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FIA GT 2008 Mod 1.0 – Released

FIA GT 2008 Mod 1.0 – Released

Team GTR4U and friends have released their FIA GT 2008 mod for GTR2, the result of ten months of community work. The mod brings the complete 2008 season of the FIA GT championship to the simulation, including all cars that competed during the season and the flagship 24 hour race at Spa.

The mod is a complete package with plenty of features such as new physics, sounds, loading screens, helmets and driver suits and much more. Visit the download link below to get to the files and detailed installation instructions.

Download FIA GT 2008 Mod 1.0 Here

  • Gerdoner

    Looks good. Maybe I should reinstall GTRĀ²? šŸ˜‰

  • zand

    Fantastic work!
    Thank you!

  • LuisNabais

    This would be great for rFactor…

  • Raikku

    So this change some original files? Sounds not good…

  • Cristi Rus

    This is a very nice mod. Cars in GT1 class handle nice and are now more close to one another in terms of lap times, so it’s great to be able to drive the MC12 proper.

    1. Aston Martin sound. I don’t think anyone can handle a race with that kind of sound. It’s just wrong.
    2. Corvette C6.R brake lights don’t work.

  • maxs


  • fpol

    I don’t know what kind of driving model these guys built – if it’s simplistic or a good solid model – but if this is any good, I could almost see GTR2 remaining as a solid mod platform for awhile for the FIA.

    Right now, the original simbin (slightly mad) are engaged elsewhere, and the *new* SIMBIN seem consumed with a middle ground between real series and “equalized” series, with many real endurance features missing.

    We’ll see, it will be funny if GTR2 turns out to have GPL type lifespan.

  • LensFlare

    I agree, I just wish that when they’re done with Race’07 addons, they will release a GTR3…

    The problem is: Porsche and Ferraris…

  • Cristi Rus

    I personally don’t like Race, Race07 and GTR Evo, I just can’t “feel” the car, so I’m pleased when there’s a good GTR2 mod available.

  • Raikku

    One, quite big, problem: In this mode Vette C6R has that bug with “Gauge needle” in screen’s upper left corner…

  • tbc21

    Great job guys. But didn’t you have the permission to use the WSGT Aston Martin?

  • Chaz

    Sounds can be swapped out easily. It’s all subjective.

    As for the C6-R brake lights, apparently the mod team is aware of this issue and will fix it shortly.

  • GreyMatter

    Great Mod!, Any chance of G3 cars to complete the Spa field?

  • speedfreak968

    I keep getting CTD everytime I try to start championship… No problem with single race, “only” w/ championchips… I’ve installed it as per instructions in readme file… Any idea? :sad2:

  • alex69star

    Sorry I’m french so I try to speak English :weird:
    Where do you download the FIA GT 2008’s tracks because when I start the championship there is a message and I can’t playing… I think ,I haven’t got the great track :shame:

  • DC42

    One, quite big, problem: In this mode Vette C6R has that bug with ā€œGauge needleā€ in screenā€™s upper left cornerā€¦

    Can anyone pass along a fix for the Corvette tach issue?

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