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Ferrari Virtual Academy 2010 – 30% Discount

Ferrari is offering a 30% discount on Ferrari Virtual Academy for a limited time.

Last weekend, Fernando Alonso scored the first 2012 win for the Scuderia Ferrari at Sepang and to give everybody a reason to celebrate, Ferrari has lowered the price of their Ferrari Virtual Academy simulation for a limited time.

By using the promo code below, customers receive a 30% reduction on the regular price of 19,90€, the code is valid until March 30.


The code has to be used on the Ferrari Virtual Academy website.

Ferrari Virtual Academy includes the Ferrari F150 & F10 Formula One cars as well as the Ferrari 458 Challenge. The cars can be driven on three laser-scanned tracks, including Fiorano, Mugello & the Nürburgring.


  • Tero Dahlberg

    It says Not Valid Code

    • Simon Croft

      Me too.

  • Anonymous

    I got this code straight from Ferrari, no idea what the issue is here.

    • Tero Dahlberg

      Ok. I was hoping for just a simple typo…

    • Simon Croft

      I’ve seen a 15% off code elsewhere (supposedly celebrating the victory) which also didn’t work! 


      • Tero Dahlberg

        Ah yes, I found one too for 15%. And it had 6 extra digits 😀

  • Anonymous

    The proper name of the car is the F150th Italia, they got sued by Ford and can’t use the name F150. It’s a VERY different car 😉

    • Tero Dahlberg

      Actually the Ford is F-150 😉

      It reads ‘Ferrari F150’. I’m sure people don’t confuse it with a Ford in this case 😀

  • Anonymous

    does it include the tracks? 

    • Tero Dahlberg

      Yes. You can get the Complete Pack for 19.90€ -30% (Complete Pack: F10 + Ferrari 150° Italia + 458 Challenge + Fiorano + Mugello + Nurburgring). Or the Adrenaline Pack for 9.90€ -30% (Adrenaline Pack: Ferrari 150° Italia + 458 Challenge).

  • Tero Dahlberg

    Works now!

    • pez2k .

      Yes, works for me too. Tried the exact same code yesterday and it didn’t, seems like they’ve sent out the press release before they actually started the deal!

  • Fernando Horta

    Fund raising to buy out contract of Pérez?

    • Anonymous

      Piquet Jr. got a podium on his debut year Hulkenberg a pole did that assure their future? No it didn’t. F1 is biz my friend if financially makes sense so have Perez in Ferrari he will be there but I doubt the Mexican auto market is meaningful and after Spain gets their bailout later this year Alonso won’t be so at home in Ferrari.

  • Kenny Jay

    So, is it worth it? 14 bucks for 2 cars and 3 tracks? Gimme a kick guys!

    • Radiator Springs Racing Team

      absolutely worthed. would be worth even just to have few laps with the 458. That car is great!
      On top of that this, buying FVA is a way to finance the upcoming Assetto Corsa.Kunos Simulazioni said that all the incomes coming from new licences for nKPRO and FVA will be reinvested in AC.

  • Lemming77

    Could anyone give me a brief overview of what this is like? Is it just a time attack simulation? Or is there racing in it too?

    • Sam Binfield

      In essance, it’s a hot lap sim, albeit one of the best sims there is IMO.

  • Andrea Candini

     As someone noticed the code is now working: there was a problem with it and it’s now solved. 🙂

  • Gerald

    Too bad it’s always online. Fuck’m

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