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First Preview of Le Mans 1967 For rFactor 2

Woochoo, accomplished track creator for many gMotor 2 based simulations, has announced a new modding project for rFactor 2 – Le Mans 1967.

Woochoo, accomplished track creator for many gMotor 2 based simulations, has announced a new modding project for rFactor 2 – Le Mans 1967.

Created with support from Virtual_LM, the track will bring a high-speed historical version of the famed Circuit de La Sarthe, home of the Le Mans 24 Hours, to rFactor 2.

The track will be the most historic layout of Le Mans in a racing simulation for many years as the next “oldest” version of Le Mans available is Virtua_LM’s 1972-1986 layout.

The 1967 variant was even more high-speed, having none of today’s chicanes and only a basic set of corners to link the circuit’s high-speed straights together.

Below is a first preview, giving us a glimpse at the nightly start-finish straight.

  • Jorge GB


  • Jetexocet

    Looking forward to this. Now where did I put those carrots so I can see the screenshot.

    • woochoo

      hehe, i had to show a dark one because it’s still early in dev. A few things in that shot have changed in the few days since it was posted. Now more accurate/refined 🙂

  • Kev

    Now S397 HAS to update the 60s vehicles. Right?

    • Roger Ramjet


  • anonymouse

    Somebody who can contact him, should ask to make the ’70 variant aswell, with the last chicane added in.

    • woochoo

      after the ’67 is complete a ’70 version is a possibility. It has been pondered already. Same with a ’67 Bugatti layout, but probably after the ’70 full circuit

      • anonymouse

        Oh that’s lovely to hear. Permissions to convert both ’67 and possible ’70 to other games once they’ll be released? We desperately need a proper substitute for the outdated GPL tracks.

      • woochoo

        Haven’t thought quite that far ahead just yet. It will be talked about 🙂

      • anonymouse

        Fair enough, good luck with the rest of the project then!

        My army of cars from that era is ready, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

      • woochoo

        It has now been talked about. When the time comes we’ll be looking for people who can do quality conversions for their platform of choice 🙂

  • David Wright

    Woochoo – you probably already have accurate track maps/elevations but if not then let me know.

    • woochoo

      thanks, I’ve sent a PM on the S397 forums. Didn’t see how to do it here. Hoping it’s the same David Wright…

  • Rantam

    Can’t wait to give it a try! 🙂

    Kindest regards

  • mjbonner70

    This is fantastic news. Is Ethone involved? Say hi if so!

    • woochoo

      Thanks. He isn’t, so far at least

  • svdb

    This is a monster project, but very exciting! Finally some good rF2 modding projects seem to get going.

  • woochoo

    just in case someone in the past or the future is finding this thread via search engine, the track has recently been released as a v0.50 work-in-progress build
    (five hours into the 50th anniversary, the real 2017 Le Mans 24h race)

    Find it on the official rFactor 2 forums:

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