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A First Look At the Winter Nordschleife Mod for AC

Won & Joshkerr are working on bringing proper winter conditions to Assetto Corsa’s Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Even though Assetto Corsa does not natively support the simulation of different seasons or weather, crafty modders are (as usual) doing their best to work around the limitations of each title, and the Nordschleife Winter mod is a prime example of that.

Made by Won & Joshkerr, the texture pack will bring proper winter atmosphere to the virtual Eifel mountains, weather conditions that are not exactly uncommon in the Green Hell during winter months.

You can check out a first preview video of the mod below, showing roughly half a lap around the wintery Nordschleife.

  • Smiggie

    The grip is also affected?

    • Francesco Kasta

      From the incredible amount of slipping and sliding shown in the video it looks like it is.

  • Ak1504

    All i get from this video is motion sickness -.-

    • Alexandre Martini

      good god… i couldn’t get past the pit exit.

  • ftrracingtv

    you’re just sliding most of the time trying to find grip 😞 i think ill pass on this one

  • pez2k

    One of the Project Gotham games had a great special event that was a Maserati 250F hotlap around a snowy Nordschleife – it was fun in an arcade racer but I’m not sure I’m good enough for the AC equivalent!

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