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Fanatec – Two More Products Available

The Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake and the Carbon Formula Rim are now available.

With yesterday’s news of the brand new Universal Wheel Hub becoming available, I’ve almost overlooked that two other Fanatec products are now available as well.

The first is the Carbon Formula Rim, a new & improved version of the Formula Rim for Fanatec’s CSW base.

Carbon Formula Rim Features

  • Replica of a steering wheel as used in formula cars. The compact diameter of 26 cm allows fast movements and reactions
  • Durable construction fully made of metal
  • Real carbon fiber front plate
  • Grips made of genuine Italian made Alcantara®. This material is easy to clean and provides sensational grip
  • 11 Buttons plus two paddle shifter buttons with ultra-reliable switches.
  • Analog joystick to look around in the Cockpit or to map with any other axis
  • 7-way FunkySwitch(tm) to change settings: Turn left; turn right; move left, right, up and down; push (active in Tuning menu and compatible with any PC game)
  • LED bar to show motor RPM and optimal shifting point
  • LED display to show telemetry functions. Works with several popular PC games like iRacing or pCARS
  • Adjustable and detachable paddle shifters completely made of metal. Adjust angle, distance to rim and travel of the paddles
  • Tuning functions with LED display to adjust settings independent from the game and during gameplay

The new rim is now available, selling for 249,95 Euros/Dollars (excluding tax on the Dollar price). More info on the rim can be found on the Fanatec website.

The other new product that is now in stock is the Fanatec ClubSport handbrake, a product that has been in development for quite a while and should come in handy for fans of drifting and rally cars.

Handbrake Features

  • Realistic replic of a Handbrake used for drifting in race cars
  • Full metal construction
  • Lever can be mounted in horizontal or vertical position
  • Flexible mounting options on three sides of the product
  • Analog sensor
  • Soft foam grip
  • Can be used on gaming consoles

The handbrake is available for 99,95 Euros/Dollars in the Fanatec webshop.

  • Marcel

    The quick release hub is also released!

    • F1Racer

      Yeah that’s been covered a few articles ago (and mentioned in this very article too) 🙂

  • F1Racer

    Anyone want to buy a kidney ? Non-drinker.

    • 2Air

      lol, i’m going into porn, need cash quick =D

  • Zain Asad Siddiqui

    Wow, all we need now is a wheel base to attach all these wonderful rims to, one that doesn’t burn out in 15 minutes, anyway.

  • Mario Strada

    $100 for the handbrake is actually reasonable. Will it work as a stand alone unit?

    • SimRacer007

      Yes, I think the USB adapter that they sell (for the CSS) also doubles as a USB adapter for the CSH. So it will cost you a bit more but it’s not too bad.

  • Mazda Mps

    Would love to see a review on the handbrake, to know its feeling before I buy. I’m hoping for a two stage resistance like a real handbrake.

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    What games/sims support the handbrake?

    • Bakkster

      RBR, and I think rFactor does.

    • Marcel

      Every game with a handbrake. Assetto Corsa only supports a button, but with joy2key you can map buttons to analog axis and chose when it should push the button.

      • Birddogg66

        I found this great little device to go with my CSS Seq. Called the CS usb adapter that makes my shifter a 2ndary input device allowing me to not have to consider using Joy 2 Key. The sheer simplicity of it in comparison makes the price of the adapter very well worth it.

    • RKipker

      Most every game has it as an option… but who uses a Hand Brake except drifters and wreckers …LOL

      • IchDien

        Richard Burns Rally is still the premier rally sim (with extensive modding), and it supports a analogue handbrake nativly.

      • Birddogg66

        RBR surly has tons of strong points but also some weaknesses as well that define it’s age. Still this does not leave me not wanting a modern day sequel(quality wise)

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