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Ferrari 488 GTE – Mod Car vs. Official DLC Content Comparison

This past week we had a quite interesting situation as the Ferrari 488 GTE was released for rFactor both by a modding team and as paid DLC content just days apart.

With the same car hitting the simulation almost at the same time, a comparison is the natural thing to do. How well does Real Series Simulation’s free labor of love compare with the professionally-made rFactor 2 content that will be used in next month’s Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours?

You can check out a comparison at Le Mans made by Don Alexi below. While the paid DLC car ibeing superior in several ways is not exactly surprising, it’s interesting to see the community-made content having an advantage in some areas such as sounds.

The free RSS 488 GTE is available for download here, Studio 397’s official car sells for 4,99€ here.