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Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel – Review

Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel – Review

If you´re one of those sim racers using both the PC and gaming consoles to race, you´ll probably know the problem – No steering wheel fits all.

This changes now as Fanatec’s Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel is the first simulation-grade steering wheel to be compatible to both the PC, the Playstation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Can Fanatec’s new universal weapon live up to what the Porsche name and the compatibility list promises? Read the review to find out.


When looking for a wheel that works both on the PC and gaming consoles, sim racers aren’t really presented with many options. While several wheels including Logitech’s market-leading G25 & G27 models work on the Playstation 3, none of the usual suspects work on Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Just as Forza Motorsport 3 hit the shelves, Fanatec fills the void by introducing the Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel, bringing a true simulation-grade wheel to Microsoft’s console.

The feature list includes 900-degree steering, super-smooth belt-driven Force Feedback and a built-in display, all wrapped in Fantec’s Porsche design.

The wheel is compatible to Fanatec’s line of shifters and pedals, if you´re among the lucky few who already own a Fanatec wheel you can go ahead and use existing hardware together with the Turbo S.

Like the other Fanatec wheels, the Turbo S comes with 16 buttons and a D-pad. To ensure perfect compatibility for all platforms, the buttons are backlit and will display the console’s button layout for easier navigation once plugged into a console.

The Turbos S is sold both with pedals and without, the wheel is compatible to a wide range of pedals for those who already own another steering wheel. That includes all Fanatec pedal sets as well as sets from Logitech and Mircosoft’s Xbox 360 wheel

Design & Build Quality

Like all Fanatec Porsche wheels, the Turbo S is modeled after the wheel of a particular Porsche street model, in this case the Porsche 911 Turbo S.

This means you won’t get the GT3-RS’s fantastic Alcantara-leather rim with this model, simply because the street model doesn’t have it either. Still, the wheel feels extremely durable and well made as Fanatec once again managed to deliver a product that feels like it has been taken out of an actual car and not like a cheap toy.

The nicely stitched leather on the 30cm rim might not feel quite as nice as the GT3-RS, it’s still blows away the competition in terms of look, feel and haptics though.

The wheel shares the same base unit and button layout of all other Fanatec models, it’s not all the same though as Fanatec has fixed one of my major complaints with the GT3-RS: The paddle shifters.

Fanatec certainly learned their lesson here, giving the shifters a much more solid base, making them finally feel durable instead of wobbly and weak.

In terms of build quality, the Turbo S leaves nothing to be desired as the wheel looks, feels and even smells like a high-quality product.

Rennsport Wheel Stand

Since most console users won’t be sitting in front of a desk while driving, the question where to mount the wheel comes to mind quickly. Fanatec offers the perfect solution with their Rennsport Wheel Stand.

Made of rock-solid Aluminum & steel, the Wheel Stand is the best bid for all console gamers and everybody else tired of mounting their wheels to the table. The stand is made to accommodate wheels from all common brands including Fanatec’s Porsche line, Logitech and Microsoft.

Since the wheel is screwed directly to the steel base, it sits extremely tight on the Wheel Stand and won’t move an inch even with the strongest Force Feedback involved. If you ever had problems with pedal sets sliding on the floor, the Wheel Stand will solve this problem too  thanks to extremely effective rubber stops that keep the whole unit in place.

The stand is fully adjustable in terms of height, wheel angle and pedal positions, accommodating any seating position and body length. The stand can be collapsed, allowing easy storage for those who don’t have room for a permanent setup.

Installation & Configuration

Unless it’s mounted to a wheel stand or cockpit, the Turbo S uses Fanatec’s usual table-clamp mechanism to fix the wheel to the table.

While I wasn’t too fond of their solution when I first used it, several months with the GT3 RS have changed my mind a lot. Even though the built-in screw and quick release mechanism won’t allow an extremely tight fit of the wheel like other solutions, the wheel can be put on and off very quickly just by using the two clamps.

The downside is that the wheel may move if the action on track really hits off, requiring a readjustment of the wheel sooner or later.

Once the wheel is installed to the table, starting to use it is very simple on two of the three supported platforms. For Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 use, all you need to do is connect the wheel and turn it on – That’s it, no fiddling with drivers or anything else.

While the Xbox 360 mode uses the wheel’s built-in wireless mode, PC and Playstation 3 owners have the choice to either use a wired connection or the Fanatec wireless dongle (sold separately).

Once the wheel is plugged into a console, the backlit buttons will display the right button layout. All other settings are made using the built-in display, allowing you to change Force-Feedback strength, rotation degree, shifter mode and more.

On the PC, things are a little less simple as the Turbo S requires Fanatec’s drivers to be installed. While working with earlier Fanatec drivers hasn’t always been a pleasure, the company has steadily improved their driver support in the past months as stable drivers for both 32bit and 64bit Windows operating systems are available.

Once the drivers are installed, the wheel’s settings can be tweaked in the driver menu, allowing the usual settings you’d expect from other wheels. Just like during console use, the built-in display can be used any time while driving, allowing to change the most important settings.

Driving & Force Feedback

Once everything’s set up, it’s time to hit the track. I´ve been testing the wheel with various PC simulations such as rFactor and iRacing as well as Forza Motorsport 3 on the Xbox 360.

It will only take you a few corners to fall for the Turbo S as it wil make you forget about other wheels quickly. Regardless if you´ve been using a cheap console wheel or a better PC wheel before, the Turbo S manages to impress with great, smooth Force-Feedback and exceptional build quality with no mechanical play or center deadzone to spoil the fun.

The wheel works very well with Forza Motorsport 3 out of the box which is good as the game does not offer much controller settings to be changed. Force Feedback is decent even though Forza’s relatively light effects won’t please most PC sim racers.

It’s a different matter on the PC as the Turbo S follows other Fanatec wheels in terms of Force-Feedback, offering both strong and detailed effects. Dialing the strength up to 100% in rFactor or iRacing can’t really be advised unless you´re planning to put up some serious biceps muscle.

While the first shipment of GT3-RS wheels has suffered from a fan vibration problem that produced rather loud noises after a while, the Turbo S stays almost silent even after hours of continued driving. When turning off all other noise sources, you´ll hear the fans work but it won’t be noticeable with sound on at all.

Another thing the wheel does well is helping you to get through the console’s menu system. With no other controller connected, you need to rely on the pad’s buttons to get through the game menus, a task the Turbo S handles very well using the built-in D-Pad button.


If you´re looking to find a wheel that works on the PC and both the Playstation 3 & Xbox 360, Fanatec’s Turbo S is not just your only option but a very pleasing one too.

Fanatec once more delivers a fine piece of engineering that outshines everything else on the market in terms of design and build quality, paired up with flawless mechanics that offer a great driving experience. Paired up with the Rennsport Wheel Stand, the Turbo S leaves no excuse to use cheaper console wheels, giving avid console racers a simulation-grade wheel to race with.

Aside form the unprecedented cross compatibility, the Turbo S also shows that Fanatec have learned from past experiences, fixing the few problems of earlier models such as the paddle shifters, noise and driver issues.

Nothing’s perfect of course but the two biggest complaints are not related to the hardware itself. The first thing to mention is the price, 229€ for a single wheel without pedals or other accessories such as stick shifters is definitely pretty steep.

Of course, you´re paying for both the Porsche and Microsoft licensing, making the wheel a rather expensive option compared to the other products.

The flawless built quality and the attractive design make up for it though as you´ll be reminded to have bought a quality piece of hardware every day you use it.

But the second and biggest problem with all Fanatec hardware is availability. That you can’t buy these wheels in any regular electronics store is only a small inconvenience, the fact that they can be back-ordered for months is less pleasing though.

Even though Fanatec promises December delivery for those who order now, you shouldn’t exactly hold your breath when ordering one of their wheels. But like they say, good things comes to those who wait…..

  • TomKat

    Nice of those sellouts over at SRT to mention the ffb is crap.

  • ISRacing

    huh ??

    What luck.. I get to comment right after a fan of my show !!

    Yours Truely,

    Darin “The Sellout” Gangi

  • Manddrakke

    I have a problem with Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel – Pure edition – EU and Forza 3 (Xbox 360).

    When start the game or racing start the whell is not centered,it has a diversion for the left allways.

    And play like this is impossivel ,i cannot have a good performance,i dont know what do to resolve this problem.

    Thanks to all.


  • Fanatec

    This is certainly not the please to dicsuss support issues but let me tell you that you can adjust the centering by pressing a certain button combo. Please check the manual.

  • Fanatec

    SRT and Engadget both complained about the FF effects of FM3 itself but many readers/viewers probably misunderstood that the wheel is to blame.
    Personally I like the FF of FM3 but my favourite is still Nordschleife on GTR Evolution.

  • felipe

    I have a big problem with this wheel and more personnaly with the brand Fanatec! It’s not available to order in my country not even online. Unless you live 30 years in the past thinking Europe and US are where all the world’s wealth and sim racers are Fanatec has still to be considered a garage company!!! Brazil, China Japan 3 of the world’s 5 biggest economies and sim maniacs too have no access to this beauty unless you pay double the already overpriced price!

  • Fanatec

    We will deliver to Australia, NZ, Japan and even Brasil very soon (target is Q1 / Q2 2010). Due to the limited production capacity we had to set some priorities. Sorry.

  • N0body Of The Goat

    Personally, I could not justify spending more than I did for my GT3 RS Clubsport Edition, that arrived last Friday. But in fairness, there is no Xbox360 or PS3 in the Goat household to date (just 2 gaming PCs and a Wii).

    Lets hope Fanatec continue to support its customer base, dealing with design niggles and developing drivers (curently 102 beta) 🙂

  • spacekiller

    I am one of lucky owners of the PWTS and it is really almost perfect. Before I had G25, but PWTS is higher level 😉 Only downside from my view are classic pedals(they work nice, but they are made of plastic). But you can ofcourse upgrade it to clubsports…

  • altrezia

    Interesting review.

    Very different to my experiences. I got mine a week ago, and today it is being sent back to Fanatec. Bad quality. Bad tolerances. Rubbish pedals.


  • stabiz

    Damn it, I was going back and forth between this one and the G27 when my MOMO died recently, and I regret getting the G27. Although the G27 is great I think my next wheel will be Fanatec.

  • Gulyo

    this is a toy comparing to my G25 … especially the shifter and pedals are really plastic toy like …

  • ermax18

    stabiz, what is wrong with your G27? I’ve had (FFB wheels) an Act Labs, two MOMO Blacks and now for the past 2.5 years I have had a G25. The upgrade from the MOMO to the G27 was massive. The ClubSport pedals like nice though.

  • Fanatec

    You mean plastic toy like the plastic gear drive and the small FF motors of your wheel?
    We prefer to invest into features and functionality rather than optical gimmicks. The pedals only have chrome plating but they come with a different spring mechanism for each pedal and not just different spring strength.

    If you want to compare a wheel to the G25/G27 you should do it with the 911 GT3 RS Clubsport edition as this is our PC/Ps3 wheel at this price range.
    So do you think that the Clubsport pedals look toyish in comparison to what you have? 😆

  • Wheel Nut

    Excellent Review!

    Im a console only gamer and can highly recommend this wheel for console usage.

    Regards FFB effects from FM3, its not the wheel that is at fault. Also for FM3 quite simply you cant play the game on a better wheel than the Turbo S, that is guranteed.

    In fact the “Turbo S” FFB strength in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue set at 30% would be a close match to the strength of the G25 set to 10 and others I know agree with that.

    Notable Features Not Mentioned!
    The NEW “ABS” & “DRIFT” modes on the Turbo S are very much appreciated and improve the wheel further over the G25 or G25 models. Im getting excellent usage from these and increasing my skill in FM3. Take a Ferrari FXX out for a spin and see how much easier it is to catch the back end with the “Drift Mode” turned on.
    This enables the user to turn and react faster with the wheel.

    Also the simple ability to use the onboard menus in changing the wheels settings during in game and not having to revert to game option screens is one of the most underrated features I think the wheel has. Makes gaming so much less hassle.

    Now Thomas time to get your RnD to come out with a “Clubsport Gearstick”. That would be great but already looking forward to the upcoming “Clupsport Tunning Kit” you mentioned a long time ago.

  • Doc187 XL

    With regards about the FFB w/ FM3 I have FFB set at 65% in game and FF – 66%( had to turn down to 33%) on wheel but Shock rumble on the wheel at 100% – these values may not seem that high but it is plenty strong enough and gives some nice subtlety to the feel rather than some of the “canned” feeling of oversteer at higher levels. Sen set at 270 degrees on the wheel.

    Also try experimenting with the drift modes on the wheel – it just makes the wheel less resistive and quicker to respond although a bit twitchier – easier to catch a slide with it though. Can`t decide and change between off and 1-3 settings.

  • triple_a

    Fanatec has an interesting attitude as can be seen in their answer to Manddrakke’s message. If this was my product, I would have answered more politely. What’s the point of running your mouth “this is not the place for support issues” to a paying customer? You could’ve just politely pointed him to check the manual for centering and if that doesn’t work for him, point him in the right direction for further assistance, e.g. support email.

    And this is THE place for people to share their experiences and opinions about this wheel, in my opinion.

  • Gulyo

    Aha and what about the whole package price than ???

  • Gulyo

    So you mean G25 is a plastic toy or … it’s a very accurate, precise, leather and metal wheel + pedals + rigid shifter for EUR 170 ( brand new )!!! What are you talking about ? :happyevil:

  • Gulyo

    The only good thing is in this product the compatibility for PC, Xbox and PS … nothing else, nothing else …

  • Montoya

    Gulyo: The only good thing is in this product the compatibility for PC, Xbox and PS … nothing else, nothing else …

    Have you tested the wheel yourself? If not, I can’t really see how you can make such statements…

  • Fanatec

    G25 is an excellent wheel which has been discontinued and is offered with high discounts until supply lasts.

    We will bring the 911 Carrera wheel in Q1 2010 with the same features but at a permanent price of 150 €. The 911 Turbo S and GT3 RS is a different category.

  • Fanatec

    You are actually right and I would like to apologize to Manddrakke. I hope that my hint with the centering adjustment helped.

  • Gulyo

    I see … I tested, of course ( why do you think I didn’t ) … but honestly, that shifter is a shame … I would ( or anyone else ) brake down in the first race … THAT is for small kids for NFS Shift or something, not for hardcore gamers for sure … anyway, you spoiled a good product with this crappy shifter !
    But don’t forget, this just an opininon … 😉

  • Wheel Nut


    Youd think reading your comments the G25 or indeed the G27 shifter was brillant?
    It is sloppy and I never got great satisfaction from using it.
    Also the G27 shifter doesnt even have sequential option as we all know and that will piss off a lot of people.

    Personally because none of the shifters imo are to the quality of the wheels I stick to using paddle shifting. Although have been trying the sequential Fanatec with clutch on FM3 which feels not too bad.

    Also take into account many of us that purchase these wheels already have a G25, and the G27 is not a warrented upgrade. With the Fanatec range however you can get a great upgrade buying the wheel on its own and use the G25 pedals which seem to please the majority of people.

    Basing performance on the wheels themseleves the G25 and G27 are not as good, dont have any of the special features and wont work with other brands pedals etc.

    If anything the approach Fanatec have taken allowing compatibility with G25 pedals etc is excellent and helps people save money not always purchasing full complete wheel and pedal sets.

    Regards help or attitude I dont think anyone here who has dealt with Thomas via email would say anything bad about his attitude or indeed personality.

    The hair maybe ! (sorry)

  • Fanatec

    …and please leve us some space for improvements. 😉
    A Clubsport shifter will certainly come sooner or later.

  • Manddrakke


    Problem with Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel – Pure edition – EU and Forza 3 (Xbox 360).

    In the guide i just only see how make the connect with the X360!!!

    My problem is in a straight the wheel is not centered,it has a diversion for the left allways.

    The wheel only have mode to synchronization whith X360 not to calibrate the center!!!

    How is possible to play with this probem?

    To many time to recive the wheel and now this big problem!!

    Fanatec: MandrakkeThis is certainly not the please to dicsuss support issues but let me tell you that you can adjust the centering by pressing a certain button combo. Please check the manual.

  • Drone242

    i have the turbo s wheel, and I love it. it feels better than my g25 and that was the best wheel i’ve had yet. only it doesn’t work for pc :-(. installed driver but it stays dead….

  • Fanatec

    Please have a look at the support section of and you will find the manuals you need.
    You need to start the PC or PS3 mode

  • Manddrakke


    What you dont understand?

    I have Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel – Pure edition – EU and X360 with Forza Motosport 3 only!!!!

    What i gonna do to PC or PS3 mode??????

    Fanatec: Please have a look at the support section of and you will find the manuals you need.You need to start the PC or PS3 mode

  • kill4f00d

    I’m tempted to buy it, but I’m a student and can’t really afford it. At least gamepads work decent with GTR Evo. :sad2:

  • Fanatec

    you are right: I do not understand what you want.
    To calibrate the center is shown in the manual on our website. Did I miss something?

  • steve30x

    I want to buy a Fanatec wheel next year but the price for just the wheel is a small bit too much. If the wheel alone was at the 200 euro mark I would definately buy one and use my G25 pedals with the wheel. Its a pitty the shifter for my G25 cant be used with it though. Also two factors putting me off is the limited ammount of wheels being made and the ammount of time it takes between ordering and delivering.

    One thing I must point out about that rennsport wheel stand is the position of the knob. Theres been reports that it gets in the way of your legs when using the stand. Maybe redesign this and have it more like the wheel stand pro.

  • MadCat360

    I have this wheel but I’ve only been able to use it in a limited capacity on LFS because I still do not have the pedal adapters that I was supposed to get over a month ago.

    Still, it is a fantastic wheel, no denying that. The review is right, it even SMELLS great! I just wish I had all the parts!

  • free2game365

    Whatever happened to that 911 Carrera wheel that was supposed to be about $150 with pedals?

  • Exilim

    Fanatec: Manddrakke
    you are right: I do not understand what you want.
    To calibrate the center is shown in the manual on our website. Did I miss something?

    Is this for real?? first you where acoused of being off topic and then they don´t read your problems properly. If the company pays this kind of interest in customers who spend a lot of money on gamegear i am gonna get a g27 for sure. I am a g25 user for a couple of years now and i was considering a fanatec wheel until i read this topic. Please help this custumor so he can use his hardware like it should.

  • erale

    Well he gave him a hint what he could do to calibrate the wheel. As he said the button combo is written in the manual available on the support section on their site. Also this isn’t the official Fanatec support thread.

  • ermax18

    Exilim, most companies don’t bother reading forums and supporting users outside there own support forum. I have always been impressed with how active Thomas has been in the community. Have you ever… ever seen Logitech come on to a community forum and answer questions about their products? I will answer that for you.. no. Keep in mind that Thomas’ native language is not English. Give him the benefit of the doubt that he honestly didn’t understand the problem. The OP said he couldn’t calibrate the center. Thomas said there is a button procedure documented in the manual to fix it. Sounds like a reasonable response to me. No? I also don’t see what was wrong with him pointing out the the comments section on a blog isn’t the correct place to get tech support. You can’t expect Thomas to give fast support on other peoples forums and blogs.

  • ermax18

    I don’t even own the wheel but a quick glance at the manual shows how to fix the center.

    …bring the wheel into standby or PC mode and turn it to its center position
    Press and hold LD1 and LD2 the same time
    Press XGB
    Release all three buttons
    New center position is defined

    As you can see you have to be in PC Mode to do this. To put it in PC mode do this, which was also in the manual:

    PC Mode: Press Back Button (BAB) and hold it for one second

  • Raikku

    Fanatec is out of question in my situation ’cause I use Playseat and it’s made to work with LT’s wheels.

    And, it seems that very big % of Fanatec-users have had problems with these wheels(I mean whole series), while I know by my own experience that G25s are almost error-free wheels(just bought second one, first one still works after over 2.5 years).

  • erale

    I’m using the PWTS with the Playseat and it fits. I didn’t even drill the holes for the wheel yet. Also the CSP are mounted on the Playseat with cable fixers and they’re still tight.

    I have also some smaller issues with my Turbo S and wrote them a mail today. But still this wheel is so much better than the G25. Also don’t forget the issues Logitech had with wheels like the MOMO Black etc.

  • Nijntje Pluis

    I dont have the Turbo Wheel, but i do have GT3RS wheel and clubsport pedals. They are imo (much) better than the g25 i had before. The ffb of the wheel is excellent, the pedals are awesome. This is my second GT3RS wheel. The first one broke down. Within the week i received a new wheel. Excellent service!

  • ric

    Have to agree with erale and ermax. Even though this is not the official support forum, the company has tried to help a costumer.

    I wish most of the companies I’ve dealt with behave like this.

  • Gnomie

    Nijntje Pluis:
    I dont have the Turbo Wheel, but i do have GT3RS wheel and clubsport pedals. They are imo (much) better than the g25 i had before. The ffb of the wheel is excellent, the pedals are awesome.

    I was just about to post the same thing, but you beat me to it. In my opinion the Fanatec wheel and Clubsport pedals blows the G25 out of the water, no contest. (Mind you I’ve used my old G25 for two years a LOT, so I know what I’m talking about) The FFB is far smoother, and when the Drift Mode is enabled the wheel is every bit as responsive as the G25. I would gladly have paid three times the price for the Clubsports; they are really excellent and have improved both my pace and consistency vastly.

    As for customer support, I agree with those who say that it’s been excellent. Sure, Fanatec have suffered a lot of delays, which is really annoying.. but it seems things are starting to go more smoothly now. Let’s hope they’ve learnt from their mistakes!

  • carbonfibre

    steve30x: I want to buy a Fanatec wheel next year but the price for just the wheel is a small bit too much. If the wheel alone was at the 200 euro mark I would definately buy one and use my G25 pedals with the wheel. Its a pitty the shifter for my G25 cant be used with it though.

    Oh damn, I had it in my head that the G25 shifter was compatible. I modded my h-shifter to be perfect with no clicks and much stronger and positive feel, confident it’s better than what comes with the Fanatec wheels.

    Not that I could ever afford the full Fanatec setup but just a GT3RS wheel for that leather, the leather on my G25 hurts my skin after a while and makes my hands smell.

    What I am still interested in though is an affordable rig.

  • mikem

    If you have a G25 and thinking of upgrade- invest some time investigating the ARC Team mods. Provided your G25 is pretty recent- a 2 year old might be pushing it (maybe)- the upgrade is cheaper than a completely new wheel/pedal (G27). I won’t go into detals other than the guys do it themselves and it might be a good alternative.

  • triple_a

    Fanatec: triple_a
    You are actually right and I would like to apologize to Manddrakke. I hope that my hint with the centering adjustment helped.

    I was maybe a little bit too harsh myself, sorry for that. It is certainly cool to have a representative of the company that designed the wheel hanging out here.

    I work in a sales/marketing/tech support role so I guess that’s why I picked up on your first comment to manddrake.

  • mikemav

    Gulyo: I see … I tested, of course ( why do you think I didn’t ) … but honestly, that shifter is a shame … I would ( or anyone else ) brake down in the first race … THAT is for small kids for NFS Shift or something, not for hardcore gamers for sure … anyway, you spoiled a good product with this crappy shifter !
    But don’t forget, this just an opininon …

    I own the wheel, as well as a GT3RS, and couldn’t disagree more. I find the 6+1 shifter to be the best feeling I’ve tried. The G25 was so loose and sloppy compared to this. Maybe you had a pre-production one? I’ve had several of their wheels going back to a beta test and the shifter feel and action have gotten slightly better each iteration IMHO. I find the firm click and gate feel addictive; couldn’t live without it.

  • ermax18

    The G25 shifter will not plug into the Fanatec wheel but the is no reason why you can’t leave the G25 plugged in and lying on the ground somewhere just to host the shifter.

  • Manddrakke

    Im gona try all helps.

    Thank you all.

  • Gulyo

    Hi guys again and goood morning ! :happy: If doesn’t matter the price and you need a quality product buy a F R E X instead of this one !!! I ‘d jumped into that one after my G25 … that would be a quality jump I guess 😎 What do you think ? :sd:

  • Manddrakke



    Work nice.

    ermax18: I don’t even own the wheel but a quick glance at the manual shows how to fix the center.…bring the wheel into standby or PC mode and turn it to its center positionPress and hold LD1 and LD2 the same timePress XGBRelease all three buttonsNew center position is definedAs you can see you have to be in PC Mode to do this. To put it in PC mode do this, which was also in the manual:PC Mode: Press Back Button (BAB) and hold it for one second

  • BSR-Fonzie

    I just got the 911 turbo S wheel delivered one week ago, and was also missing 1 part, after an email to fanatec, they delivered the missing part today, so +1 for the service.
    The wheel feels great , FF is better imo than the g25.
    I’m happy with it.

  • Gulyo

    Yeah … I believe now … finally, this is a new product … G25 is old scool now :sd:

  • RKipker

    Folks, I’m going to be completely honest, and direct! I have no reason at all to speak dishonestly about my relationship with Fanatec here, so take this as you like.

    I ordered my Turbo S wheel with Club Sport pedals plus the RennSport Cockpit/SimRig from Fanatec. I ordered this on Jan. 1st, 2009 as my own late Christmas present to me from me… LOL!

    I received the Rennsport Cockpit about 2 ½ months later in March, and a promise of the wheel and pedals to be delivered app. 30 – 45 days later. 10 months later, due to the development and manufacturing issues Fanatec underwent, I received my wheel and pedals. 10 full months, and I can honestly say, it was well worth the wait. The wheel has helped me rediscover my xbox 360 racing games… like Grid, NFS Pro Street, etc.

    Also, it’s simply awesome for the new games like FM2, Dirt 2, SHIFT, and FM3. . Plus, the wheel came with a few unexpected extras, like the vibration brake pedal which works out side the game structure, when 85% brake pedal applied. This made it worth the wait, and believe me I did not think I would say that, after waiting 10 full months.


    Turbo S Wheel:
    From the moment you first open the box, what a beautiful wheel. Very well crafted, excellent quality. Great paint finish, the complete package is very impressive. The wheel is very smooth, very quite, and feels simply fantastic.

    For me, the wheel work great on the 360 and the PC, had to D/L the drivers, but it worked fine. I’ve not tried it on my PS3 yet, maybe this weekend PS3 in another room at the moment.

    For the using the same wheel on all three platforms is what is so great. The wheel feels the same on the two I’ve tried so far, but I’m sure it will be just as great on the PS3.

    Club Sport Pedals:
    These pedals are far better than any standard pedals on the market, I can only compare to cheap Logitech wheels, as I have two cheap wheels, and I also have and still use a G25 which has decent pedals. The Fanatec Club Sport Pedals are simply awesome. The pedals offer fantastic craftsmanship, great feel, and very sturdy. I now can race with tennis shoes.

  • Manddrakke

    Well know all working 100%.

    My version is Pure – EU with adapter to G25 pedals,working fantastic performance.

    This whell is *****!

    Just try with FM3 / X360 + pedals G25 work wonderfull.

    Thanks FANATEC!

  • Fanatec

    Glad to hear that 😀

  • Raikku

    One other thing which plays against Fanatec now is of course availability of these wheels. Here in Finland I can go almost to any bigger shop and buy Logitech wheels from there, while nobody sell Fanatec here.

    And if you order them via internet you have to wait months. I think that if Fanatec would want to sell these wheels as much as Logitech sell, they have to make them available everywhere.

  • Fanatec

    The wait is over. We can ship from our warehouse right away.

  • Torque Spike

    Hi, I am with the last remaining open order customers. Does you last note apply to US customers? Does that mean all open orders are going out today? Thanks

  • Raikku

    How soon you can get “all-in-one”-wheel(Xbox/PS3/PC) wheel now?

  • vladih07

    Few Questions Fanatec! why is there no Compatability with clubsport pedal and just the 911 Turbo wheel not “S” i mean i recently ordered my Turbo wheel (because im really excited about it and can’t wait! so i manage to get what was left of my paycheck to exactly buy this one!) so im still willing to upgrade to the club sport pedals! only thing is its not compatible with the one i bought! i mean i could’ve bought that turbo s thing but i got so excited you know what i mean?i hope there would be one clubsport pedal for that one! and also im using PS3/PC ONLY NO XBOX PAHLEASE! (the only thing i would get an xbox is Forza 3! but hmmmm “GT5?!” hell yeah! i mean PS3 = BDROM + GT5 vs hmmm xbox?=dvdrom?+forza maybe?) please let me know if you gonna make that (please do! i dont wanna get stuck with standard pedals i havent tested the pedals nor wheels but the way i looked at it i know! im gona be more than satisfied!specially clubsport pedals!) i mean if im gona have to buy another wheel just to use the pedals? that would be like uhm? wasting money? right i know you guys understand “US” your customers because if you didn’t “you couldn’t have made this excellent wheel?yes?because you know what we want and thats what you did!”please please please! i can wait for the pedals please try to make it work with the standard thing!(or maybe i can trade in the wheel that i bought sooner or later to upgrade the wheel and pedals! 😀 just kidding) and uhm you know what!that shifter thing? clubsport shifter? i mean make one like a real one! something like a BMW stick shift? you know leather bottom, etc etc and put the reverse besides the 6th gear thats the normal one for six speed cars, and make the clubsport shifter with a clamp choice? like the g27 shifter so you can clamp it beside a play seat chair or something so it feels like it you know? couple of suggestions here! even if you price that shifter $150 you know im gonna buy that if that’s gonna be like the real BMW shifter style? like normal yes? thanks again hope you find some of my suggestions helpful! please e-mail me @ [email protected] about the pedal thing!hope you guys grow BIG i mean, BEAT LOGITECH MAN! go fanatec

  • vladih07

    and some little bit corrections! i mean the logitech g27 shifter looks nice you know! its just sloppy like try to make a shifter thats similar BUT LOOKS AND FEELS BETTER know what i mean? you know the type that is long enough that it can seat besides your legs like a real car! clubsport pedals + clubsport shifter = “SIMRACING DREAM” and why dont you try to sell that porsche USB drive bigger that 1GB that gona be cool for a USB MEMORY STICK yah know! 😀

    “I know my comments live in Fantasy Island, Still your wheel came there! cheers!”

  • Fanatec

    Hey vladih07,
    the data transmission on the normal PWT from pedals to wheel is wireless. The cable only supplies power. We tried to make the CSP compatible with a RF device but it was very hard because the metal shielded the transmission.
    Do you know that you can use the PWT with CSP on PC? Only on PS3 it will not work.

    I hear you very well about the Clubsport Shifter and you are not the only one 😉

    The USB key can be bought exclusively through Porsche dealers or their website.

  • vladih07

    love that reply man! quick and helpful! so im gona be stuck at normal pedals after all! *sad* i understand that it’s hard to make it work, so my only choice now is to buy the turbo s wheel when i get the money and pedals but im afraid i see limited editions! so by the time i get the money together they may be out of stock! hope you make more! the ones that are compatible with ps3 cause my pc is gonna be delayed for a year i think (a cool gaming one) so i can buy the wheel and clubsport pedals! too bad i got too excited and bought the turbo only, not really a waste of money but still i could’ve bought the other one if i waited! and it’s LIMITED NOOO please tell me some good news that you people gona make more! anyway so if i buy the “TURBO S PURE EDITION” and CLUBSPORT PEDAL will it work? then can i use the dongle of the turbo wheel on that pure edition? or i need to buy a new dongle so i can play it on ps3? and another thing, i ordered mine (the turbo wheel only) last 2 days, and up to now it’s still pending why is that? thanks again for fast response! and thanks again! (cant wait for that wheel)

    “PLEASE PLEASE, if ever the wheels got out of stock make more! i’ll be sure to get that money for that CSP and “Future Clubsport Shifter” to work on PS3 and PC with a Turbo S (yep, i am planning to buy another one after couple of months so i will have two now! cause i figured that’s the only way i can make it for ps3 to have CSP) thanks!”

  • vladih07

    oh yah fanatec! one more thing! i noticed this GT3RS clubsport edition! what is the difference with that wheel and turbo s? and i mean which is better? + its stated there that its compatible with PC but PS3 not all games? i mean will it still work on ps3? so long the games are compatible with a wheel like 900 angle stuff stuff? i mean games like NFS?GT5? new ones? thanks!


  • Fanatec

    The Turbo S is for multiplatform players which also like to have wireless connections and the GT3 RS is for PC simracers.

  • vladih07

    ok thanks alot! don’t forget the Clubsport Shifter! make it with a choice that can be clamped to things! keep up the good work!

  • Johnny78


    This is to Fanatec,

    If I buy a turbo s pure edition can i use it out of the box with my Microsoft peddles? Or do I need any accessories? I am not worried about the shifter as i like using the paddles.

    Also if I order on 17th (this thursday) will it arrive ( i`m in England ) before Christmas?
    Kind regards


  • Fanatec

    We have some units in our inventory which has defective pedal adapters but we can ship you a working adapter within a few days if you are unlucky. Unfortunatly we cannot identify the “good” from teh”bad” so we cannot say if teh adapter is working or not before we ship it. But as I said this is only a problem with a small fraction of our inventory.

  • Fanatec

    We can only tell you if we have shipped out your goods and we did! We shipped the wheel but USPS is not giving us tracking numbers. We used UPS before but they charge a lot for customs handling to Canada.
    Your product is stucked in custsoms which is hard to influence on our side.
    Shipments to Canada are in general more complicated than to the US because of the heavy import restrictions of your country.

  • Fanatec

    If this is case I will make sure that we change that. I would be more than happy to provide tracking numbers. I have contacted Claudia.

  • vladih07


  • Johnny78

    To Fanatec,

    Thanks for the response. I note on your website the pedal adaptor cable costs 2.00 euro`s so could I order the wheel and an extra pedal adaptor cable just in case? Also I would really like to know if the wheel would arrive before Christmas if I placed my order tonight or tomorrow morning?

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


  • Fanatec

    The pedal adapter is included in the Pure shipment but some wheels are missing the cable. We will send replacement within a few days.

  • Johnny78

    Hi, Fanatec.

    Sorry can we clarify that i understand there is a possibility the pure edition wheel might come without a pedal adapter.

    With this in mind, would it not be a good idea for me to place an order for the wheel, plus an extra pedal adapter cable, which are available to purchase individually on you`re website?

    So… I will place an order for the pure edition wheel which includes the pedal adapter but, should the wheel come without the pedal adapter in the box, this will not matter as i will have ordered a seperate pedal adapter cable with the order for the wheel.

    Does that make sense?

    Also can you please give me an idea if the wheel will be delivered before Christmas… I am waiting to place my order once these matters are clarified

    Thanks again,


  • Fanatec

    Some wheels come with the working adapter and with adapter cable but there is some stock which have no cable AND the adapter only works with the G25. So ordering a separate cable would not be enough.
    We can ship right away but if the shipment arrives before Christmas cannot be guaranteed.

  • vladih07

    HiFanatec, I’m currently getting ready for the wheel that is coming in about 2 days, and i got some tips on the internet not to use the updater to update and stuff, but to directly download stuff from the site, but then again I’m only gonna use it for ps3 right now and there’s no drivers for ps3 so do i just plug and play? also all the three games that were mentioned GT5P, Midnight Club and Need for Speed shift are the ones that I am gonna play and there’s a firmware update for that and set the time back, so… what do i have to do? I mean if It’s plug and play on ps3 what do i have to do to make it work with those game? you get my point? please give me a complete instruction/manual guide for using it the first time, i mean tell me steps because I’ve read in the internet not to follow the guide that comes with it. excited keep it up! 😀

  • vladih07

    help! i got my wheel! and i love it! 😀 but it won’t work on mcla complete edition? i download the update and everything set the time back but still not working 😀 help asap 🙁

  • Fanatec

    You downloaded the firmware for the PWT dongle on your PWTS dongle?

    This will not work and if this is really the case you just made the dongle unusable.

    You just needed to bind the dongle to the wheel as described here:

    Please make sure that you read the manual of the 911 Turbo S wheel and not the 911 Turbo wheel.

  • Doorman

    My G25 is due for replacement and like many of you I’m torn between G27 and the Fanatec. A couple of things concern me. 1, I have a Frex 3 pedal set which I’ll give up for no-one and 2, I have a real Sparco wheel on my G25 which I’m very attached to. Would I be able to swap the (to my mind) naff wannabe Porsche wheel for my Sparco or do I have to live with driving every other car EXCEPT a Porsche with that wheel?
    The pedals I’m guessing wouldn’t be a problem.
    I’m liking everything else I’m hearing about Fanatec.

  • Doorman

    I forgot to add, I have the Frex HShift+ and the Frex Shift+ and no I can’t afford a Frex wheel. My life would be in serious trouble if I brought one of those into the house!

  • Doorman

    Oh dear, that isn’t what I wanted to hear. :weird: Fanatec; Strike one!

  • Fanatec

    The implementation of the Force feedback is made by the games and not by the wheel. And we get the same signals as any other wheel – therefore if there is a deadspot of FF it will need to be solved by the game developers and other wheels will have the same problem.
    We are a bit overloaded at the moment because of the big shipments we have sent out but it certainly does not take several weeks for the majority of customers to get a response. The issue with the defective pedal adapters has been solved and we can ship new adapters immediatly if there is a problem.

  • Doorman

    I must say that this is the first time I’ve heard about deadzones with the Fanatec and I’m inclined to go with Fanatec on this, no disrespect. But Fanatec, how about the changing wheels on your rig, is that a goer?

  • Fanatec

    We have a lot of buttons on the wheel and they are all mounted on a PCB. It is extremely difficult to change to a Sparco wheel rim if driving a Nissan with a Porsche wheel rim annoyes you more than driving a Nissan with a Sparco wheel rim.

    But some users already made a mod and put the wheel rim of the PWGT3RS to the PWTS.

  • vladih07

    Oh Fanatec even before your reply I managed to solve it but thanks too!
    PS: I have a fanatec 911 turbo wheel (not S) and I’m more than satisfied for what i paid! and fanatec is doing their best in customer service I mean they are in a forums not officially by them after all and they still reply. man i have the turbo wheel not the S and it works perfectly fine for me! nothing going wrong in mine and uhm sometimes while playing too long the FFB not that strong but that is not a case which will lower the wheel’s standards i mean there’s no perfect wheel that doesn’t heat up right? using it for a long time will heat it up and therefore reduce the FFB which can be solved by having a cigarette break or 10 min break which is also healthy? right? Doorman Don’t worry it is COoooOL 😀 IMO and don’t let some mistakes get you nobody is perfect man at least they try to do their best to compensate for mistakes

    Best Regards Fanatec

  • Raikku


    I got my wheel today(Pure Ed, ordered 18.12.09 so quite soon delivered). BUT, it seems that it died after 20 MINUTES of use. C’mon this isn’t even bad joke, I have two G25’s and first one is still working after 3 years. I can’t think any product which could fail this soon.

    Fanatec, tell me why I bought this, if you can’t make working products, I guess Porsche can’t be happy to co-operate with you if fail-rate is so alarming high.

  • blacbul67

    Raikku, sorry to hear of your problems and hope they are resolved but is it true to speak about alarmingly high fail rates? I’m not convinced it is.

    Since placing and paying for my pre-order I have done a daily trawl of forums and reviews of the wheel and have found the same individuals on various sites making negative comments and therefore have had a “magnifying” effect on their number in the process.

    I am not taking issue with your being negative (it is after all your own experience you are commenting upon) It is the way that it is implied by some posters or in your case explictly stated that the Porsche Wheel has an exceptionally high failure rate, which to me is not borne out at all.

    Here is a quick summary on my own situation, I ordered a Clubsport edition wheel and wheelstand on 26.9.09 asking that the wheelstand (which on that date was out of stock) be delivered as soon as it was in stock.

    The wheelstand was delivered a month later (2 days after recieving an dispatch email from Fanatec, I recieved no email from UPS or tracking number) Before this came I also ordered a pedal stopper and a shifter adapter as I was concerned about the possible movement of these respective parts in my eventual setup.

    These were both in stock and were subsequently delivered within a week of the order, again 2 days after an email from Fanatec saying they were dispatched and once again without a second email from UPS.

    I recieved the wheel on Wednesday 9th December, in 3 packages as is standard, having been sent an email from Fanatec the previous Friday. On this occasion I did recieve a 2nd email and a tracking number from UPS. Delivery was as scheduled by UPS and even arrived as I took a long shot and went back home for lunch from work just on the off chance the wheel would, by pure co-incidence be delivered during the few minutes I would be home.

    Unbelievably it did just that, as I was closing my front door!! The delivery included everything needed dongle, cables (and some things I didn’t such as the adapter for G25/27 and MS pedals).

    Later that night after my work’s Xmas do I put everything together very slowly and carefully feeling it was going all too well. In fact it was actually over 24 hours before I dared to turn it on and try it out!

    Anyway to the present I have used it succesfully with GT5 (demo and Prologue) on my PS3 and with my 360 and FM3 it has been flawless for the many hours of use thus far. The pedals are fantastic and easy to adjust to my preferences (all part of the gaming enhanced experience!!)

    The only problem was my driving or more specifically my gear changing often putting it into neutral by accident!!! but this has been put to bed now I have got used to the shifter and I can honestly say I would not change my set up and specifically my wheel and pedals for any other on the market in this price range (actually bearing in mind its multi formatted nature, at any price range, FREX included!!).

    I wanted to relay the above as an instance of Fanatec at its best, I know this has not been the experience for many of you but this is the one I have had. This coupled with the equally positive one I had with the official wheel Fanatec made for the first Forza game has ensured my continued willingness to use their products, whether they choose to continue to support the series with such enthusiasm after the bruising experience (for us and them) that has been the developement, production and distribution of the Turbo S wheel remains to be seen however.

    Thanks Fanatec, in my case in at least, your efforts and those of your team have resulted in a great product and so far a wonderful flawless gaming experience.

  • vladih07

    blacbul67! Agreed! we have the same experience but I didn’t wait when it came i Rushed to open it and then really tried hard to look for a table to put it on (which was the hardest part for me at that time because its night time, you know buying a table at night? haha but I found one) then I played 6hrs! MCLA just cruising around getting use to the shifter thing and worked perfectly fine! and mine is just 911 wheel, and boy the pedals aren’t as bad as others say! I mean before i decided to buy this thing I was going for the g27 reviews on youtube and found someone’s comment which is stating that g27 is nothing compared to fanatec 911 that it feels like a toy compared so I tried to look and first was pictures and boy what a smile when I saw it then read alot of reviews really maybe 2 days straight. alot of people say good things and some just bad, but I will tell you, looking at just the picture gives good impression, and watching videos of sim racers stuff Boy trust me It’s goood

  • supraman87

    This wheel is an excellent wheel. I purchased it and I only have 1 problem. The 6+1 shifter doesn’t work, it worked poorly off the start and went into the wrong gear sometimes (when shifting from 2nd to 3rd it would go to 5th and when downshifting from 5th to 3rd it would go into 1st), and now it doesn’t work at all it doesn’t matter what gear you put it in it just stays in the original gear. The 2 way shifter and the paddles work great but the main reason i bought the fanatec wheel and not the microsoft wheel was because of the 6-speed shifter. I hope that it is just mine that doesn’t work properly and that it will be replaced or i will be disapointed. I am also looking forward to a clubsport shifter as when i first used the 6+1 shifter it felt very stiff but also very plasticy and i was afraid it was going to brake shifting it into reverse, but this once again may have just been my shifter as it doesn’t work anymore anyways. The wheel itself is great, i have none of the centering issues or any of the other problems i have heard of, just the 6+1 shifter.

  • Fanatec

    Please read the manual how to calibrate the shifters and it will work fine. 😉

  • supraman87

    i tried that, i calibrated the shifter and it still does nothing. When you start a race the car is in first gear and it doesn’t matter what gear i shift into it just stays in first. Everything is connected properly and i have calibrated it a couple times to make sure it worked. I think it’s just a dud shifter.

  • Fanatec

    Please try it on PC in the game controller property page. You can also try to use a different cable (pedal cable) or to connect it on the other side of the pedal base.

  • supraman87

    what is the game control property page on the pc and how do i get there? I don’t have any racing games for the pc so that’s why i haven’t tested it on there. It’s not the cable, because the cable works with the sequential shifter just not with the 6+1. I have also tried it on both sides of the wheel and it doesn’t work in either port

  • blacbul67

    As it happens I am there now, like you I do not have racing games for PC (laptop not powerful enough). What you need to do is go to the Fanatec site and go to the support section and from there download the relevant driver and install it, run program and you will have access the control property page.

  • supraman87

    alright, so i finally got this thing figured out. After all this time it turns out it was me who was the one not working properly :shame: . i ran it through the game control property page expecting nothing to happen, but to my surprise it registered. So i went to the manual and i read the whole thing from cover to cover, and close to the end it tells you that with the xbox you can’t turn the console on with the wheel, you have to turn the console on first then connect the wheel. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal but being all out of options i gave it a try and it worked like a charm. So here i am letting you all know that it is a big deal. DO NOT start your xbox with the controller, start it with the power button and then connect the controller or your shifter might not work and you will be frustrated

  • blacbul67

    supraman87: alright, so i finally got this thing figured out.After all this time it turns out it was me who was the one not working properly .i ran it through the game control property page expecting nothing to happen, but to my surprise it registered.So i went to the manual and i read the whole thing from cover to cover, and close to the end it tells you that with the xbox you can’t turn the console on with the wheel, you have to turn the console on first then connect the wheel.I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal but being all out of options i gave it a try and it worked like a charm.So here i am letting you all know that it is a big deal.DO NOT start your xbox with the controller, start it with the power button and then connect the controller or your shifter might not work and you will be frustrated

    Glad you got yourself sorted, now enjoy!!

  • felipe

    all I want now is for Fanatec shipping the wheel to Brazil! I’m about to buy a new wheel if I buy the G27 unfortunately there won’t be a Fanatec in my home for the next 2 years or so. :weird: we are the second country with the most number of sim racers in the world ranked second in sales for Logitech’s wheels so is quite dumb from you guys not posting to Brazil. btw don’t charge us with euros or pounds US dollars at the most!

  • Fanatec

    I tested the MS and the PWTS wheel again and again and the only difference I can find is the strength of the rumble motors.
    Please make sure you turn off any dead zone in the advanced controller options of the game.

  • Fanatec

    This issue can’t be that dramatic but I am happy to solve it with you if you send me an email.

    Please keep in mind that this is not a Race Car Component and it only costs a fraction of the such. Nevertheless we will solve it if it is possible.

  • Johnny78

    Can someone please tell me (Fanatec maybe?) what is the deal with the paddle shifters on the turbo s wheel? I have seen different variations on the web. One looks like they are small black “button” type and another has metallalic bigger looking paddles that appear to be screwed onto the black buttons?

    I like using paddle shift and if there is the option or ability to change to a bigger more ergonomic paddle i would like know please?

    Kind regards,


  • novadave

    Johnny78: Hi,Can someone please tell me (Fanatec maybe?) what is the deal with the paddle shifters on the turbo s wheel? I have seen different variations on the web. One looks like they are small black “button” type and another has metallalic bigger looking paddles that appear to be screwed onto the black buttons? I like using paddle shift and if there is the option or ability to change to a bigger more ergonomic paddle i would like know please? Kind regards,John

    the larger paddles you mentioned are no longer in use.
    they have been replaced with smaller paddles ( black colored )

  • Johnny78

    Thanks novadave. So would you describe them as “paddles” shifters (allbeit smal ones) or as shifter buttons?



  • spacekiller

    Johnny78: Thanks novadave. So would you describe them as “paddles” shifters (allbeit smal ones) or as shifter buttons?

    I own this wheel and paddle shifters are like paddles, made from metal, painted black and they are screwed to the button parts. I hope that helps you:) It just looks like classic paddles.

  • Johnny78

    Hi spacekiller,

    Thanks for the feedback. I just got home from work and placed an order for the pure edition. Wonder how long i will have to wait?

    If anyone one from fanatec is reading this here is my invoice ID:7157

    If you could give me an idea on shipping times that`d be smashing!

    oooOOHH cant wait now!!!!!

  • vladih07

    Johnny78 I ordered last december and I know i read it somewhere that they are kinda back in track at shipping because at first there was delays like months because they are perfecting the wheel. kinda like the first people to buy was “pre-order” but now it’s good it took two weeks for me from order to delivery and it will say in their site delivered because meaning they delivered it to UPS already. oh yah mine took two weeks from order which kinda like took 3 days for paypal to confirm the bill and stuff which will leave them to finally process it so kinda like that. i live in portland oregon USA, so maybe depends on where you live too. 😀 man o man i remember the day it came! smells like the new car smell and played it the whole night! 😀

  • blacbul67

    Oh yes that smell of new leather still gets me to after 5 weeks of ownership! What a piece of kit, I love it!

  • Johnny78

    Now you are just teasing! The wait as you know will be rubbish but thanks for the feedback vladih07.

    Does anyone use a wheel stand pro with the Fanatec wheel? I got a WST for my microsoft wheel but will need a different head on it when the fanatec arrives??


  • vladih07

    Hohoho no im not just you wait prepare to smell a new car! hohohoho

  • Johnny78

    Well hopefully not long now I have a UPS tracking number so at least i know its on the way……I can almost smell that leather!!!………….

    I plan on using the wheel with my Microsoft peddles to begin with. Does anyone do this? I like using the paddles, no clutch. Can anyone here recommend an alternative setup? I was thinking of getting the standard fanatec peddles but I dont think i`ll use the clutch. Would they still be a worthy upgrade from the Microsoft peddles?



  • Johnny78

    Excuse my poor spelling above, i do of course mean “pedals”, not “peddles”^^^^^


  • vladih07

    my friend the standard pedals are great too you know but if you compare it to be in league with the wheel it’s not the wheel is just awesome. but my friend it’s not that the pedal is bad it is good too yah know BUT it’s just not like the wheel let’s say wheel is best S-Class wheel and the pedal is around 2nd to best A-Class pedals get my point? i recommend you use it why? it has a pretty good feeling clutch is nice brake is sturdy and firm. the gas is let’s say normal BUT my friend if you don’t like the clutch! you can always ignore it man! but let’s say you finally decided to use the clutch (because like FM3 has a really nice progressive clutch feature like the real car where you must use the clutch the right way not just kick then let go hoping granturismo 5 will have this cause I only have PS3) then there you have it it’s there! right? look man “If better is possible, then good is never enough” that’s what I’ll say it won’t hurt you having a clutch at least just like a gun if you prefer sniper like 1 click 1 shot guns, then there’s automatic guns, but what if you have a kick ass long range 50 caliber sniper WHICH is automatic? right? get my point? you can always ignore the clutch man trust me 😀

  • Fanatec

    “Thank you” for posting this. I have sent you a beta version of the firmware before anybody else got it so you can test it and I also told you that we will release a new FW on my blog as soon as it is mature.
    You were obviously the wrong person to get this special treatment and I will not send you anything before it is officially released as it seems you cannot appreciate this special service. If you think that the development will go any faster if you flame us then you made a wrong assumption.

  • Johnny78


    I recieved my turbo s pure edition today, thanks for the fast delivery.

    Unfortunately my Microsoft pedals are not connecting properly! Really frustrating as i`m sure you can imagine, I am keen to start using the wheel.

    Is it likely to be the adapter cable thing? If so can you send me one that works or would i be able to buy one from a retail outlet here in the UK? If so what am I looking for?

    P.S. I have sent this question to you through the Fanatec website also.

    Kind regards,


  • Johnny78

    I have spent the evening trying to get the Fanatec wheel and Microsoft pedals to work but sadly no joy 🙁

    I have tried two sets of pedals one old set and a set that is only one month old. Neither worked 🙁

    The old set just made the car/cars full rev nut brake also and the newer set didn`t do much really apart from intermittent revving. Both setups were out of my control totally.

    Its the first race in an online Forza 3 championship tomorrow night and i was hoping to use the Fanatec but alas i will have to revert back to the Microsoft wheel for now.

    I am thinking of just ordering the Fanatec pedals and have done with it!

    Hope this gets sorted soon!


  • vladih07

    my friend john i’m sorry to hear that it happened to you like that. but here’s the thing you need the adapter thing at fanatec to use that pedal i think because that’s what i had read in forums (which i studied before i bought this) but maybe you should get the pedals man it’s not a bad deal, what’s a new pedal gonna harm anyway? and uhm you’ll have clutch which you can use in the future. my friend but still new car smell eh? nice huh? >:) goodluck on that but still look at it at a positive way waiting for the pedal will get you EVEN MORE excited! which i would wish you will have a good time using it so the wait will be like hmmm a fire that burns outwards? hahahah!

  • Johnny78

    Cant get a response from Fanatec, I guess they have alot of emails to get through.

    Only solution I can see is to order the pedals from Fanatec as if they are as quick to send them as they were the wheel i wont have to wait too long

    i`m a bit sad i cant use the wheel but will stay positive and look forward to the day its set up and working!

    Thanks for the positive comments above 😎


  • novadave

    Hi Johnny78.
    your pedal problem is caused by the pedal adaptor that you received with the wheel.
    send them an e-mail on the support page at there website and they will send you a new one.

  • Johnny78

    Yeah cheers novadave. I did that yesterday, do you think they will just send one without replying to my email?


  • novadave

    Johnny78: Yeah cheers novadave. I did that yesterday, do you think they will just send one without replying to my email?John

    they will send a confirmation e-mail just before they ship the adaptor.

  • Johnny78

    Just thought I would post to say that I have a new adapter and all is good!

    Fanatec service was excellent, I just needed to send email to right address!

    Have it set up and hard mounted to my wheel stand pro and works sublimely. I`m already beating laptimes I set with the Microsoft wheel. I believe that is down to the greater feel you get from the turbo s wheel which is so smooth and controlled compared to the Microsoft one.

    I am a happy racer! Am going to save for the pedals and shifters now.


  • novadave

    anyone have any news about firmware #669.
    i know that many have problems with random wheel lockups while using the wheel with the xbox 360.
    the problem does not happen with previous versions of the firmware.
    after about an hour of use the wheel stops responding to any of the buttons and the wheel turns completely to the left or right.
    shutting down the wheel solves the problem but it is only temporary.
    back in may thomas stated that they would come out with another firmware but still no news

  • nismo09

    Are the Logitech Momo pedals compatible with this wheel. It has the same plug as other Logitech G25 etc so will fit the adaptor I believe. Thanks

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