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First Forza Motorsport 7 Screenshots Leaked

Ahead of Microsoft’s E3 press conference which is expected to reveal Forza Motorsport 7, first low-res screenshots of the Xbox Scorpio racer have leaked.

Ahead of Microsoft’s E3 press conference which is expected to reveal Forza Motorsport 7, first low-res screenshots of the Xbox Scorpio racer have leaked.

The screenshots show a Pagani Huayra, the Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit as well as Porsche’s 919 Hybrid Le Mans winner.

Following the Forza Apex release that was a first toe-in on the PC platform, Forza Motorsport 7 will become the first full-scale Forza to also become available for Windows 10. More details are expected on the press conference later today.

  • TheFourHorsemen

    Nice thumbnails…

  • Steven Shears

    So looks like Watkins Glen, Nurburgring and a road track in the desert. I do hope that doesn’t indicate the return of the “snakes”

    • Bakkster

      The building in the background looks very familiar, but I can’t place it right now.

      • Steven Shears

        The sand track is the Hafeet mountain pass. One of the worlds greatest driving roads. Thats good news.

      • Bakkster

        Well, unless you prefer Forza Motorsport to be race tracks, and Horizons to be “great driving roads”.

      • Steven Shears

        Well, to be fair they’ve nearly always had one or two. Something to companion the Nords.

      • Bakkster

        Yeah, it’s nothing new, but they were always my least favorite parts of the Forza Motorsport series. I had hoped the split with Horizon would have meant less of it.

      • RKipker

        I disagree… Their Fuji Mountain circuit was pretty good in FM4. I’m not a huge fan of the Swiss alps track…. But this one looks interesting.

      • Richard Hessels

        Nurburgring GP circuit, photo is taken from the exit to the Nordschleife.

  • Paul

    The Porsche driver got airbags hmm innovation in racing games comes from the little things

  • Mar Mar

    The Porsche is covered in dust but the roads are clean.

    • Tom Coombs

      In the trailer there is sand on parts of the road.

      • Tom Coombs

        Also I don’t suppose you’ve heard of dust/sand being carried by wind in a desert?

  • Patrik Marek

    my PC is ready! bring it on!

  • RKipker

    Well this will be the first time Forza will be built and designed on the PC first and then ported to console. Of course I guess the new Xbox One X is more a computer now anyway… And since it’s not ready, they’re using the PC.

    Still good news! I know this is not a SIM… But as a break away I enjoy and have enjoyed the Forza games since F2. They always bring in the best cars… And now with most wheels you can make the FFB and handling pretty close to what feels real.

    PCARS , AC, Dirt, have pushed T10 to improve there base game….. Which has be good for everyone.

    It will be good to see if pCARS2 can really make a dent in the F7 market.

  • AnklaX

    this site dead or what?

  • Silvio

    This site is managed by one single person? Is he alive yet?
    10 days without any update.

    • BucketCat

      He`s probably collecting all the pCARs shilling articles….

  • Atarikake

    I removed the Shop and all X-box related functionality from my windows 10 completely after trying out Forza 6 Apex. It was such an intrusive experience.

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