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Ferrari F458 Challenge for netKar Pro – Preview Video

First preview video of the Ferrari F458 Challenge in netKar Pro.

A few days ago, Ferrari released the Adrenaline Pack for Ferrari Virtual Academy, their netKar Pro-based simulator.

It seems like the benefits of the Ferrari partnership are starting to trickle down to the main product as below is a first preview video of the Ferrari F458 Challenge car in netKar Pro.

Originally part of the Adrenaline Pack, the F458 looks rather good outside of the Virtual Academy as well as you can see in the video.

  • Ricoo

    Yes great news!!!

  • Guilherme Cramer

    Good to see the best sim getting more content, took long enough :P.

  • Anonymous

    NetKar Pro were able to get a car any iRacer would love to have in it content congrats to them! If it wasn’t for all the hustle of trying to setup up my wheel in NetKar Pro and falling short 🙁

  • Anonymous

    This car drives like a dream in FVA. It’s both challenging and a lot of fun to drive. I can’t wait to get in in NKpro. It will make a great spec series.

  • julien

    Might be a hack of the Adrenaline pack…
    see below, we can see the F10 @ cresma and @fiorino in nkpro

    • Luke Maple

      I completely agree, I cant see ferrari allowing Netkar to use their car as it would damage sales to FVA, I hope I am wrong but we will see!

      • Luke Maple

        we need a clever friend to convert for us lol!

    • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

      Yeh thats what I was thinking because the guy who uploaded that F458 video doesnt seem to be affiliated with NKP judging from their channel.
      Oh well, was looking to trying that 458 at the ring…..

  • M C

    It’s not an official video (despite being made to sound like one).  Someone has managed to convert the car from FVA, the same guy has also converted the F10, a couple of months after kegetys who converted the F10 & Fiorano (before the Adrenaline pack was released).  I’d be surprised if we ever see any of this stuff publicly released, not with the Ferrari legal team =)

    • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

      Well we could just call it the Gerrari G458 and change the logos 🙂

  • Marco Conti

    Looks to me like someone figured out how to make the FVA car work on NKpro. After all they are essentially the same game, the cars have to be similar. My guess is that they “diffed” the cars to see what makes them play on FVA Vs. NK and moved the files over. 

    It would be great of it was a legal conversion, but I doubt it. Even illegal, maybe if they publish how to do it we may be able to at least drive it on other tracks.

  • noro ardanto

    any mod links info will be much appreciated ;p

  • Lemming asdfafh

    Forgive me, but I’m somewhat unfamiliar with NetKar Pro. Could someone explain what the grey bar in the bottom left of the video is showing? FFB force?

    • Anonymous

      ye FFB clipping, you have to avoid the red at the top of that grey bar for the most part of a lap 😉

      • Lemming asdfafh

        Very nice touch 🙂

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