds, because it’s pathetic.

      • Richard Hessels

        Looks like a regular home recording studio. Some mid-end Dynaudio’s.
        Not much simracers would have such an environment to listen to. Most will play it trough their low-end headphones or plastic surround set.

      • the flock of seagulls haircut

        Actually, you’re pathetic. But that’s a whole different can of worms I am not even going to try to open. Enjoy your misery, little person.

      • Smiggie

        It will make him stronger. Don’t worry for him!


      • Hugo Stiglitz

        LOL You’re completely wrong. If you woudl say that 650s sounds better than the stock sound, you’re delusional. The mod is horrible

    • Race Nut

      Luca and Kunos have been improving the stock sounds but, there is still something missing. Fonsecker is able to squeeze a bit more out of fMod using less accurate sources so there is clearly more that can be done with the sound engine but, it may benefit from some customization.

      Virtually all great sounding titles use a custom-built, highly modified sound engine or other trickery to produce their sounds. The stock fMod seems to have limitations when used with Sim’s.

    • °_°

      ElMariachi90 (GTR2 sound modder) now is par of kunos team..dreampack 2-3 cars sounds better than vanilla or DP1

  • Leynad

    Just to warn you: All Fonsecker-modded cars had no sound at all on my system after 1.3 and veryfing game cache, even copying back the backup-files doesn´t help, because Windows just doesn´t replace the hole folders. I had to delete a.gfx files in every car-folder.

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      You did something wrong; after a game update simply re-install the sound mod SFX folders and you will be good to go.

      • LTC Mike

        No, he didn’t do something wrong. As he mentioned, AC “just doesn´t replace the hole folders” when it’s updated or even checked via Steam, but does only replace the sound bank files but leaves the txt files and with standard AC sound banks that doesn’t work. So if one wants to revert to the standard sounds a file check with steam doesn’t do the whole thing but you have to manually remove the txt files that modded sound banks need. If you just want back the Fonsecker mods, you’re right.

      • Patrik Marek

        modding was always meant “do at your own risk”
        it does require additional knowledge (which on AC I find to be way less then what you need to know in other titles)

        but yes, as you describe, if someone wants to revert back, deleting the guid.TXT should fix it

  • IVJG Knight

    They sound like cars now !

  • Michael Brandt

    Thank you very much Fonsy ! Really makes a difference :o)

  • Glen Orpheus

    wow what a difference these make, blown away with the quality

  • Saleem Hodge

    This is the first modded audio over instants and Omg is it amazing in the r8 lms ultra! Honestly why can’t they book up with bozzy to get some good recordings? All in all I’m on the hunt for more sounds!

  • Paul Maguire

    does he modify or make new?

  • dd101

    The most pathetic sound in AC is tyre wail (and similar behavour).
    How could they re-release it / not mod it away again and again?

  • Mostertpot

    For me one of the biggest issues with how many cars sound in this game is (i think) the drivetrain simulation. Just listen to any of the GT3 cars in the game. Changing gear just takes too long i think. It’s like they all have a DSG gearbox out of a Golf GTI. It changes gears kinda quick, but not as instant as a straight cut gearbox in real life.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    I don’t know. The vette sounds great but the 650S sounds awful IMO

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