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Ferrari Project – New Previews

Ferrari Project – New Previews

It has been very silent around Blimey! Games projects for quite a long time. While the community is still guessing whats hiding behind their “Project Falcon”, new previews of their Ferrari Project game have surfaced.

Backed by the official Ferrari license, the game will feature a variety of Ferraris, from racing machines to street cars, from vintage to the newest prancing horses. While those four screens don’t show too much, they indicate some interesting things.

The game seems to feature motion blur similar to what could be seen in Codemasters DIRT, the effect seems to be much less overdone though. And the shot with the vintage F1 cars shows a track that looks suspiciously like the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Or do you know any other track with graffitis on the tarmac?

  • Beats

    Is this for PC or consoles? Or both?

    Either way, Blimey’s new engine certainly looks nice. 😎 The motion blur does look a tad extreme for ’74kph’, but I suppose it’s not fair to pass judgement until we’ve seen the game in motion.

    I’m certainly looking forward to it, providing the physics are up to scratch (and I’m guessing they will be).

  • tifose

    this game is what i been waiting for 😯 now lets hope the bring it to PC

  • Sentri

    System 3 is already working on the multi-platform console Ferrari Challenge game. So I am hoping this is PC only.

  • JJ

    I still have the lingering GRID phobia after seeing this screen shots…pls Blimey dont go down thaty road

  • ApeX

    w00t!!! thats the Nordschleife 🙂

  • Stancke

    Same question, will it come out for PC?

  • Beats

    I had a little look on a few websites like IGN, and they’ve got the game listed for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. That might just be speculation on their part though.

    But as long as there’s a full simulation mode on all three platforms, I’m happy. My PC is so out-dated that I’ll probably have to get it for the 360 anyway. 😳

  • trebor901

    looks crap, too much HDR and too much bloom which makes games look tacky and unreal.

  • LordRa9826

    That really is the Nordschleife.The car is the ’67 F1 car but the track is the current version,so it makes me wonder,would there still be a collaboration between Blimey and Simbin,at least for this track,and we might actually get a first glimpse of the RACE07 Nordschleife as well looking at this picture?
    Some food for thought Montoya and maybe worth some further investigation,don’t you think?

  • ondas

    this is not for 360 beats!

  • Anonymous

    looks great hopefully i can drive a f40 i love those. Is this the same game that Bruno Senna is suppose to be working on, or there is another Ferrari title game that someone else is making for ps3?

  • kikie

    This is not the same game where Senna is working on. This is Project Ferrari from Blimey! games and the other were Senna is working on is Ferrari Challenged from system 3.

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