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Fanatec Porsche Turbo S Wheel – Video

Fanatec Porsche Turbo S Wheel – Video

Fanatec’s Thomas Jackermeier has made a new video, showing off the Porsche Turbo S Wheel together with the RennSport wheel stand.

Unlike other Fanatec wheels, the Turbo S wheel does not just work with the PC and the Playstation 3, it’s also fully compatible to the Xbox 360. Given the current lack of suitable wheels for Microsoft’s gaming console, the Turbo S will be the logical choice for many console racers – Especially with Simbin’s RACE Pro around the corner.

Via Fanatec

  • jichi926

    It must be so comfortble to play! :happyevil:

  • Crowbar

    Nice review thank you 😎

  • erikdfier

    Wow, very cool. I know Fanatec quality is excellent, but I’m still not sold on the wheel and will wait for Race Pro to be released before replacing the MS wheel. I would like to see the action of the shifter while playing Forza 2 similar to this.

  • poundworld

    WOW, how much do they want for it though, 459 euro !!!!!!

  • RKipker

    I ordered one of these on Jan. 1, 2009. They are not 459 E/US they are 299/300US.

    The 459 Turbo wheel comes with the included club pedals, a fully vibrational brake set of aluminum pedals. I also ordered the Rennsport cockpit from their site and think If Montoya is interested will do a full review with photos. A completely independent review from an average gamer.

    I purchased the entire rig… can not wait for delivery and will include in my review from unpacking the system, complete setup of wheel and shifter, to the test driving of rFactor, GTR2, GTRevo, Grid, Dirt, ARCA,all on pc… plus the driving of F-1 Championship, GT5 prologue and Ferrari Challenge on the PS3, and finally the testing of Forza 2 and PGR4 on the 360 as I have all three systems.

    I’m hoping this wheel and cockpit setup will bring some consistency to all three gaming systems. I hate using different wheel/seats for all my racing games.

    What do you think Montoya, would you post a full review if of my Fanatec system here on Virtualr????

    I’ll be dropping almost 2K for my complete setup and feel a good thorough review would be justified, for all to see if this is a worthy purchase!!!!

    BTW, I thought the review by SRT was not very good. I was disappointed, they did not rate and review in more detail. Not driving of PS3 games or GTRevo as expected.

  • RKipker

    Also, thanks Thomas for a really great little video, that little wheel stand sure looks very sturdy and should be a great setup for couch driving/drivers. Well done!

    One more thing, I must add that Thomas called me personnely when I asked him to to discuss my order and answer some questions. He lives in Germany, great customer support it seems dealing with these folks. :happy:

    RKip 😎

  • ADC David

    I really like that he does these videos and when the time comes to replace my G25 I will be taking a look at these products (especially with the clubsport pedals). And the fact that it will work on the PC, PS3 and the 360 is no small thing as RKipker mentioned, especially since I use a Playeat.

  • Fanatec

    Actually the prices start at 179,95 for this wheel.

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