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Ferrari Virtual Academy – F150 & F458 Coming!

Ferrari Virtual Academy – F150 & F458 Coming!

Remember the Ferrari Virtual Academy? Roughly a year ago, Ferrari released an official simulator of their F10 Formula One car based on netKar Pro and equipped with up to three laser-scanned tracks.

The simulation, which was part of a hotlap contest that gave the most talented players the chance to prove themselves in a real race car, was met with universal acclaim, featuring great graphics, spot on physics and great Force Feedback.

Now, Ferrari is reviving the product by releasing the so-called “Adrenaline Pack” which will introduce the current F150 Formula One car as well as the Ferrari F458 Challenge car to the title. Below are four teaser images, showing some wireframe shots of the upcoming cars.

Pricing of the pack and its release date have not been announced yet, players who have missed out on the Virtual Academy can check out the VirtualR review here, the complete pack of existing content featuring Fiorano, Mugello and the Nürburgring now sells for 14.90€.

And if you´re interested to see what the winners of the hot lap competition experienced, there’s a story on that as well. It’s unknown whether the release of the content pack will also kick off a similar competition.

  • Christian Khun

    I bought FVA a few weeks ago, wish they could give us updates for free haha. Anyway good news

  • Georg Ortner

    Hope to see some new tracks as well.

  • DeDios

    that’s great! 😀 why don’t do a full 458 challenge? i loved FVA physics, i’m sure a 458 challenge full game would be fantastic.

  • Ghoults

    Needs some online racing for the F458!

  • Norbi Wo

    If they could add multiplayer for this game…

  • Hompe

    458 sounds really nice, i love that car

  • GT3_RSR

    Exactly! The physics seems great, the feeling of the F60 was great, but without any ongoing competition and/or multiplayer, this game is basically dead. Really, it’s a shame that such a gem of an engine is wasted for hotlapping only.

  • Monk

    Engine wasted? It’s made with NKP engine and you can race on multiplayer with more than 60 tracks over there 🙂

  • Norbi Wo

    really? tell me how to race with F10 online lol

  • Monk

    I said the NKP engine wasn’t dead.. I didn’t say you could race online with the F10 on FVA 🙂
    On my side I would prefer driving the 458 Challenge rather than the F10 on multiplayer.

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