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FIA GT 2008 2.0 for GTR Evolution – Released

FIA GT 2008 2.0 for GTR Evolution – Released

Zand has released a new version of his FIA GT 2008 mod for GTR Evolution, fixing various issues with the mod’s innitial version as listed below.


– Reduced install size and corrected online issues (Thanks to Günthar Rowe);
– Added missing helmets and suits;
– Added cockpit interior details;
– Corrected the MC12 and 575 GTC skins lack of detail bug;
– Corrected the 575 GTC damage bug;
– Corrected the Felbemeyr-IMSA Porsche link bug;
– Corrected the Dodge Viper GTS-R error (in reality Chrysler Viper GTS-R);
– Logos for STCC and GTR Evo Menus.

The mod contains all GT1 and GT2 class cars that competed in 2008, combining several mods that have been released for GTR Evolution before. Mods that have been used include the GTR2GT mod, the Porsche 997 & Ferrari F430, taku’s FIA GT skins and several other mods.

Download FIA GT 2008 2.0 for GTR Evolution Here

  • KampferAs

    Quite a nice set of cars now… I enjoyed having a part in improving this mod 🙂



  • MarianSUP

    I have installed the old version. Can I only replace the old version with the new? Or I have to delete the old version?

  • captain_underpants

    According to the readme, you should delete the ver 1.0 folder.

    I’ve downloaded and installed it. So many awesome cars, I don’t know where to start. Thanks Zand.

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