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Fia GT3 for rFactor 2 – Mercedes Released

Team Apex Modding has released the first version of their FIA GT3 mod for rFactor 2.

Team Apex Modding has released the first version of their FIA GT3 mod for rFactor 2.

The first version introduces the SLS AMG GT3, Mercedes Benz’ challenger for GT3 class racing. The car comes with various liveries from several GT3-based championships, including the Blancpain Series and the ADAC GT Masters.

The mod remains a work in progress as it will evolve together with rFactor 2 which itself is improving with every version release.

[boxdownload]Download FIA GT3 for Factor 2 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Paul Thompson

    Oh looks good, off to download it now 😀 thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I like the car thankyou drives really nice and looks pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    Great Fun to drive!
    Good looking car with a wide range of detailed liveries.
    Really looking forward to the other GT3 cars, if the quality stays that high it’s going to be pure awesomeness 😀

  • Manuel Riger

    Sorry but its not pure awesomeness………. The car has a buged force freedback whitch is not correct. the gears are complete off in the setting as the handle and grip are not on a level. I see potenial but there must be a lot of changes.

    Edit: sounds are not good too.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but I disagree. I think it’s one of the better cars offered for rF2. Still I respect the fact you gave reasons why you don’t think it is too good.

  • Xteria

    FIA ban hammer incoming

  • wajdi nujeidat
    • o0THX11380o

      No it’s not, try turning up your FFB…

      • wajdi nujeidat

        I have it up to 1.3 in the car-Multi and it is the same thing also the car has a general understeering that is unrealistic for these race cars! however it is an early Beta and lets hope they can improve it!

      • Anonymous

        ffb is higher for me than any other car with a t500, i normally run all cars at 1.3, this one i wouldn’t dare go over 1.00.

  • Traumahound

    I really want to like this mod, but so far I’m not enjoying it. Maybe I need to adjust my driving style (brake earlier, etc), because this car’s rear end loves to break free, and it seems very hard to catch that slide. At all. I noticed in the setup that rear camber seems very low (near vertical by default), but adding a full degree of negative value didn’t seem to help much.
    All this is a bit odd, because I think the ffb is done quite well.
    Also, is the steering radius for this car really 540 degrees? That’s almost F1 territory.
    I’ll give this all another go tomorrow. : /

    • o0THX11380o

      I respectfully disagree completely. I just took it around interlogos and it was a blast, the back end steps out and it’s catchable every time. I think you need to spend more time with it and let your muscles get used to what is required. For the longest time with simracing I was making mistakes or just not doing things right. Then one day all of a sudden I realized that I had hit a new level of skill and everything that was hard became easy. Just keep driving and try and get used to it. One of the most important parts of car control that I have learned is to use your foot… steer always smoothly and use your foot the same way. smooth, gradual, know the rpm sound and where your foot should be for it. It’s all about training your body’ memory and after a long time you’ll start to feel like the cars are too easy… then you’ll get bored…. that’s the worst part.

      • Traumahound

        THX, I respect and appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. I know these are SIMS, and I can’t always expect to just jump in a new car and find a race pace within a few laps.
        I’ll keep practicing. Some of the “muscle memory” development you talk about might come easier with the new load cell pedals I keep thinking about. ; )

    • Anonymous

      I will just comment on one detail, yes, these cars usually have 540 rotation. Modern F1 cars tend to have just 360 or 450 (they had 540 in the 80s already).

      • Traumahound

        Yes, I generally use 400 for formula cars. I suppose I was exaggerating a little when I wrote ALMOST.

  • Kenneth Sehested Pedersen

    Would be nice if theese kinda previews was made with onboard shots……noone drive the car from outside, unless its need4speed 😉

  • Trevor

    Amazing, thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice mod, really excellent feel if you drive it properly, looking forward to the other cars.

  • Matt Orr

    Pretty good car. Decent FFB, decent physics, good cockpit, good 3D model, though lacking dynamic reflections and sounds are acceptable. Well worth a download, though the AI is crazy slow.

    • pocketrocket

      I agree. 30+ seconds difference between me and AI at Nurburgring tourist. Still bit too understeerey. And gear ratio really not suitable for Nurburgring. Adjustable front aero and gear ratio should do the trick.

  • Kev

    Just want to say welcome to the many who have begun to quietly slide over to rF2 recently. Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with us.

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      LULZ….There are 28 people on-line right now in prime time..

    • Marco Hooghuis

      What? Using rF2 has become a guilty pleasure now?

      • Anonymous

        Well it has, noticed those that vote up a rFactor 2 comment, never show their name’s, it’s always a up vote from guest, check all the rFactor2 post here on virtualR you’ll see.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        Well, in that case, I use rFactor 2. And I like it.
        There, I said it, I meant it, I’m here to represent it 🙂

      • Anonymous

        And it look’s like the vvv team will be supporting rFactor 2 as well, if only we saw more positive reviews of rFactor 2 like these,rFactor 2 review compilation 1-7 click play all:

      • Pablo Coronel

        No way, how you can be guilty by using The King of race simulation!

  • Anonymous

    How does this mod compare with URD’s Endurace Racing X?

  • OlegBro

    omg After second or third years stil shitty game with worth graphics than RF1 has

    • o0THX11380o

      The development is almost unbearably slow… but to say it looks worse gfx than rf1 is just crazy.

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